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Mexico DNA Project

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*Anthropologist Andrew Merriwether and colleagues conducted a study on Mexican-Americans living in Colorado. He tested their mitochondrial DNA (mtdna) which is a test to find the origins of your great, great...grandmother, going back 10's of thousands of years. This one ancestor which is your families (clan or haplogroup) "Eve" so to speak, showed up as Native-American 85% of the time and European in origin 15% of the time. Thus showing that the majority of unions in this admixture were of European males and Native-American females. *Source: This project is open to those wanting to test their maternal lines that extend to Mexico. Everyone has mtdna from their Mother, which can determine the origins of this line (Mothers Mothers ... Mothers line). For more infomation on this project's testing of paternal lines see The Genealogy of Mexico DNA Project homepage.