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Member News: 11/03/06 -- HATCH-DNA Research Project is formally established. A warm welcome to all HATCH-variant surname family researchers from around the world, to include the USA, Canada, and Great Britain. Our first member is Chester W. Hatch from Walnut Creek, CA. 11/03/06 – Welcome to new member Richard Arthur Hatch of Sedgwick County, CO who is testing at the 37-marker level to help us establish a potential DNA reference line for Line #1 Thomas HATCH of Barnstable. 11/03/06 – Welcome to new member David Leroy Hatch of Jefferson County, CO who also is also is researching Line #1 Thomas HATCH of Barnstable. 11/29/06 - Welcome to Linda S. Hatch who is helping her father-in-law, Henry R. Hatch research his family lines back to Line #1 Thomas HATCH of Barnstable. 01/01/07 - Welcome to Robert Hatch who had previously tested, but is now merging his results into our consolidated HATCH-DNA Research Project. Robert is researching his Line #6, Joseph HATCH listed above.
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