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(Updated May 10, 2016)

Building on the work that Jim Gregory recently did to organize this site, the recent new groups that have matched up required some renumbering of the groups to help make the results and details related to the lines clearer.

As of this update to the Results Narrative, there are currently 72 participants in the Gregory Project. This page provides information about their DNA results, how and with whom they match, and available information about their most distant ancestor. Within each group, the name of the most distant ancestor follows the kit number of the participant.


89441 and 82049: Charles W. (Phillips?) Gregory was born in 1824 in perhaps SC, GA or AL. Both participants list Charles as the most distant ancestor, have each tested 37 markers, and are exact matches.



57598: This line goes back to Haden GREGORY, b7-20-1807, d12-5-1899. He migrated to Arkansas from Wayne county Kentucky with his family and the Shores family also of Wayne county Kentucky. His son, Mordecai was born Wayne County Kentucky and died Crawford County Arkansas. Both kits are an exact match on the 12 marker test.

25690: Edward Gregory, born about 1757, place unknown. Two sons, Flemming and Mordecai, were both married in Washington Co., VA about 1800. These brothers along with their father and two other brothers named Hiram and Meshack appear in Wayne Co., KY between 1803 and 1805. The Wayne Co. KY census records verify that the four sons were born in VA. Edward died in Wayne Co., KY between the 1810 and 1820 census. The family began appearing in the Wayne Co., KY tax rolls between 1803 and 1805. It is believed Edward had a daughter named Nancy who remained in VA. She married Moses Cawood on Oct 12, 1798 in Washington Co., VA. It is known there were at least four sons who migrated from VA to Wayne Co. Approximate dates of birth for them are: Mordecai, born about 1776 in VA married Jane Burke Jan. 13, 1803 Washington Co., VA; Flemming, born about 1777 in VA married Elizabeth Bell on June 23, 1801 in Washington Co., VA; Meshack, born about 1779 in VA married Anne Beeson on Dec 29, 1809 in Wayne Co., KY; Hiram, born about 1784 in VA married 1st, Mary Logston on Aug 13, 1807 in Wayne Co., KY, and married 2nd, Jane (Stevenson) Troxell on March 22, 1821 in Wayne Co., KY.


N28920: This participant tested 12 markers and is an exact match with 10445. A most distant ancestor is not listed for N28920.


10445: Isaac Gregory of Union, SC, died in 1797. He came from Virginia, but the participant has not yet been able to identify his parents. A grandson of Isaac, Isaac T. Gregory, moved to the Fayette/Shelby Co region of TN in the 1830’s and stayed there. This participant tested 25 markers.


164153: James Gregory, born abt 1723 VA us the most distant ancestor of this line.




27846:  Benjamin Gregory

369559:  Thomas Gregory 1673

N57641:  Jesse Fincher Starnes (born Nov 1875 & died March 1958) b/c he used the last name of the family who raised him. We have never known his parents' identity. My Great Grandfather lived in upstate South Carolina in Union County.


81125 and 90825: 81125 has tested 67 markers and 90825 has tested 37. They are a 33/37 match, giving them a genetic distance of 4. According to information on interpreting genetic distance provided by Family Tree DNA, they are probably related. They are an exact match on the first 12 markers. Kit 81125 shows their most distant ancestor as "Colonel" Issac Gregory b abt 1772 in Augusta Co, VA married Sarah Hannah GIVEN 25 March 1790 in Augusta Co, VA. He died August 1852 in Webster Co, WV and buried in GREGORY CEM, Curtin, Webster Co, WV. They had 9 children. "Colonel" Isaac's mother's name was Mary, but not sure of his father's name. Believed to be William GREGORY. Mary, his mother, went to KY with her son David GREGORY, but have no info on this part of the family.

32836: William Spilsby Gregory, born about 1759. Revolutionary War records show that he grew up in Spottsylvania Co. VA and Caroline Co. VA. He married Caroline Muse, daughter of Lt. Col. George Muse on Dec. 27, 1787. They moved to Nelson Co. KY between 1792 and 1794.


23360, 23361 and 129047: John Gregory, born in VA in 1808. These three participants are descendants of John through his son, Alexander A. Gregory. All are an exact match at 12 and 37 markers. 23360 and 23361 are the same generation with a common grandfather. 12907 is from one generation closer to the present.

