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About us

I-P37, I-M26, I-M423, I-L233, I-L160, I-L621, I-CTS10228, I-L161 and all subgroups of I-P37 (I-P37.2) are welcome to join the I2a Y-Haplogroup Project. We accept people with Y12 or more STR markers who have a predicted I-P37 haplogroup, or a confirmed P37+ or P37.2+ SNP test result, or people with a confirmed SNP result for one of the subgroups of I-P37 (M26+, M423+, L233+, L160+, L161+, L621+ CTS10228+ etc) or a predicted I-M423, I-L161 etc. haplogroup. We also accept men who have belong to one of these groups and who have transferred their results from Genographic 2.0 to FTDNA. We are unable to accept kits from men belonging to other haplogroups, or kits with only Family Finder or mtDNA results. If you or a relative has a P37+ result from another company (23andMe, AncestryDNA, LivingDNA etc), please order a Y12 etc. test at FTDNA and join us when the test is complete. If you already know that you are not part of I-P37 you don't need to join this project (for example people who are I-M223, I-L38 or I-L39 should join the I-M223 or I-L38/I-L39 haplogroup projects instead, we have nothing to help you here). If you are considering further Y-DNA tests, please join our project or email us for recommendations _before_ ordering new tests. If you are unsure whether you are I-P37 or not you can join this project and we will take a look at your results and direct you to another project if needed, or email berniecullen@gmail.com