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Nancy Meade Nancy Meade
September 6 @ 9:53am
My maternal 2nd great grandfather was Francis Hutchison (c. 1814 - 1893) born in Ohio, died in Lebanon, Boone, Indiana. His father was Isaiah Hutchinson whose father was Jonathan Hutchinson. Jonathan's parents were Jonathan Hutchinson and Elizabeth Dusoswa (Du Sachoy). These are the Hutchinsons of Middlesex, Monmouth, Burlington & Hunterdon Counties in mid 1700’s NJ. My GEDmatch number is #M131741.
Dona Snyder
November 9 @ 2:45pm
Hi Nancy! We have a smaller match at 7.7 generation. Gedmatch #392372. My earliest confirmed ancestor is John M Hutchinson b. c1809 Trenton NJ. Speculation is (because there is no paper trail) his father was Samuel Hutchinson b. c1772 , son of Jonathan Hutchinson b c1736 and Elizabeth Hill. This Jonathan's father was John Hutchinson b. c1700, brother to the Jonathan who married Dusosway. I have just ordered a Y-111 test for my Male cousin. Excited to see what it shows! I do have a few other autosomal matches to this line.
Nancy Meade
November 28 @ 9:40pm
Dona, let me know when you have the results for your cousin. I will be very interested to see the results as we are distant cousins. Thanks for the info, by the way.
Karen Finch Karen Finch
November 24 @ 8:34am
My Vachel Hutchison says in the census that he was born in Vermont in 1818. He ends up in Illinois and is on a couple of Gallatin County, Illinois censuses with several children, some born before he marries my gggrandmother, Louisa Baynes (from KY), so possibly from a first unknown wife, unless he took in a relative's children. We cannot find his beginnings or his end, if anyone has a clue, or suspects whose family he belonged to as a child. My mother's GedMatch is M592398 . KarenFinchEval at yahoo
Dona Snyder
November 27 @ 9:28am
I was hoping there might be a match but nothing. My Hutchinson ancestor is a little sketchy also. Born about 1807-1810 in Trenton NJ. Moved to Jersey County Illinois by 1840ish.
Chris Hutchison-Hounsell Chris Hutchison-Hounsell has a question!
October 17 @ 6:25pm
My grandfather, Wallace Hutchison, left Canada for the USA sometime in the 1930's. I wonder if he had more children after that. I don't know if he changed his name. He was born in Toronto in 1909. His father was born in Scotland and I have that line documented back to Robert Hutchison who married Alison Amos in Humbie, East Lothian (near Edinburgh) in 1765. I'm not sure if I should be participating in this group (or facilitating my father's participation) or if anyone has any information that could help with our search. Do let me know.
Keith Earnshaw Keith Earnshaw
February 20 @ 7:30am
Searching for My Paternal Great-Great Grandfather and Real Surname Hello, my name is Keith Earnshaw and I'm fairly new to genealogy research. My Great Grandfather, Henry Earnshaw, was born in 1843 in West Melton, Yorkshire, and died in 1896, in Shawneetown, Illinois, and his Mother was Mary Earnshaw (b. 1825 Yorkshire). Henry’s father is listed as Rollin Earnshaw (b. 1820, d. 1846 Yorkshire) but I’m not convinced there is even a real person Rollin Earnshaw as I have found no firm record on him and I recently found Henry’s birth certificate and it states he is “illegitimate.” Now, I’m wondering if my real last name is actually Earnshaw! My question and request….Since you are shown as a possible DNA match with me, could you please let me know if you had an ancestor (possible Irish Scottish) that was in Yorkshire, England, around 1841 who you’ve heard fathered a Henry with a Mary Earnshaw? I mention Irish-Scottish because my DNA analysis shows I’m 20% Irish-Scottish but I have never found any such ancestors so I’m thinking the father may be Irish-Scottish. Thank you for any information or advice you can share! Keith Earnshaw
Kelly Faircloth
February 20 @ 9:28am
Keith, who is showing as a DNA match to you?
Keith Earnshaw
June 6 @ 9:45am
Hello, Kelly. Here they are:
Keith Earnshaw
June 6 @ 9:46am
Steven Douglas Hutchison Mr. Harlan Merle Zeinstra WILLLIAM MOORE Joe Wade Moore Mandawah Jackson Thomas Julian Eller
Dana Hutchinson Dana Hutchinson
May 2 @ 7:05pm
My name is Dana Scott Hutchinson and my Father, John Dewy Hutchinson from Altha, FL, has recently passed away and I found this three paged hand typed Hutchinson Family Tree among his possessions, so I posted it here. I dabble in DNA, so I will post other Hutchinson artifact’s that I think are relevant to our surname project in the future. Hope this helps someone, Dana
Patricia Cahill
May 31 @ 1:13pm
Thank you, Dana! Would you email these pages to Pat and ask her to forward to me? Or send them right to me if you still have my email. Patricia Hutchison Cahill
Dana Hutchinson Dana Hutchinson
May 2 @ 6:54pm
Dana Hutchinson Dana Hutchinson
May 2 @ 6:53pm
Harold Hutchinson Harold Hutchinson
February 16, 2019 @ 8:52pm
Roy, do you know when the last grouping was completed? I have Uncle Harold's 67 kit completed and loaded in the group, waiting on the 111 that I recently added. Jamie
Harold Hutchinson
March 2 @ 11:13am
Got the 111 in this week. will wait to get in a grouping
Christine Mallouhi Christine Mallouhi
April 22, 2018 @ 5:19am
I'm not a male so my DNA may not be helpful. I dont have the match results yet. My earliest ancestor is William Hutchinson who married Harriet Smith Palmer in the Manchester Cathedral in 1833. Harriet born 1811 daughter of John and Harriet Palmer, her mothers parents James and Mary Smith. The Palmers were members of the British aristocracy so it was a marriage crossing class boundaries. They emmigrated to Australia.
Christine Mallouhi
February 24 @ 6:48am
My kit is #B316613 and GEDMATCh is uploaded XN2820858 .
Jackie Hutcherson Jackie Hutcherson has a question!
May 7, 2015 @ 10:33pm
I have ordered 3 YDNA test for the same male line. I am waiting on one of the tests results but the results of kit B8884 and 400194 have been posted. I have always had the paper documentation to "prove" that the Hutchinson family that lived in Hickman County TN beginning in 1813 (I have traced the family to Queen Anne's County in the early and mid 1700's) changed their name to King after the Civil War but now I have the DNA evidence. B8884. who is my husband, uses the last name King and he is a YDNA match to 400194. I had originally found 400194 after he had tested through Ancestry DNA. He is a direct descendant of my husband's great great grandfather's brother and he uses the name "Hutherson". 400194 is quite a bit older than my husband. Is it possible that 400194 might match any of the other Hutchinson lines that have been tested? (B8884 has not matched any of those lines).
stephanie martinez
February 16, 2019 @ 5:15pm
my hutchinsons were living in or around jackson county tennessee . tried to have my dad tested but he had died so we now have my brother who had tested through ancestry and is uploading his to ftdna. ours is a mystery we have a william d hutchinson born about 1799 from virginia and he married a woman known in census as nancy ann or anna and is my 4th great grandparents.
stephanie martinez
February 16, 2019 @ 5:15pm
my test is uploaded on to ftdna website and my haplogroup is j1c3a