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About us

Our goal is to build a database of Hutchinson DNA haplotypes that will allow the project members to determine possible relationships between themselves and between the various lines of Hutchinson families. With this goal in mind we are gathering as many Hutchinson data points as possible. If we are successful in establishing a core haplotype for each line of Hutchinson families then other Hutchinson researchers will be able to determine which family line is their heritage. If you are a male with the surname Hutchinson accept our invitation to join the project. Project members receive a discount on the DNA tests.

The minimum test allowed in this project is the Y-DNAPlus – Male 25 Marker Paternal test.

As more Hutchinsons become members of the Hutchinson DNA project the more success stories we will have. Join us today. If you have a well documented line you can help your lost cousins find their heritage. Or you may be able to confirm that link that you may have doubted.