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About us

The World Families Network support for out project will soon be discontinued with the retirement of WFN on May 23, 2018. Maurice and Judy will be reorganizing these webpages to allow publication of the Patriarchs' Page at FTDNA. Stay tuned for future developments.

April 2017 - 14 of the 35 members of Lineage II order the new Z255 SNP Pack. Thus, 69% of Lineage II members have tested downstream SNP markers (either via Big Y or Z255 Pack).

Mar 2017 - the Z255 SNP Pack is revised and includes 49 SNPs relevant to Lineage II Gleeson's (3 upstream and 46 Gleeson-specific: 16 shared, 30 private)

Dec 2016 - the results of 10 Big Y tests are available for Lineage II (the North Tipperary Gleeson's). From this the Mutation History Tree was updated. This shows the evolution and branching structure of the North Tipperary Gleeson "Family Tree", from a timepjoint close to the origin of the surname in North Tipperary. 

Aug 2016 - Gleeson Clan Gathering takes place in Nenagh, Tipperary. 30 people test at the event. 

Mar 2016-- Big Y Results for three Lineage I members are complete. All downstream of DF27. Over 100 novel variants in common. Submitted for analysis to the Big Tree of Alex Williamson. 

Nov 2015-- Administrators Judy and Maurice attend the 11th annual FTDNA conference in Houston where Maurice is named "Genetic Genealogist of the Year 2015."

Oct 2015-- The first results of Big Y testing for Lineage I arrive suggesting a possible SNP for the lineage of DF27 (unconfirmed) further downstream from P312.

Aug 2015-- a Gleeson Gathering is announced for Aug 2016 in Nenagh, Tipperary - all are welcome! More news on the Facebook page.

July 2015-- a series of blog posts explain the concept behind generating a Mutation History Tree based on the Big Y results.

May 2015-- the first results of Big Y testing arrive for Lineage II placing the members further downstream from Z255.

Apr 2015-- Family Tree DNA introduced the MyGroups web sites for the surname projects. However, the pages are still active and provide our Patriarchs' Page as well as our unique Y-Results Page.

Feb 2015-- Maurice created our Project Blog and put us on Facebook

2014-- Dr. Maurice Gleeson becomes co-administrator of our project. His primary interest is in the Gleeson and other lines of Irish origin. 

2013-- The patriarch of the Gleason Lineage I was found to be Thomas Gleson who died 1610 in Cockfield, Suffolk, England. His son Thomas Gleson was born there in 1609, married Susanna Page, and emigrated to the Massachusetts Colony. See publication: Claassen, Judith Gleason. The Origin of Thomas Gleason of Watertown and Cambridge, Massachusetts. New England Historical and Genealogical Register, (NEHGS, Jan 20).