I-Z382 yDNA Clade

Subclades: Y3643, FGC24333, FTB42659 and Z382*
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About us

This project exists as a forum for discourse and collaboration for all individuals that have tested positive for Z382 (or those that have a close genetic match at 37-marker+ that has tested positive for Z382 and you suspect that you are also positive for this mutation) and/or any SNPs further down the phylogenetic tree. All SNPs included in this project are listed in the "Surnames" section on the project profile (the list includes both FTDNA and YFull recognized SNPs). The goals of this project are anthropological in nature. However, the ultimate aim is to bridge the gap between anthropology and genealogy. Z382 is a SNP mutation that exists within the I1-M253 haplogroup: M253 > L121 > DF29 > Z2893 > Z58 > Z59 > Z2041 > Z2039 > Z2040 > Z382