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As of Feb. 2015, the project will start undergoing several changes.    I will be phasing out use of the external results table and instead relying on FTDNA's table.   We will lose some ease of use functionality by doing this, but it will make maintaining the project much easier.   Pedigrees will also be posted on WikiTree instead.

Family Tree DNA implemented a new privacy setting which defaults to being very restrictive.  Unless you change this setting, your Y-DNA results will not be able to be seen in a project's results table by you or anyone else, unless you are logged into your FTDNA account and you're a member of the project.   This makes it very difficult for other people and admins who might need to look at your results for comparison purposes to see if you have meaningful matches outside of the project.

I recommend that you change this setting as follows.

1. Login to your Family Tree DNA account 
2. Put your cursor over your name in the upper right hand corner of the page and click Privacy Settings 
4. In the My DNA Results section, look for the setting “Who can view my DNA results in group projects?” and click on the “Project Members” link to the right of it. 
5. In the pop-up box, select the setting “Make my mtDNA & Y-DNA data public.” When you look at your settings again, it will say “Anyone” instead of “Project Members.”