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As of October, 2014 we have established the Y chromosome DNA signature of Henry Howland Sr., d. 1635, of Fenstanton, England, with comparable 37 STR marker test results of one Arthur Howland descendant, four John Howland descendants & four Henry Howland descendants. We have extended 111 STR marker test results for three John Howland descendants and one Henry Howland descendant.

With these results, we now have tested the only son of Arthur (Arthur II), the only two sons of Henry who left male descendants (Zoeth/Zoar & Samuel) and two of the four sons of John (John II and Joseph). We still need male Howland descendants of John's sons, Jabez & Isaac to be tested.

Next Generation Sequence (NGS) testing, such as the Big Y-700 test has the ability to discover not only the modal STR values for the descendants of the "Fenstanton Howlands" family, but also to identify SNP mutations unique to the family and even mutations which occurred while the family lived in America. To date (April 2019) we have two NGS results and a third result is in the pipeline.  Even with only two NGS results, we have discovered the Howland family falls under the A9703 SNP, with several SNP markers not found (to date) in any other family. 

Our next step is to have more Next Generation Sequence (NGS) testing done on multiple Howland descendants. NGS testing has the ability to determine whether a line descends from Pilgrim John Howland, or one of his brothers. Through, funding may be available to help subsidize this type of testing. For more information contact Raymond Wing: email:

We are actively looking for more individuals to be involved in DNA testing at whatever level they can afford. We would also graciously accept any donations individuals send our way to help defray the cost of this testing. 

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