81123: John M. Gregory, born about 1785 in Loudoun Co. VA. This participant is an exact match at 12 markers with the other two participants in this group. To confirm the connection, 23361 and 81123 subsequently tested a total of 37 markers and they match on 36 out of the 37 markers.

269979:  Thomas GREGORY b. 1784 in Virginia moved from Virginia to Richhill, Greene, PA sometime between 1810-1840.  The participant descends though his son, John Gregory, who was married to Araminta Allum.



96199: Moses?1770>Aaron GREGORY 1816NY (this one is a 11/12 match but I have included it in this group until further testing clarifies whether it should be included).

36006: John Gregory, born in 1390 in Ashfordby, Leicestershire, England 93411: John GREGORY bc1612 Nottingham England>Henry is from the New Haven Colony records,1644. He had 7 children who are mentioned and Jachin and Thomas are two of them. This line is from Thomas.

119936: Edward Riggs GREGORY SR. was born June 18, 1818 in Cattaraugus Co. New York, and died September 10, 1898 in Manchester, Adams Co, OH. He married Margaret STOUT February 27, 1842 in Adams Co. OH. Brothers to Edward Riggs GREGORY Sr. include George N. GREGORY b. Abt. 1814 in Cattaraugus Co. NY d. ? 1844, Rufus King GREGORY Sr. b. April 17, 1815 Cattaraugus Co, NY and Oscar Y. GREGORY b. June 27, 1820 Flemingsburg, Kentucky, d. October 06, 1909 West Point, Mississippi.

93411:  Thomas Gregory, b.c. 1648, New Haven, CT



N16843: John King Gregory, born about 1890 in AR is the most distant known ancestor.

140298: This line can track back to Richard Gregory b1675 New Kent, VA dMay 17, 1719 Pasquotank, NC.

162850: This line tracks back to James Gregory, born abt 1723 in VA. 41438,

168498: Thomas King, 1695-1764, Lancaster, PA

167829: McGregor

275210:  Rene Gregoire b. 1736  This lien is from France



132067:John Gregory who moved to South Carolina from East Jersey in 1748.

105233: Russell Gregory was the oldest verified ancestor. Russell was in Cades Cove, Blount County, TN in the 1850 census. Family history has his father as John, but have not been able to prove with documents. Cades Cove is part of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park located near Knoxville and Gatlinburg, TN. Kit

190170:Farthest Gregory ancestor that we know of is Levi Jackson Gregory, born in Fayette County, PA in 1793 and died in Clinton County, OH in 1874. His father's name was George Gregory, but we have no information on when or where he was born. George and his wife died not long after Levi was born, around 1796 or 1797, and Levi was raised by his mother's brother (last name Jackson) in southern Ohio. We assume that George and his wife died in Pennsylvania, but again, there are no records that we have available to confirm.


N60771: Last know ancestor is George Gregory 1871-1967 Dublin, Ireland. A gardener by trade he married twice, first to Maria Fowler and then to Henrietta Smith. He and Maria had 4 children. George Jr., John (aka Jack) Robert and Sara (aka Sally) George Jr. and his brother John came to Ontario, Canada as Little Immigrants in 1907 after their father abandoned them to a Home for Boys in Dublin. George Jr. married Mary Jane Keys and had 3 children, Alexander, Mary and George (3rd).

52284: Oldest known Gregory ancestor was Richard Gregory, who was born in the 1690s and died in Berks County, Pennsylvania in 1765.

161197:Oldest known ancestor is John Gregory, born about 1685; it is not known whether he was born in East Jersey or elsewhere, but it was probably East Jersey. His oldest son was apparently John, who was in SC by 1733, so it is likely that this John was born before 1710.

