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Wesley Varela Wesley Varela has a question!
March 1 @ 10:37am
Has anyone hired an local Genealogist in Chihuahua Mexico? I am stuck on one Family member.
Fernando Flores
March 1 @ 12:46pm
Try Moises Garza, Las Villas del Norte for resources.
Enrique Silva Del Val
11 hours ago
I live in Chihuahua city, maybe I could help you.
Tino Torres Tino Torres
Yesterday at 4:19pm
573146 not in chart ??
Angelica Trevizo Angelica Trevizo
October 19 @ 3:17am
Are there any group members who have the Trevizo surname from Chihuahua and are a direct descendant? I've been working my tail off to figure out the origin or ancestor of that surname in Chihuahua. Unfortunately I'm still stuck reading through records that are in extremely poor condition from Cusihuiriachi,Chihuahua. I've been stuck on 7th ggf for about 6 months now😔
Cesar Diaz
December 28 @ 8:48pm
Angelica Trevizo, Where are you getting those records from?
Angelica Trevizo
January 9 @ 6:37pm
Sorry everybody but I wasn't aware anyone was commenting on my post. I do apologize, this is her mother as I do manage her DNA account as she is a minor. All of the documentation I have I've retrieved from the familysearch website. This has been a project I've been extensively working on for over two years. To this day I am still stuck on the same direct ancestor and I am still mulling over the same catholic church records on family search. In the interim I have been building out all of the branches on her paternal Trevizo line discovering that she does relate to other Trevizo lines in San Lorenzo Doctor Belisario, Bachinivia, Santa Rosalia and I quite can't remember the others. But her direct ancestor line so far originates in Cusihuiriachi, then to Santa Ysabel General Trias and Cuidad Juarez with surnames connecting to Nieto, Neyra, Gardea, Martes, Gomes, Duarte, Esparza, Arroyos, Nevarez, Garcia, Duran, Velador, Gonzalez, Rojo, Dominguez.
Angelica Trevizo
January 9 @ 6:40pm
Sylvia Robles the old folklore is that 3 men w/Treviso surname who were from Italy came to Chihuahua in late to early 1600's. They were all tall w/light hair and&or green, blue eyes which describes 70% of my daughter's Trevizo family including herself w/an olive complexion to match.
Jaime Hernández
February 27 @ 9:14pm
Along the same line, I have a collection of black and white photos that my paternal aunt left to me. Most of these pictures are pre-1950. One, a post card picture, I found particularly interesting written in Spanish to my Tia Lucina Hernandez Arcos (Arcos being her married surname). It looks like a mid 1930 picture and written on the back, is "dedico este humilde foto , de tu prima Maria del Refugio Henestrosa, que te quiere mucho. My question, can anybody give me information on this surname. I have gleaned many Mexican church records, and I have never seen this Henestrosa surname anyplace else? This particular Tia Maria was writing from Lucero Durango.
Magnus Johansen Magnus Johansen
February 6 @ 4:26pm
This is my SWITZERLAND´s IGENEA KIT NO : E32067 where I am 63 Percent British ( Irish / Scott/ and Wales ) . 37 Percent Scandinavian and 1 Percent Central Asia and 1 Percent North and Central America. Where the two last once are Trace Results. In my DNA Book from with the new Name #46615 Kit NO. they told me that I am related to the Last Commanche Chef from Oklahoma USA Area. An Indian or Native American with the name : O. Nacona Parker son of the white stolen woman Cynthia Ann Parker the white Indian wife. I should also be related to an Apache Indian . Something with the surname Acuff or so. But that is in our newer time of our centries . Magnus T. J. Johansen - Gedaliah Ben Yohanan. The FAROE ISLANDS. telephone. 0- (0) 298 28 77 54.
Larry Moralez
February 26 @ 1:19pm
you are talking about Peco Nocona,Quahdi Commanche. it is next to impossible to be related to both Commanche and Apache and especially at that time as they were not the best of friends but I suppose anything is possible.Two completely different Indian groups with two distinct language families as well as history.
George Aguilar
February 27 @ 6:20pm
Comanches were well known to raid anybody and often took children. When it comes to human relations, anything is possible,
Paul Gomez Paul Gomez
February 27 @ 4:41pm
Good evening all. I manage my brother's Y-DNA111 kit and have expanded the testing to get his correct (rather than presumed) haplo group. He is R-L151. Currently I am looking for any information on the GOMEZ surname. I can only trace our direct paternal line back to the Chihuahua area of Mexico. Our 2x great grandfather was Juan Jesus Gomez who was born there in June 1830. His father is Jose GOMEZ who married Maria Cesaria PERES. Unfortunately, the closest Y-DNA matches to my brother are not responding to any queries except to say there are no Gomezes in their family. Anyone who might have information on the GOMEZes in Chihuahua?
