I1 Z17954 [xDF29] YDNA Project

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About us

The I1 Z17954 YDNA Project is for people who have tested Z131+/- and/or Z132+/- Z17954+/- A8100+/- S2303+/- Z17954+/- but negative for DF29 and downstream SNPs. 

Z131, Z17954, A8100, S2303 are Branch YSNPs found down from M253 on the Haplogroup-I1 Tree, but upstream from DF29. 

The main Project SNPs include: A8081, A8082, A8100, A8101, CTS5510, CTS6397, CTS7314, FGC6994, S2303, S2304, S2320, Z131, Z132, Z16216, Z17923, Z17924, Z17925, Z17926, Z17928, Z17942, Z17943, Z17949 Z17954

This list is updated on this Project as more Y-sequencing results data is analysed by this Project.