There were three brothers born to Samuel Gregory, Sr. who was born about 1744 in East Jersey to Richard Gregory, son of old John Gregory. John Gregory came with two sons from East Jersey in 1748 to what was to become the Fairfield District of SC. One son, John, was already there. The other two sons, Richard and Benjamin, traveled with old John Gregory from East Jersey to SC. Samuel Gregory, Sr. sold his land on Terrible Creek in the Fairfield District of SC in 1799 and moved to GA with his grown son, Richard, and the remainder of his family. The middle son was Samuel Gregory, Jr. However, from court records, it appears that Samuel Sr. did not raise Samuel Jr. and was forced to take him in January of 1801. The first deed record in GA was dated either May or June of 1801, so they most likely traveled to GA in mid 1801.

The provider of the sample for this kit is a descendant of John Gregory, son of Samuel Gregory, Sr.



Includes Descendants of Joseph (1742 VATN), Thomas (1730 VATN) and Wm. Gregory (1764 VA). All of the participants in Group 9 are exact matches for the first 12 markers. Eight have tested at least 37 markers. Seven of the eight are exact matches for the first 25 markers and among these are three people who are perfect matches at all 37 markers. Each of the three has a documented paper trail back to one of three Gregorys previously not known to be related. The first (73223) is Joseph Gregory who was born in VA about 1742 and died in Rutherford Co TN in 1842. The second (67166) is William Gregory who was born in Pittsylvania Co VA about 1764. The third (43232) is Thomas Gregory, Sr. who was born in VA or NC about 1730 and died in Smith Co TN about 1818. This group have been actively working together to connect the dots and push generations back.

162928: Connection believed to go back to Richard Gregory b:1625- d:1675 and Charles Gregory b:1719 NC.139325: Elijah Gregory, Sampson Co., NC

Richarde Gregorye m: Algre Lowick 04 Aug 1582 Children: Richard Gregory b: 1584 London and d:1675 Flowerdew Hundred, Va.

Richard Gregory m: Jane Wall Children: Thomas Gregory b:1620 England

Thomas Gregory m: June Aldredge (1654 Henrico Co.,, VA.) & Mary Jane Mosby (1645 Flowerdew Hundred, VA) Children: Charles Gregory I b:1697 d: 1767 & Thomas Gregory (jr.)

Charles Gregory I b:1697 m: Unknown Children: Charles Gregory II b: 1719 & Arthur Gregory

Charles Gregory b 1719

179683: Gideon GREGORY B: 1761-1770 / D: UNKnown (1800 Census Currituck County, NC)>Gideon R. GREGORY Sr 1804+ NC>Joseph Henderson GREGORY 22 Aug1851 Tennessee / 09 Jul 1912 KY.


N70230:James Gregory Birth 1708 in Nansemond, North Carolina, Death 1760 in Nansemond, North Carolina, USA>Thomas Gregory b 1730, Chatham, NC d 13 Jul 1811 Peytons Creek, Smith Co, TN > Bry Gregory b1761.


138263: Richard GREGORY b1584 England d1625-1675 Flowerdew Hundred, VA>Thomas GREGORY I b1620 England d 1655 Flowerdew Hundred, VA>Thomas GREGORY II b1640-1656 Flowerdew Hundred, VA d 1720 Weyanoke, VA>Thomas GREGORY III b1673-1706 VA d1739 Amelia Co., VA>John GREGORY b1722 Prince George Co., VA d1767 Amelia Co., VA>William GREGORY 1760 Chester field Co., VA d1801 Pittsylvania Co.,VA >Lowry GREGORY b1795 Pittsylvania Co., VA d1928 Lynchburg, VA>Jesse Richeson GREGORY b1827 Amherst Co., VA d1910 Deland, FL >William Stone GREGORY b1857 d1932 >John Head GREGORY b1882 d 1967.

88303: Andrew Gregory, Sr. (b. ca. 1742, place not known) died 3 June 1822 Mecklenburg Co., VA and wife Frances S. Gregory died August 26, 1824, Mecklenburg Co., VA. This participant is out of his son Elijah G. Gregory, born Oct. 20, 1776, Mecklenburg Co., VA married Nancy Moody. Elijah Gregory died March 5, 1848, Mecklenburg Co., VA and Nancy Moody Gregory died Dec. 19, 1851, Mecklenburg Co., VA 1961: William Gregory, born about 1750 in Virginia.

73223: Joseph Gregory, born about 1742 and died in 1842 in Rutherford Co TN. 67166: William Gregory, born about 1764 in Pittsylvania Co VA.