Kim Beals Kim Beals
February 21 @ 5:48pm
Hello....I don't know my father but am familiar with some of that side of the family. A second cousin from that side tested with 23&Me. His haplogroup is E-L17 (NOT E-L117). Evidently this is M78/V13. It appears to be European. Anyone have any additional information about E-L17? My father's surname is Rodriguez. Thanks in advance!
Robert Gonzalez
February 23 @ 3:21pm
Hi Kim, yes E-V13 is indeed a European haplogroup. It is found at it's highest percentages in Europe, specifically the Balkans, especially Albania. The oldest sample to date was found in northeastern Spain. I am V13 and descend from the Gonzalez de Hermosillo\Hermosilla clan...if you'd like to know more, feel free to contact me. Robert Gonzalez~
Kim Beals
February 23 @ 5:28pm
Hi Robert..thank you for your reply. I wish I knew the family and could ask a male member to do a y-37 marker test. I think that possibly could tell more. When I first saw E-L17...I thought it had its origin from the Middle East until I looked more closely. Thank you for your information!
Rosa Vega Rosa Vega has a question!
February 21 @ 2:33pm
I am trying to find my heritage I know my father is from Mexico his surname is Hernandez. however i am trying to understand my Gedmatch results can anyone help me, I would really appreciate it. 1 Amerindian 35.75 2 African 24.61 3 Neolithic 15.73 4 EHG 9.63 5 WHG 8.64 6 SEA 3.49 7 Basal 2.15 Finished reading population data. 161 populations found. 11 components mode. -------------------------------- Least-squares method. Using 1 population approximation: 1 AfontovaGora3_Paleolithic @ 45.900681 2 Russia_IA @ 46.169613 3 Siberian_Upper_Paleolithic @ 46.573303 4 Okunevo_BA @ 48.556271 5 GoyetQ376_19_Gravettian @ 49.212460 6 Paglicci138_Gravettian @ 50.569756 7 Vestonice14_Gravettian @ 50.888866 8 Kennewick_Amerindian @ 51.338482 9 Oase1_Upper_Paleolithic @ 51.617947 10 GoyetQ116-1_Aurignacian 3.94 @ 51.659252 11 Kostenki12_Upper_Paleolithic @ 51.992779 12 Hungary_IronAge @ 52.393463 13 Armenia_MBA @ 52.550236 14 Unetice_MBA @ 52.762848 15 Karasuk_BA @ 53.003227 16 Cioclovina1_Paleolithic @ 53.099983 17 Russia_LBA @ 53.181877 18 Kostenki14_Upper_Paleolithic @ 53.217422 19 Armenia_LBA @ 53.474396 20 Muierii2_Upper_Paleolithic @ 53.475929 Using 2 populations approximation: 1 50% Kennewick_Amerindian +50% Paglicci138_Gravettian @ 26.531281 Using 3 populations approximation: 1 50% Kennewick_Amerindian +25% Maros_BA +25% Mota_EastAfrica @ 8.377804 Using 4 populations approximation: ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 1 AfontovaGora3_Paleolithic + Balkan_LBA + Clovis_Amerindian + Mota_EastAfrica @ 6.577531 2 AfontovaGora3_Paleolithic + Ancient_Denisova + Clovis_Amerindian + GermanStuttgart_LBK @ 6.791735 3 AfontovaGora3_Paleolithic + Ancient_Denisova + Clovis_Amerindian + GermanStuttgart_LBK @ 6.791735 4 AfontovaGora3_Paleolithic + Ancient_Neandertal + Clovis_Amerindian + GermanStuttgart_LBK @ 6.791735 5 AfontovaGora3_Paleolithic + Ancient_Neandertal + Clovis_Amerindian + GermanStuttgart_LBK @ 6.791735 6 AfontovaGora3_Paleolithic + Clovis_Amerindian + Denisovan + GermanStuttgart_LBK @ 6.791735 7 AfontovaGora3_Paleolithic + Clovis_Amerindian + Denisovan + GermanStuttgart_LBK @ 6.791735 8 AfontovaGora3_Paleolithic + Clovis_Amerindian + GermanStuttgart_LBK + Neandertal_Altai @ 6.791735 9 AfontovaGora3_Paleolithic + Clovis_Amerindian + GermanStuttgart_LBK + Neandertal_Mezmaiskaya @ 6.791735 10 AfontovaGora3_Paleolithic + Clovis_Amerindian + GermanStuttgart_LBK + Neandertal_Altai @ 6.791735 11 AfontovaGora3_Paleolithic + Clovis_Amerindian + GermanStuttgart_LBK + Neandertal_Mezmaiskaya @ 6.791735 12 AfontovaGora3_Paleolithic + Anatolia_Chalcolithic + Ancient_Denisova + Clovis_Amerindian @ 7.180312 13 AfontovaGora3_Paleolithic + Anatolia_Chalcolithic + Ancient_Neandertal + Clovis_Amerindian @ 7.180312 14 AfontovaGora3_Paleolithic + Anatolia_Chalcolithic + Clovis_Amerindian + Denisovan @ 7.180312 15 AfontovaGora3_Paleolithic + Anatolia_Chalcolithic + Clovis_Amerindian + Neandertal_Altai @ 7.180312 16 AfontovaGora3_Paleolithic + Anatolia_Chalcolithic + Clovis_Amerindian + Neandertal_Mezmaiskaya @ 7.180312 17 AfontovaGora3_Paleolithic + Ancient_Denisova + Balkan_LBA + Clovis_Amerindian @ 7.362170 18 AfontovaGora3_Paleolithic + Ancient_Neandertal + Balkan_LBA + Clovis_Amerindian @ 7.362170 19 AfontovaGora3_Paleolithic + Balkan_LBA + Clovis_Amerindian + Denisovan @ 7.362170 20 AfontovaGora3_Paleolithic + Balkan_LBA + Clovis_Amerindian + Neandertal_Altai @ 7.362170
James Guerrero James Guerrero has a question!
