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It is clear from the Y-DNA results that each Lineage has a distinctive pattern by virtue of the values for its STR markers. This distinctive pattern reflects the unique marker values for each Lineage, and distinguishes one Lineage from another. To illustrate these patterns, a special representation method has been created for this surname project. The full chart with all participants showing up to 111 markers may be found at Results Page on the World Families.Net

The distinctive coloured patterns of Lineages I, II & III
(from the Results Page on the World Families.Net site)

Lineage I illustrates the Y-results for descendants of Thomas Gleson, born Cockfield, Suffolk 1609.
Lineages II and III are distinct Gleeson lines of Irish origin. A patriarch has not yet been identified for these.

A Mutation History Tree has been generated for lineage II showing how the various members are related to each other. This will be updated periodically.

Lineage II Mutation History Tree Nov 2015