1961: William Gregory, abt 1750 VA

73223: Joseph Gregory, bc1742 Rutherford Co., TN

184273: Thomas Gregory Sr., bc1730 VA d1811 Smith Co.

43232: Thomas Gregory, Sr., born about 1730 in either VA or NC. He died in Smith Co. TN in about 1818. His will mentions his wife, Elizabeth, and seven children; Harden, Bry, William, Thomas, Jr., Sina, Elizabeth and Abraham.

67166: William Gregory, bc1764 Pittsylvania Co., VA

83615: James Gregory, born about 1745 and died in 1824 in Lunenburg Co. VA.

58711: Gideon Gregory, born in about 1804 in NC, probably Iredell Co. He married Anna, last name unknown. They both died in Barren Co. KY after 1860.

30977: Charles Gregory, born about 1719 in what is now Northampton Co. NC. This branch migrated to the Quincy, FL area sometime in the early eighteen hundreds. Some of the family, a bit later, migrated on to TX and OK.

8100: James Gregory, born about 1700 in Scotland.


89900: This line has been traced back to the 9th century in Scotland. N50249: Very little information exists for this line, but John Gunther Gregory, bc1860, d1925 in Charleston SC. Married Alice (unknown last name) two known sons Willie and George. Married Margaret Elizabeth Burkett Barrineau August 18,1913. They had three children, John Irvin Gregory b. July 14, 1914(my father), Irene Caroline Gregory b. November 5, 1916 and Woodrow Wilson Gregory b. January 16 1919. In 1910 census he states he is 52 making his birthdate 1858. His Marriage Certificate, dated Aug 1913, to Elizabeth Burkett Barrineau, states he is 51 making his birthdate 1862. The submitter remembers his father saying he came from Marietta GA to Charleston.


246256: Richard W. Gregory, b. 1730 and d. 1817. He was from Halifax/Mecklenburg Counties in Virginia (he had property in both) and later he moved to Springfield, Washington County, Kentucky where he died. He has many descendants in Sumner County,Tennessee through his son William.


337076:  Enoch Gregory b 1810 NC d Metcalfe, KY father William

28515:  Sir Francis Lord Ashfordby Gregory b 1194

N115781:  Lott Gregory was born 1742 Albemarle Parrish, Virginia and died September 24, 1823 Sampson County, NC  His wife's name was Nancy (1760-1820)  He also had a son named Elijah Gregory (1786-1843)

344959:  William F. Butler, 1818 - 1888



110856: James Gregory, abt 177901858 Leeds, Yorkshire

253062: James Gregory, m 1837 Lincolnshire


N52932: David W. Gregory died 1854 Louisa County, Virginia. His birth year in unknown but it is believed it was in the 1780s – 1790s. 36102: William Gregory, born in VA in 1798. He married Susan Densmore on March 24, 1833 in Hamilton Co, IL, and then Frankie (Frances) Allen on April 15, 1838 in Hamilton Co. IL. William died in Hamilton Co. IL in February, 1857. William’s line: William P. Gregory, born in Hamilton Co. IL, died in Saline Co. IL in 1917, married Clarissa Jane McFarland >> James Wesley Gregory, born in 1878 in Hamilton Co. IL, died in Macoupin Co. IL in 1957, married Myrtle Effie Vantrease >> Jesse Sheridan Gregory, born in Saline Co. IL in 1904, died in Macoupin Co. IL in 1951, married Jessie Oreah Riley.

156414: John Gunther GREGORY, cb1860 GA (possibly Marrieeta, GA) d1925 Charleston, SC. N52932: David W. GREGORY d1854 Louisa County, VA. Unknown birth date or location.


