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The primary focus of the Gilbert DNA Project is Y-DNA testing which is being used to piece together the numerous Gilbert lines around the world. Gilbert descendants who have taken an autosomal DNA test (e.g. Family Finder, AncestryDNA, 23andme, etc...) are also welcome to join, but we have no tools to organize those results. Please provide the name of your most distant known Gilbert ancestor when submitting a join request, as well as some geographical and time period information.

A qualified male donor for the Y-DNA test must carry the Gilbert (or variant) surname or at least be suspected to be of Gilbert paternity. (Newer Gilbert lines started via "non-paternity events" are more than welcome.) We recommend the Y-DNA 37 as a starting point for testing.

When you request to join the project for the purpose of Y-DNA testing, we ask that you provide your Gilbert lineage back to your Most Distant Gilbert Ancestor for inclusion on our project page. Sending information is a requirement of participating in the project. It's ok if your information incomplete or scant.

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