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Can I see the pedigrees of the Gilbert men Y-DNA tested somewhere?

Yes, project admin Chris Gilbert is posting collected lineages on Wikitree (this is a work in progress):  

Can I join the project if I've taken the Family Finder test or transferred my autosomal results from Ancestry or 23andme?  

Yes, we welcome you, but we can't do anything with autosomal results.  You are welcome to check for matches within the project, though.  Use the Advanced Settings feature under Family Finder to search for matches within a project.

Will someone help me understand my DNA results?

If you've taken the Y-DNA test, a volunteer project administrator will help you understand your results and put you in a family group, as is possible.  Email if you have any questions at any point in time about Y-DNA results.

Why won't an administrator help me with my Family Finder results?    

Autosomal results are complex, and there's a big learning curve to make good use of them.    It would be a full-time job for administrators to explain results to all project members.   Consider Googling something like "autosomal DNA results" or going to YouTube and searching for videos.   There are a lot of tutorials out there to help.

Do project administrators work for Family Tree DNA?

No, we are just volunteers.

If I'm a male and I've taken an autosomal test, can't you somehow get my results in the Y-DNA table?

No, unfortunately, it's a totally different kind of test.  If you have a sample at Family Tree DNA, though, you can order an upgrade and get the Y-DNA test.

What if I've transferred autosomal results from some place like Ancestry?   Can I order a Y-DNA test without having to submit another sample?  

No, Family Tree DNA will need a DNA sample to run a Y-DNA test.   You can get your  Y-DNA results posted to autosomal account, however, so you don't have to have two accounts.

I'm in the project with Y-DNA results, but I can't find my results in the table.  Why?

There are two possible problems.   First, if you do not carry the surname of the project or you do not match someone in the project at a meaningful marker level, your results will not be displayed as they have no bearing on the project.     Secondly, it's possible you may have a restrictive privacy that keeps anyone, including yourself, from being able to see your results in the table unless you are a member of the project AND logged into your account.   If you log in to your account and then can see your result, you'll know it's the privacy setting.