Haplogroup I-L38

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This page deals with a sub-group of the haplogroup called I which is according the ISOGG nomenclatura at the present time known as I2a1b2a. The subclade of the Y-DNA haplogroup called I-L38 has been previously known as I(x), I1b2*, I2b*, I2b2 and I2a2b. It was first described in May 2005 on the Genealogy-DNA list at Rootsweb.com. This consisted of several conversations between Bonnie Schrack and Ken Nordtvedt. Later they were joined by Glen Todd. It can be defined by using SNP shorthand as L38+. I-L38 can be typified as belonging to the I group but having DYS455 = 10 or 11, DYS454 = 12, and 19-19 at YCA as modal values.