HATCH-DNA Research Project

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About us

HATCH-DNA Research Project is designed to explore and document the potential relationships between the various distinct HATCH, HATCHE, HATCHET, and HATCHETT family lines found first emerging in Colonial America in the early to mid-1600's, and their links back to England, and various other countries. Project is also designed to consider various (so far) unconnected HATCH-variant-surname family lines that had eventually moved inland to many other states.

Members of HATCH-variant lines in England, Scotland, Ireland, Canada and all other countries around the world are also warmly invited to use our DNA project to connect or sort through their various HATCH family lines as well.

While you -must- be a HATCH-variant surname male to achieve useful Y-chromosome DNA test results, female researchers are also invited to participate through encouraging their fathers, brothers, male cousins, or other directly related HATCH-variant-surname males to test in their behalf.

>>See website links above for project background, goals and updates<<

How to Join: Please fill out HATCH Project Join Request form below. Identify your family line, noting your earliest confirmed HATCH-variant-surname male ancestor, location, dates, and similar data. Briefly state your research goals.

Important Note: By applying to join the HATCH-DNA Research Project, you are consenting to having your DNA test results matched with other DNA submissions for genealogical research purposes. Each applicant is encouraged to thoroughly read the FamilyTreeDNA FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) and related official FamilyTreeDNA reference materials, and only then develop your own personal research goals and expectations accordingly (see FAQ on tool bar at top of this page).

Individual family research accomplishments will vary.