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About us

GREGORY's came to the United States from several countries early on in United States history.  Many of these GREGORYs appear to have traveled and/or settled together.  Were they related?  Some of these GREGORYs had changed their names from McGREGOR and many of the GREGORYs use the same first names over and over (William, John), making tracking them a challenge.  Lack of available records to prove parentage of these GREGORYs has been frustrating and it is thought that DNA testing can help with some hints of where to look, or not look. 

The GREGORY DNA Project utilizes YDNA testing to group the many GREGORY and GREGORY surname variations lines together, with the hope that these groups can work together to push the information on their lines farther back.  The project currently has members with the variations of GREGORIE, GREGORIO, McGREGOR, and GREAGREY, along with other surnames that show a direct tie with the GREGORY surname on the Y Chromosome. We currently have kits from Australia and England and would love to see many more from all countries.