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About us

We currently have at least one descendant of each of the three Howland brothers (Arthur, John & Henry) who have completed some level of DNA testing.  We have 111 STR markers tested for descendants of John & Henry, and we have Big Y testing on a single John descendant.  Having more Big Y testing results will help in several ways. It will help people who are unable to complete their paper trail discover which line they belong to. Having multiple distant family members, whose relationship is known, complete Big Y testing will also help the "professionals" calibrate how often mutations occur, and allow them to better refine their estimates of how closely related individuals and families are from each other.

We also have two mtDNA results from two "umbilical" descendants of Elizabeth Tilley through two different daughters (Desire & Lydia). These results document where Elizabeth fell under the H1a1 mtDNA Haplogroup.

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