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Jewish E

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About us

Men in haplogroup E with KNOWN Jewish patrilineal ancestry are invited and encouraged to join us. Please let us know if your patrilineal ancestry is Ashkenazi or Sephardi, and if you have patrilineal Israelite, Levite or Cohen lineage.

Please Note: Having Jewish DNA matches is not the same as having KNOWN Jewish ancestry -- we're looking for men who are Jewish today or who know for a fact that their ancestors practiced Judaism. Those without known Jewish ancestry are strongly encouraged to join the all-inclusive E-M35 project instead -- http://www.familytreedna.com/public/E3b. Participants in the Jewish E DNA Project indicating evident Jewish ancestry are automatically enrolled in our partner Avotaynu DNA Project, and automatically receive a FREE subscription to the Avotaynu Online Weekly Digest which includes articles on Jewish DNA studies as well as other subjects of interest to Jewish family historians and genealogists. Participants in the Avotaynu and Jewish E DNA Project are free to opt out of the DNA projects and Avotaynu Online subscription at any time.