I1 Z17954 [xDF29] YDNA Project

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About us

The “I1 Z17954 [xDF29] YDNA Project” is for people who have tested I1-M253>DF29-, that is, those who are negative for the DF29 Branch and it’s downstream SNPs and Branches,

This Project is also for those who have tested I1-M253 > Z17954 [xDF29] Branch SNPs, including the [xZ17954,xDF29] Branch SNPs, CTS12768/M11282, and downstream Branch SNPs.

If you have tested any of the Z17954 Branch SNPs, or have tested Z17954+/-, Z131+/-, Z132+/-, A8100+/-, A8283+/-, A9606+/-, FGC37297+/-, S2303+/-, S2504+/- and want to know what to test next

Or you are I-M253, and believe you are negative for DF29 [that is, you are xDF29], and negative for it’s downstream SNPs and Branches, 

if you are I-M253 and need help testing further, please join this Project, and ask William for advice.

The Project will, over time, place all Members into predicted Branch groups, based on STRs and previous SNP test results. 

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[ie, You must grant Full Access permissions to Administrators in order for them to view your Account and Results. For information regarding Group Administrator Access Levels 

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Z17954 Branch SNPs

Z17954 > Z131/S249,Z132, A8100, A8283, A9606, FGC37297, S2303Z17936,S2504/Z17937 are Branch YSNPs found down from I1-M253 on the Haplogroup-I1 Tree, but upstream from the DF29 Branch.

The main Project SNPs include: A13821, A8081, A8082, A8099, A8100, A8101, A8283, A8775, A9178, A9606, A9638, CTS5510, CTS6397, FGC37297, S2303, S2304, S2315, S2320, Z131, Z132, Z16216, Z17923, Z17924, Z17925, Z17926, Z17928, Z17942, Z17943, Z17949 Z17954

Almost all the dozens of A-series SNPs that populate the part of the I1-M253 Tree between M253 and DF29, have been discovered and registered by this Project.

It is Project Members that make this Project a success. Without the testing of Y-genome and Whole Genome products, this Project would not have discovered the A-series SNPs that now populate those Branches.

This list of SNPs will be updated on this Project as more Y-sequencing results data is analysed by this Project, and as new SNPs are discovered on Z17954 Branches.

Any questions, please email William Hartley