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Lineage Results

This page is for the discussion of results by lineage. Scroll down to find your lineage. To see the FTDNA generated results for all lineages, select "DNA Results" in the panel to the left.


Lineage I

The Y-37 results (below) for Lineage 1 do not show kit numbers to protect the identity of the members.  Members are grouped according to their descent from the patriarch Thomas to illustrate how certain mutations tend to characterize the sub-lineages. The colored fields indicate the degree of genetic difference from the standard Y-STR values (green) for Haplogroup R-P312 on the world genetic tree. The terminal SNP (the unique leaf on the tree) for the family is downstream of R-Z37492 and has been confirmed by advanced testing of four subjects. These results imply that the ancestor shared between this family and their nearest genetic neighbors lived approximately 3500 years ago. A detail history of descent for these project members can be viewed at



Lineage II

A Mutation History Tree has been generated for lineage II showing how the various members are related to each other. This will be updated periodically.

Lineage II Mutation History Tree Nov 2015