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Haplogroup I-L38

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About us

The goal of the I-L38 project is to unravel the structure and the past of the haplogroup defined by the L38 mutation. To do so, this project aims to collect as many I-L38 samples and as much Earliest Known Paternal Ancestor information as possible.
Because the project is aimed specifically at understanding I-L38, it only accepts samples:
  • with a positive result for S2525 (or equivalents) - this SNP defines the direct progenitor of I-L38;
  • and/or with a a positive result for L38/S154 (or equivalents: L39/S155, L40/S156, L65/S159, L272, ...);
  • and/or with STR values that are known to correlate strongly with being I-L38. This would be DYS455 = 10 or 11, DYS454 = 12, and 19-19 at YCAII.

At https://sites.google.com/site/haplogroupil38/19-getting-started-with-i-l38 you find a paper that is meant as a sort of "Getting started with Genography.” It also covers the history of I-L38.