24223: John Gregory, 1792-1859. William James Gregory, born in Montgomery Co. MO in October, 1840. He married Nancy Ann Amason in AL in 1867 and died in 1870. He was a blacksmith and a Confederate veteran. 179191: John Gregory, b. 1790 in Buckingham Co. VA., d. 1859 in Callaway County, MO married ELIZABETH FUQUE (Fuqua), of Virginia, and they had Hopson, James H., John D. (a physician), Granville L., Thomas M., Eliza, Sarah and George W. They migrated and settled in Callaway County MO in 1832. Elizabeth Fuqua died and John married ELIZABETH MILLER, but died leaving no children by her. His brother was William Gregory, b. 1788 in VA., d. 1859 in Montgomery County, MO. William married NANCY FUQUE (Fuqua)(unknown relation to John’s wife) , by whom he had John B., Richard F., Wilson and Martha. Nancy died in VA and William then married NANCY ROBINSON, by whom he had Thomas J., William, Mary and Sarah. Together they migrated to Callaway County, MO in 1835. According to a biographical sketch printed in the “History of Montgomery County, Missouri” printed in 1858, our branch “descends from James Gregorie (Gregory), b. 1638, who was the minister of Drumoak in Aberdeenshire … a representative of which early settled in the colony of Virginia.” James Gregory (1638-1675) was the first in a long line of mathematicians and doctors who were posted as professors in Edinburgh, Aberdeen, England, Ireland, and Europe. James, being the first, developed the “Gregorian Telescope.”

179191: James Gregory, 1638-1675 Aberdeen, Scotland



37169: William F. Gregory, born about 1850 in VA, is the most distant known ancestor for 37169, who has tested 25 markers.

200827:  Thomas R Gregory, April 1848,Meigs County Tennessee

284766:  Can track the line back to Rev John GREGORY b1685 Nansemond Co., VA.   James Gregory was born 1802 Camden Co. NC.  We do not know who his first wife was but do know 3 sons born to that union in Camden Co NC,  John G born 1833, Jacob born 1834, and William M. born 1837. James married Elizabeth Beal in Shelby Co. TN in 1852, had a son born in VA in 1851, arrived in AR where Thomas Siler was born 1856, Nathan G born 1858, Noah Anderson (my direct line) born 1865, Laura Ann born 1867, and Isaac born 1869 before arriving in TX for 1870 census. James is supposed to have died in 1890 Red River Co TX.

374579:  Elisha Gregory born 1751 in NC and died in 1810 RI.  He was a captain & Rev war soldier in Mass/RI area.  He left NC for some reason and was married in Mass at 20 years old. 


Both kits trace their lines back to David KING, 1765, St. Cuthberts, Scotland.




256584: Duncan McGregor, b.1780 and d. 1818

191228: Alexander McGregor bo c1790 d 1817 'Lanark''


The participants in this group have not matched anyone currently in the Gregory DNA Project.


38122: Harbert Chapman Gregory was born about 1825 in Pulaski Co. GA and migrated to Wakulla Co. FL around 1850. 36842: Christopher Gregory. The participant provided the following information: He was born in Armagh, Ireland, date unknown. He married Margaret Downey on January 6, 1814 and they had ten children, one of whom was James Gregory (1827-1897). James arrived in the U.S. on December 27, 1848, and eventually settled in Amboy, Illinois. He married Bridget Carty who was born in Ireland in 1832. Several members of this branch of the Gregory family settled in Amboy, Illinois, where we know they worked for the railroad building locomotives, farmed, and ran the Gregory Brothers Grocery Store. One of the ten children was Joseph Christopher Gregory, born in 1864. He married Alice Dorinda Doyle. They moved to Rockford, Illinois, and my father, Edmund Bernard Gregory, was born on August 2, 1896.

36842: Christopher Gregory, married 1-0601814 Armagh

110542:The most recent American ancestors of this kit were John Paul Gregory , Lancaster, SC, born April 27, 1857 d 1910 in Greenville, SC) and his father, Owen Gregory (b April 2, 1835, d Sept 1916) and mother Susan Elizabeth Williams of Lancaster County County, SC, (born c1837 -d c1864. Owen's parents were Willis Gregory (b 5/23/1785, d 12/21/1851) and Martha Twitty of Lancaster, SC. John Paul also had a younger brother by the same mother: James Thomas Gregory. John Paul is buried in Spring wood cemetery in Greenville, SC (Springwood Cemetery fronts on North Main Street and is bordered by Academy Street, Church Street and Elford Street) , and James Thomas in a rural Church cemetery in eastern Lancaster SC, north and east of Kershaw, SC.