December 29 @ 3:44pm
HI Gary, I've been a member of this project for about 2 years and I have not received any matches. I'm presumed in the M269. I have been stuck at my 3x great-grandfather, who according to family tales migrated from Mexico (area unknown) to Piura, Peru mid 1800's. Would purchasing an upgrade help find possible matches, and which do you recommend.
Daniel Hernandez
December 30 @ 5:56pm
James, M269 is a HUGE haplogroup category! In order to narrow it down to more specifics, you could upgrade your STR's, but....the approach I took with my brother's M269 was to do a SNP (mutations) pack test. Once that came back, I joined my brother's results into the proper subclade project, to narrow down possible matches & also to access particular information from that project's newsfeed. From there, I finally ended up ordering the Big Y, a YFull analysis, and uploaded his VCF into Alex Williamson's R1b Big Tree (now you have to submit the raw data to YDNA Warehouse, which then makes it available to Alex for inclusion in the appropriate Big Tree chart for your specific subclade). I know it might seem overwhelming, but starting with a SNP pak will give you some sense of direction. In the meantime, have you joined any FTDNA Y-Projects? If you join the (very large) R1b & all Subclades (Gateway) Project, you will be grouped with others who might more closely match you. Any of the admin's will also be available to provide advice on what direction you might want to pursue for additional testing or upgrades, but you may have to contact them directly, once in the project (their names & contact information are provided). And be sure to give them as least "limited" access, once you're in their project, so they can access your account info & assist you! OK, just my two cents worth...Consuelo Udave (admin. for all of my brother's YDNA testing & results)!
Daniel Hernandez
December 30 @ 5:59pm
Oh yes, at least one more project to consider: R P312 & Subclades! Good luck! C. Udave
Joel Harris
February 18 @ 1:08pm
James Guerrero If you have autosomal DNA I recommend you upload the autosomal DNA to and Genesis. It is a free autosomal DNA website research. Gary Felix uses the site. We match. See my entries for today. Tools for DNA & Genealogy Research Home Log out 2/1/2019 Migration of all data has completed. While the vast majority of the migration data had no problems, there were some technical issues which resulted in problems. If you have experienced issues with migrated kits, please use the link below to report those issues so they can be resolved. Click here to Report Migration Issues 12/26/2018 We are pleased to say we have made contact with 23Mofang and GESEDNA (apparently two separate companies) and have begun to work with them to bring their results into compatibility with our algorithms. Until then, results from those companies will be marked as 'Research' to prevent excess false matches from appearing in other users' results. September 9, 2018 - We are excited to announce our revolutionary new 'Q-Matching' One-To-One Tool for Tier 1 Genesis users. It provides more accurate comparison results down to segments as small as 1 cM. We hope all our Tier 1 users will try it out, and let us know what you think. The link is in the Tier 1 box on this page. Report Migration Issues Here User Profile(26460): Name: Joel K Harris Sr Email: Tier 1 Member Tier 1 Paid Until 2019-08-02 View/Change/Delete your profile (password, email, groups) The number of online users is 306 LEGEND: (Status indicators shown to the right of each kit below) Click on pencil if you wish to EDIT or DELETE kit profile Kit has completed all processing and has good status Kit matches are pending migration Kit has not yet completed matching with other kits Unknown Status Click on blue kit number to go directly to one-to-many results KY8772554 Cherokee_A2438-24_Filtered SB9634663 Cherokee_A2438-23 JC3417893 Cherokee_A2438-24 DD7589178 Cherokee_A2438-25 MG6844653 Cherokee_A2438-26 AY7354137 Cherokee_A2438-27 YD7495903 Cherokee_A2438-28 AW7225236 Joel Ken Harris, Sr. SB9634663F Cherokee_A2438-23_Filtered DD7589178F Cherokee_A2438-25_Filtered AY7354137F