I2a Y-Haplogroup

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About us

(1) To recruit as many members as possible.
(2) To maintain the privacy of I2a members according to their wishes. Each member will be emailed the names and email addresses of other members of their particular subclade, so they may exchange info if they wish.
(3) As each new member joins, our goal is to find their subclade by the defining SNP. If SNPs have not been tested, we will utilize J.T. Cullen's Haplogroup I subclade predictor. The new members yDNA test results will be input into Cullen's predictor. The predicted subclade with largest percent prediction will be used to place the new members haplotype in the Y-DNA Results portion of the I2a website. The Group Adm will email the new member with the results, for the members approval. Want to see a prediction of your Hg I subclade? Enter your alleles at this link:J.T. Cullen Hg I Subclade Predictor. Our thanks to Jim Cullen for allowing us to use and to reference his predictor.
(4) The Group Adm will send email updates of each subgroup/ subclade news as needed. The I2a Project is still a work in progress. Please bear with us as it continues to grow and expand...