There is a Willis Gregory family cemetery with the graves of the original progenitor and his generation family also in Lancaster, SC off the beaten track, in woods, near Flat Creek Township, north of Kershaw, SC. It had been maintained at least until around 2000 by one Francis Allison Gregory of Arizona, retired USA Lt Col. Willis Gregory emigrated to the Lancaster and Marlboro County areas of SC from NC around 1800 and married Martha Twitty after arriving in SC. They had 7 children, 5 boys, 2 girls. This information is from a privately published book by Lewis Joel Gregory and Ella Valera Gregory (Mrs. Mark Hanna Mayfield) titled: "Willis Gregory Family History - 1785 -1968". At one time the book was available in the Lancaster County library. The book traces known descendants of Willis Gregory through the early 1960s. It is very complete. Since that book was published further research was done by one Francis Allison Gregory, 1985 -1999 which traced the family back to one purported American original ancestor - a Charles Gregory originally of England and of then of Surry County, VA, c 1650-1669.

It is always risky when tracing ancestry back beyond a certain point, but I (Jack Gregory, originator of kit 11054) have met Francis Allison Gregory and have copies of his most recent research material. Francis, given his military training and background, was a very thorough, cautious and meticulous researcher. I trust his research to be objective and factual to the extent he could make it so. In any event here are the results of the book by Lewis Joel Gregory and later research by Francis Gregory:

Willis Gregory was one of 9 brothers and sisters, and most likely came to SC from Samson County, NC.

He was the son of John Gregory, son of Mathew Gregory of Craven County, NC c1760. They (father and grandfather) eventually moved to Jones County, NC. John and Mathew seem to be from a line of Gregorys that originated in SE VA Surry County and Isle of Wight - (that Charles Gregory c 1650, mentioned earlier) whose descendants moved down the east coast of NC, until Willis reached SC. The book listing descendants up to the 1960s ("Willis Gregory Family History - 1785 -1968")totals some 300 odd pages, and does not seem to include my generation but it has thousands of names of interest to anyone named Gregory.

As a matter of other interest, there is another SC Gregory family that originated in Union County, SC, about 50 miles west of Lancaster County. These two SC Gregory families do not seem to be related. The Union county Gregorys arrived SC down the rolling hills of the piedmont trail from VA. The Lancaster County Gregorys down the eastern sandy coastal plain seaboard from VA. The UNION County family maintains a website here:

The progenitors of that extended Gregory family were Isaac and Alse Gregory of Mecklenburg County, VA, who moved to Union county (still part of Mecklenburg County NC at that time) in 1767. At one time it was said that you could stand on any part of Main St in the town of Union, SC, throw a stick and no matter the direction or how far you would hit a Gregory.

Both of these families had a large number of children (normally around 7 -10) in the first generation after settling in SC in the early 1800s and in the second generation and spread the families throughout the Southern and Western US.

73052: John Gregory is first listed (confirmed) in the 1850 census living in Buffalo Township, Butler County, PA. His name is spelled in the census as Gragory (with an A) age listed 37, native of Ireland. His birth date between 1800 &1811, and believe he was born in Ireland. The provider of this sample's best guess is that Patrick and Bridget Gregory are his parents. They migrated from County Louth, Ireland about 1811. In June 24, 1811 a John Gregory came to America, New York harbor form Dublin Ireland, Co. Louth, in ship Huntress. Also aboard was M. Gregory and Family from County Meath, Ireland.

168499: James Burgess Gregory, Lynchburg, VA

35798: Benjamin Gregory, born about 1800 in NC. 75995: Henry Gregory, born in Lexington, VA in 1820.

166873: James NcNie, 1824-1909, Hawksbuery, Canada



36102: William Gregory, bc1798 VA married Susan Densmore 1833

75995: Henry Gregory, b1820 Lexington, CA

N58328: Phillip Gregory, bc1751, Little Budworth Cheshire

N90904: Alexander Bell, bc11625, St. Andrews, Fife, Scotland



N48759: Henry Gregory, St. Martin Middlesex London




154476: John Gregory, b. 1750, (Elender) Campbell Co, VA

187765:  Farthest back is John GREGORY who m Mary Kelly from Wexford born in 1771.  They had a son named John J. GREGORY born in Wexford, Ireland c1807.