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Haplogroup A – Native American. Most prevalent in North America. Ancestrial line:"African Eve">L1/L0>L2>L3>N>A

Haplogroup B – Native American. Most prevalent in the west coasts of North and South America. Ancestrial line:"African Eve">L1/L0>L2>L3>N>B

Haplogroup C – Native American Ancestrial line:"African Eve">L1/L0>L2>L3>M>C

Haplogroup D – Native American. Most prevalent in South America. Ancestrial line:"African Eve">L1/L0>L2>L3>M>D

Haplogroup F – Southeast Asian. Greatest diversity in Vietnam. Ancestrial line:"African Eve">L1/L0>L2>L3>N>R>F

Haplogroup H – European Ancestrial line:"African Eve">L1/L0>L2>L3>N>R>preHV>HV>H

Haplogroup I – European Ancestrial line:"African Eve">L1/L0>L2>L3>N>I

Haplogroup J – Middle East Ancestrial line:"African Eve">L1/L0>L2>L3>N>R>J

Haplogroup K – European Ancestrial line:"African Eve">L1/L0>L2>L3>N>R>K

Haplogroup L – Sub Saharan African Ancestrial line:"African Eve">L1/L0>L2>L3>

Haplogroup M – East Asian/Native American/Mediterranean (subclade M1) probably from an ancient back migration from Asia some 15K years ago, with the Iberomaurusians Ancestrial line:"African Eve">L1/L0>L2>L3>M

Haplogroup R – Eurasian - prevalent in Anatolian/Caucasus and Iranian regions. Ancestrial line:"African Eve">L1/L0>L2>L3>N>R

Haplogroup T – European Ancestrial line:"African Eve">L1/L0>L2>L3>N>R>T

Haplogroup U – European Ancestrial line:"African Eve">L1/L0>L2>L3>N>R>U

Haplogroup V – European. Most prevalent in Iberia (about 8%). Ancestrial line:"African Eve">L1/L0>L2>L3>N>R>preHV>HV>V

Haplogroup X – European/Native American Ancestrial line:"African Eve">L1/L0>L2>L3>N>X

The haplogroup J1b matches indicate a Middle Eastern founding female line in North Eastern Mexico as this is where these project members families are from: HVR1=069T,126C,145A,222T,261T and HVR2=73G,263G,295T,315.1C,462T,489C
A comparison of the above founder line to the Old Sorenson mtdna database - at the HVR1 and HVR2 refined levels.
supports a founder lineage in Mexico with affinity to France with single matches to Jordan, Iraq, Argentina and Brazil.
UPDATE 3/17/12 Crispin Rendon has identified this line as that of Maria Magdalena Martinez
UPDATE 4/19/10
North Eastern Mexico DNA Project Founder Line matches one, possibly two 2000 year old Jewish Founder Lines. The haplogroup K matches indicate a European founding female line in North Eastern Mexico as this is where these project members families are from: 182C,183C,189C,224C,311C,519C Refined results should confirm this.
UPDATE 3/20/10 Crispin Rendon has identified this line as that of Ines Rodriguez wife of the founder of Monterrey.

UPDATE 2/09/12 A Sephardic T2e5 (T2e on the results page) is found. See Crispin Rendon's research DNA Test Reveals Woman With 21,795 Descendants is Haplogroup T (Clara Flores Cerda).  Descendants participated in this research Sephardic Signature in Haplogroup T Mitochondrial DNA by Felice Bedford (results were FGS to verify).

UPDATE 11/22/13 Clarifying Mitochondrial DNA Subclades of T2e from Mideast to Mexico
We report on two of the oldest mitochondrial DNA clusters in existence with Jewish affiliation. Both are in haplogroup T2e1. Four 
unrelated individuals from the Mexico mtDNA project were found to have the control region mutations that characterize a Sephardic 
signature previously reported (motif 16114T-16192T within T2e). Full genomic sequencing found the identical coding region mutations 
as Sephardic individuals which provides genetic evidence for founders of Northern Mexico that were both female and Sephardic Jewish. 
This is in contrast to a more common finding of European male, but local female founders and additionally lends biological support to 
anecdotes and historical reports of Crypto-Jewish founding of the Coahuila, Nuevo León, and Tamaulipas regions of Mexico and influx 
to Southern Texas, USA. The haplotype is nested in an old tree with mutations at positions 2308 and 15499, presently of uncertain 
geographic origin. The second cluster, a Bulgarian Sephardic founding lineage (9181G within T2e) previously reported, was found here 
in a population of largely Americans of European descent, but only among Jewish individuals. The non-synonymous mutation in ATPase 
6 was found among both Ashkenazi and Sephardic Jews from diverse regions of Czech Republic, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Poland, 
and Romania. Full genomic sequencing found great coding region variability with several haplotypes and suggested a Near East origin 
at least 3000 years old. This predates the split between Jewish groups, but more recent admixture between Sephardim and Ashkenazim 
cannot be ruled out. Together the two Jewish-affiliated clusters account for all the genetic distance found in branch T2e1 and much of 
T2e. The findings suggest reexamination of the origins of mitochondrial DNA haplogroup T2e as Levantine or early back migration to 
the Near East. New subclades of T2e are identified.