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Hutchinson families of Middlesex County, New Jersey Although unsubstantiated, Charles Robbins Hutchinson, b. 1838, an early New Jersey family historian and genealogist who was a direct descendant of John Hutchinson and Elizabeth Pearson proposed that the three men Jonathan Hutchinson husband of Elizabeth Dissoway, John Hutchinson husband of Elizabeth Pearson, and William Hutchinson husband of Ann Simpson were brothers. Researchers had hit a brick wall trying to determine if these men from the mid 1700’s were related. Y-DNA testing of descendants of these men indicates a definite relationship between them. They share a common male ancestor. See these members’ relationships and test results. Hutchinson families from Southern Indiana One project success story we have had so far is with member 6517. Through records and family history he could only trace his family back to Robert Hutchinson, b. 1817 Ohio. Robert lived and died in Jennings Co, IN within twenty miles of test member 6519’s ancestor Amos Hutchinson of Jefferson Co. IN during the same time period. But there was no known connection between the two men. Through DNA testing members 6517 and 6519 found they had a high resolution match indicating they had a common ancestor. Subsequently, these two members also had a high resolution match with member 6710. This allowed 6517 and 6519 to determine that they are also descendants of a common ancestor with 6710 and thereby establish they were members of a Hutchinson line that dates back to 1282. That is an improvement of over 500 years!