Cherokee_A2438-27_Filtered YD7495903F Cherokee_A2438-28_Filtered T771477 Joel K Harris Sr A757925 Amy D Harris Bramlett CZ2047838 Amy N Harris Bramlett KH4404892 Zara A Bramlett A039528 Zara A Bramlett QB1634018 Joel K. Harris, Sr. A342520 Joel K. Harris Sr. GB6629318 Delores Henley RD1072671 Dawn Trout You have not uploaded any GEDCOM (genealogy) resources Information: Welcome to Genesis BETA User Lookup - Find information on your matches. About the Close Exome Matches Take me back to the main GEDmatch site Upload your DNA files: Generic Uploads (23andme, FTDNA, AncestryDNA, most others) DNA Applications: One-To-Many Beta - give it a try One-To-Many DNA Comparison Result One-to-One Autosomal DNA Comparison One-to-One X-DNA Comparison NEW Admixture (heritage) Admixture / Oracle with Population Search NEW People who match both, or 1 of 2 kits NEW DNA File Diagnostic Utility Analyze DNA file upload for potential problems. Are your parents related? Beta 3-D Chromosome Browser Beta Tier 1 One-To-Many DNA Comparison Beta One-To-Many DNA Comparison Q-Matching One-To-One Revolutionary Segment Search Phasing Triangulation Multiple Kit Analysis (MKA) Beta Lazarus My Evil Twin Beta Family Trees (also known as GEDCOMs) Upload GEDCOM (Fast) Upload GEDCOM (Alternate) Use this version if Fast does not work. Genealogy Comparisons / Searches 1 GEDCOM to all 2 GEDCOMs Comparison Search all GEDCOMs GEDCOM + DNA matches Send me an email to Nos vemos
Ida Martinez Ida Martinez has a question!
January 22 @ 9:25am
Hello my name is Ida Duran /Gonzales Martinez trying to find out more about family I have 13% Native American and trying to find out what tribe my is is B75257 I grow up in the San Luis valley in Colorado near New Mexico State line always looking for family thank you
Heriberto Escamilla Morales
January 23 @ 1:07pm
Hola prima. From what I have seen, it is very difficult to pinpoint a tribe. I've researched the tribes where most of my relatives are from. The major group around nuevo Leon were the Guachichil. I can't say whether or not my ancestors were from these people, but it's a reference. You can also look at haplogroups. Mine is C1C2. Of indigenous groups in Mexico that have been tested, C1C2 may be most common among the Huichol, who are originally from Northern San Luis Potosi and probably southern Nuevo Leon. Good luck
Joel Harris
February 18 @ 1:00pm
Hola: There is no DNA with any government recognized tribe inside the USA except mine; Echota Cherokee Tribe of Alabama. Autosomal DNA is family. Father/mother to extended cousins. All blood relatives. I use and Genesis. A free autosomal website for research. Send me an email to One must be a blood relative for someone now enrolled or had been enrolled, deceased member, that you are a blood relative and can document how you are a blood relative. A tribe is made of clans and a culture as the language, Tsalagi Syllabary, and tribal ceremonies that are for the tribe and other tribes. I have a website cherokeeindiansofalabama.
Tatyana BONAPARTE/Green Tatyana BONAPARTE/Green
January 19 @ 10:41am
Hi! everyone, iam looking for more of my family the surname is Marroquin they are from Guatemala
Joel Harris
January 22 @ 5:09pm
Tatyana BONAPARTE/Green My great, great grandfather was Jerome Bonaparte Beard from Louisiana in 1820 to 1880. Kit aw7225236
gil garcia
February 6 @ 5:53pm
Tatyana, I have ancestors with the Marroquin name, here at FTDNA I have two cousins with that last name, I don't know them.. N.Y. Marroquin and M.B. Romo.
Joel Harris
February 18 @ 12:43pm
kit2: xw8919668 GEDmatch® Genesis Q-Matching One-to-One Comparison - V1.0 Software Version Oct 29 2018 00:49:37 Comparing Kit LK706827L2 (Echota_Cherokee) and XW8919668 (Anzick Boy Research) [Felix] Precision: 30.0 cM threshold: 7.0 Maximum cM: No Limit All SNPs used. Individual marker indications: Base Pairs with Full Match Base Pairs with Half Match Base Pairs with No Match Validity of segments: Match No Match Chr B37 Start Pos'n B37 End Pos'n SNPs Centimorgans (cM) Q 2 8,728,607 106,690,137 162 98.44 15.0 SNP Density: Chr B37 Start Pos'n B37 End Pos'n SNPs Centimorgans (cM) Q 9 131,018,639 131,991,809 176 141.56 21.0