I-Z382 yDNA Clade

Subclades: Y3643, FGC24333, FTB42659 and Z382*
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According to YFull, the I-Z382 mutation occurred approximately 3,800 years before present (YBP) or 1,800 BCE; and has a tMRCA of approximately 3,300 YBP/1,300 BCE. The Z382 mutation coincides with the commencement of the Nordic Bronze Age, circa 1,800-500 BCE. Z382 likely dispersed from in or around Skane, Sweden. Descendants of Z382 are found in Sweden, England, Germany, France, Denmark, Norway, Scotland, Finland, Russia, Ireland, the Netherlands, Poland, the USA and Canada. Z382's distribution appears to largely parallel Danish Viking movements to the west and early Swedish Viking movements to the east.

Z382 currently has two phyloequivalent SNP mutations: FGC24330 and Z2037. Z382 currently has three known subclades: Y3643, FGC24333 and FTB42659.

There are currently 9 known ancient DNA samples that have tested positive for the Z382 mutation. Overviews for each of these samples could be found on our Working distribution map.

Z382's SNP path from Y-chromosome Adam:

Y-Adam > A0-T > A1 > A1b (P108) > BT > CT > CF > F-M89 > GHIJK (F1329/M3658/PF2622/YSC0001299) > HIJK (F929/M578/PF3494/S6397) > IJK (L15/M523/PF3492/S137) > IJ (F-L15) > M170 > M253 > L121 > DF29 > Z2893 > Z58 > Z59 > Z2041 > Z2039 > Z2040 > Z382