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About us

This project is open to anyone with the surname HAAS. Some of our members are of Ashkenazi origin, but most are not. It is also open to those whose name was originally HAAS, but adopted another surname like HAYS after emigrating from Germany. In addition, if you share a common direct line "Y" male ancestor with HAAS descendants, you are also welcome to join. Some of these other surnames include; Maas, Kaiser, Baruch, Budinger, Gradwohl, Grotwohl, & Lion. While experimenting with this new group format, I am making access to our activity page open to both members and non-members. So if you are a HAAS. you are welcome to make a family photo album or ask a question. My family was Jewish, so this happens to be my primary interest. I would love to add an administrator to represent the non-Jewish HAAS. Most of them are in the R1b haplogoup, yet do not match each other. So I would especially love someone willing to learn more about the Rs in our group!