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This project is only open to males who are Y-DNA descendants of a Howland family or anyone who is a mtDNA descendant of Elizabeth Tilley, wife of "Pilgrim" John Howland. Unfortunately, autosomal DNA tests cannot currently be used to go as far back as the dawn of the Seventeenth Century. The General Society of Mayflower Descendants (GSMD) have teamed up with Family Tree DNA and created a Mayflower DNA Project. This project is open to autosomal DNA results of individuals who have had their Mayflower line verified by the GSMD. One of the goals of this Mayflower DNA Project is to see if they can identify some small DNA segments for some of the Mayflower passengers (such as John Howland). The Howland surname DNA Project has established the Howland Y chromosome signature. We are attempting to determine if our ancestor Henry Howland of Fen Stanton, father of Arthur, John and Henry, shares a common Howland ancestor with the Howlands of western Essex and London. We are also attempting to discover mutations unique to the descendants of "Pilgrim" John Howland as well as mutations unique to each of his brothers (Arthur and Henry) descendants. If we are able to discover mutations unique to John's descendants, it is hoped the GSMD would accept this evidence for folks who are unable to provide enough documention to otherwise join the Mayflower Society. You are welcome to call me! 215-766-2126 Tom Howland