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Billy Hutchinson Billy Hutchinson
August 22 @ 12:40pm
For comparison for Howard Hutchison.
December 19, 2016 @ 12:18pm
I have this photo that are Hutchison's but no names to go with them does anyone have any ideals? thanks Howard Hutchison
Billy Hutchinson
August 22 @ 12:37pm
Howard, I have posted a picture of a possible name for this gentleman. He resembles a William A Hutchison who was born Dec 12, 1813 in Giles County. He was the son of Robert Mason Hutchison and Elinor Jane Eakin. They were in Johns Creek, Giles County Virginia. The resemblance is good, although the pic I posted shows him as an older gentleman. His wife was Keturah Ann Ketchum...I would place her on the far right of your photo...just a thought. Not confirmed.
Roy Hutchinson Roy Hutchinson
March 1 @ 11:45am
Just so you know, the groupings in the chart are not automatic. If you feel you should be placed in a matching group or if you would like a new group to be named please contact me.
Jon Hutchinson
March 2 @ 6:35am
Good Morning Roy, I am a true novice when it comes to DNA. How do I get my DNA results viewed on this group. I have been conversing with William Hutch but he says that he is unable to find my results. Any guidance would be appreciated.
Jon Hutchinson
March 4 @ 9:36am
Thanks Roy, after sharing DNA results with another member, it appears that I can claim Timothy Hutchinson, b 1675 d 1759 in NH. Please add me to that group.
Roy Hutchinson
March 26 @ 5:02pm
Jon, I have more than one Jon in the group. Please email with your member number. Tks, Roy
Randy Hutchinson Randy Hutchinson
February 17 @ 2:00pm
Just uploaded the Y-111 results for my cousin Randy Hutchinson. I am waiting on results of another cousin. How long does it take to be assigned a group, assuming he fits in one of the existing groups? -Dona Snyder
Dona Snyder
February 17 @ 2:05pm
Too bad all of my tests have to be under different accounts. I always forget to switch to my test when I am corresponding. Sorry ;-)
Roy Hutchinson
March 1 @ 11:30am
Hi Dona, It looks like Randy's match is Timothy. Neither Randy or Timothy match the existing groups. I will create a group. Do you want to identify it as descendants of John M Hutchinson?
Randy Hutchinson
March 1 @ 11:55am
Sure Roy. That would be ok. Timothy and Randy are both my cousins who I administer kits for. Randy's kit is in process of a BigY test, which should be complete by the beginning of May. It's looking like this might possibly be a NPE somewhere. Funny thing, I have autosomal matches to the Jonathan Hutchinson line of Middlesex. Confusing :-( Dona
Jon Hutchinson Jon Hutchinson has a question!
February 29 @ 11:57am
Hello, I am a recent member and trying to break through my wall. I am most certain that I follow John Hutchinson 1750-1828. On the 1790 first census in Sedgwick, Maine. My kit number is B615789. If someone could guide me in the correct direction, would be much appreciated.
Roy Hutchinson
March 1 @ 11:20am
Hi Jon, You have taken the Family Finder test. From your account page you can search your list of matches for the surname Hutchinson. Hopefully, you will have some close matches. You can check their tree if it has been posted and look for similarities. Contact them and share information. FF has limitations the further back you go. If you have located another Hutchinson who is a descendant of your John Hutchinson, b 1750 you could both take a Y-DNA test to prove you are both of the same line. Taking the Y-DNA test without accompanying research may produce a match but the better use is to use the test to confirm your research. There are some trees posted on Ancestry for John, b. 1750. You could approach them to find a possible fellow Y--DNA tester.
Dana Hutchinson Dana Hutchinson
May 2, 2019 @ 6:54pm
Darrel Hutchison
January 16 @ 2:08am
So nice that you are sharing this wealth of information.
Patricia Cahill
February 21 @ 7:29pm
Dana, Would you please email me the 3 pages? I would like to print this out. I think you have my email. Patricia
Billy Hutchinson Billy Hutchinson
January 18 @ 10:36am
Additional information and background on George and his family.
Billy Hutchinson Billy Hutchinson
January 18 @ 10:33am
Here is a picture of George Washington Hutchison and his wife Sarah. He is my 3rd great grandfather.
January 14 @ 12:17pm
Searching for my DNA match's. I checked and the chart said my oldest match is John W Hutchison Birth 1630 / Death 1689 in England. I called Family tree DNA they told me that some one from this Group linked me to HIM. They have zero to do with it. My number is 274370 . My question is how do they know I'm related to John? How do i find my link to him? I have searched on Ancestry on all my trees and NO luck. Does anyone else have him as relative ? I don't understand just how to read the DNA results so maybe some HELP Thanks Howard
Kelly Faircloth
January 15 @ 8:58pm
I’m not sure what you mean by chart...
Darrel Hutchison
January 16 @ 2:05am
Howard, from the HOME page go to DNA results on the left hand side. Then when that page comes up you click on charts or colorized charts. There you will find the dna of all people who have tested and they are broken down by furthest back known ancestor. Look for your own kit number and you will see others that match. You will be amazed. The group has really grown since we started. It’s a lot of progress in not that long of time. Good luck! Linda Hutchison Small, daughter of a Hutchison who has y dna tested.
Keith Earnshaw Keith Earnshaw
February 20, 2019 @ 7:30am
Searching for My Paternal Great-Great Grandfather and Real Surname Hello, my name is Keith Earnshaw and I'm fairly new to genealogy research. My Great Grandfather, Henry Earnshaw, was born in 1843 in West Melton, Yorkshire, and died in 1896, in Shawneetown, Illinois, and his Mother was Mary Earnshaw (b. 1825 Yorkshire). Henry’s father is listed as Rollin Earnshaw (b. 1820, d. 1846 Yorkshire) but I’m not convinced there is even a real person Rollin Earnshaw as I have found no firm record on him and I recently found Henry’s birth certificate and it states he is “illegitimate.” Now, I’m wondering if my real last name is actually Earnshaw! My question and request….Since you are shown as a possible DNA match with me, could you please let me know if you had an ancestor (possible Irish Scottish) that was in Yorkshire, England, around 1841 who you’ve heard fathered a Henry with a Mary Earnshaw? I mention Irish-Scottish because my DNA analysis shows I’m 20% Irish-Scottish but I have never found any such ancestors so I’m thinking the father may be Irish-Scottish. Thank you for any information or advice you can share! Keith Earnshaw
Kelly Faircloth
February 20, 2019 @ 9:28am
Keith, who is showing as a DNA match to you?
Keith Earnshaw
June 6, 2019 @ 9:45am
Hello, Kelly. Here they are:
Keith Earnshaw
June 6, 2019 @ 9:46am
Steven Douglas Hutchison Mr. Harlan Merle Zeinstra WILLLIAM MOORE Joe Wade Moore Mandawah Jackson Thomas Julian Eller
Karen Finch
January 1 @ 2:29pm
Keith, is it possible that the surname was Henshaw/Henshall? There are many variations of spelling. They migrated from the east to Indiana and Illinois. I have Hutchisons in Shawneetown, IL.