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Jose Palmas Jose Palmas
June 8 @ 4:33pm
I need some help.
Jose Esparza
August 9 @ 7:44pm
Jose Palmas: What is your Y-Haplogroup? Do you have any matches?
Jose Palmas
Yesterday at 11:43pm
R1b R-A6078 part of the R1
Jose Palmas
Yesterday at 11:52pm
R1b haplogroup. In the chart I am grouped in R1b-L21 NW Euro from Iberian Refuge. I am kit 140448. At 37 markers I have one genetic distance 1 match, Daniel Perera. Three matches at genetic distance 2: Daniel Serrano, i
Jose Palmas
Yesterday at 11:53pm
Daniel Perera and Oscar Rodgriguez.
Daniel Grant Daniel Grant
August 4 @ 11:36am
Hello. I just upgraded to the 111 marker test from a 37 and am awaiting results. My haplogroup is R-M269. It is European, but my grandfather was mestizo. Unfortunately I don't know his 'real' surname so I don't know where I would fit in under a surname project. My kit number is B379148. I am open to any suggestions.
Jose Esparza
August 9 @ 7:33pm
Daniel Grant: The Grant surname is generally Scottish and R-M269 would fit that well. Are you in the “Grant” Project? Since there are many Grant surnames, doing the 111 level should narrow it down and hopefully find a match to most all of the alleles. If your paternal line grandfather was Mestizo, then his mother was Native American, because his father’s European Y-Haplogroup was passed to you. You would want to find your paternal great grandmother’s family line. Tracking Native American surnames is difficult because some were adopted or sold into American or Spanish families and could not keep their names. Collecting Autosomal DNA cousin’s family tree segments, on you paternal great grandmother’s side, would be the next piece to your puzzle. Judith Esparza White
Daniel Grant
August 10 @ 9:56am
Thanks Judith. Grant is not my real surname; it is my stepfathers'. I know who my father and grandfather were. I just don't know my paternal line surname(s).
Michael Trevino Michael Trevino
June 19 @ 3:32pm
Hello All, I purchased the Big Y test for my brother and the results are T-Y22559. My grandfather and his ancestors are from Linares, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. I was hoping this test would give me more information about our lineage. Lisa Santos
Michael Trevino
July 23 @ 12:03am
Thank you Julian.
Julian Trevino Villarreal
July 23 @ 1:45am
Any LIVING people will be CLOSED in any genealogical website, therefore you MUST contact the manager of https:/ , so he will be able to allow you to see and check those LIVING people. My genealogical website ( is very small and also very limited, but I can give you access to check LIVING people on my site if you do a "Request Invitation" and then I would be able to grant you access to my website as a "GUEST." In my case, my Dad's father side (TREVINO) allowed me to go back 10 to 11 generations all the way to Marcos Alonso de la Garza y Arcon and Juana Trevino de Quintanilla on the mid 16th century.
Magnus Torstein Johansen
July 25 @ 5:27pm
No, Nuevo Leon family in Mexico is, I think , a lie and a slur . Perhaps the intention is to lure someone into a trap , that is genus´s deception where the end goal is Kidnap . Nothing. So I will end here with this idiotic DNA reading .
David Reta
July 26 @ 6:40pm
Magnus, you are not making sense. I suspect you are using google translate and something is not coming out like you expect. Can you explain what is the problem?
Jose Palmas Jose Palmas
June 8 @ 4:38pm
Two people with whom I matched dna could be related to me through my father. I don't know my father's name or his whereabouts or whether he is even alive. The two people are a mother and son, the son being around 21 years old and a student of the University of Monterrey, Nuevo Leon. The son manages both dna accounts and is the sole point of contact. I have been emailing him
Yolanda Ochoa Yolanda Ochoa has a question!
June 15 @ 10:33am
Hello - this is my first post. FTDNA sent me a letter saying they didn't have enough DNA to conduct the Family Finder test or that the DNA test kit for my brother had been misplaced. Turns out they didn't have enough DNA that would meet some of their quality control inspection. Here is their explanation:"The test we run in our lab has multiple quality control checks throughout the process. This kit may not have passed quality control, however the test did come close to passing the quality control level. Because of this, we have received lab approval to upload the results for this test, despite not passing quality control. The only effect that this may have will be on distant matches. Matches who are distantly related may appear slightly closer related. The close matches and the MyOrigins percentages will not be affected." Has anyone ever run into this issue?
David Reta
July 26 @ 6:27pm
When they fail to pass the quality control, they tend to run the test again. Perhaps the sample ran out and they did not have that option. They normally ship a new collection kit to the address on the kit unless you tell them the test taker passed away. Maybe they tried to mail a new collection kit and no one collected a new sample and returned it. Make sure that address is up to date in that kit.
Zavier Álvarez Zavier Álvarez
June 17 @ 4:43am
Q-M242 (Y) Working on my sons Dads side with much difficulty. Would love to share info if any of you are cousins. Dads dad side is from San Luis Potosi , Some San Ysidro, Ponzo Hondo. His moms side is Mier Tamaulipas, Tula, and more. Any guidance is much appreciated. My sons Kit # 360247, His Great uncles is also on here and is 677762 also His Dads Mom 410981 and her dads my G Gpa 406202. Look forward to connecting
Ruben Sandate
June 18 @ 2:31pm
Mine is also Q-M242. I believe my paternal side also were from San Luis Potosi.
David Reta
July 26 @ 6:25pm
For anyone in the Q haplogroup, I would suggest you consider upgrading to the Big Y. There are still too few of us Q haplogroup people and getting more Q's tested or test deeper could help down the road in our understanding of the Q haplogroup. Might not help in the short term, if your only interest is genealogy. However, it may help in the long term as we get a clearer picture about all Q's.
T. c/o E Cor T. c/o E Cor
October 5, 2019 @ 7:05am
Do you have suggestions for adoptee with no family information? I am
Luis Rodrigo Elias Ladron de Guevara
April 21 @ 9:16pm
I am an adoptee too... I know nothing about my biological family and unfortunately I lost my 2nd mother when I was 13 years old :( The results I've got suggest I was born in another country or at least my parents mtDNA h10e haplogroup and Y chromosome I-M223 haplogroup... In the family finder I have got some "2nd Cousin - 3rd Cousin" all of them in USA , but I don't know if it means they are really related to me. Any advise? :) My email is / kit number IN79552 Cheers Luis
Bernardo Menchaca
April 28 @ 4:23pm
Luis, I have many possible relatives based on autosomal DNA, but usually ignore those with shared DNA under 100 cM. I have been able to establish a relationship with some people with shared DNA under 100 cM but these are exceptional cases. If you're talking about a relationship of "2nd Cousin -3rd Cousin" I guess you have more than 100 cM.
Jose Hernández
June 18 @ 10:21pm
If tested with FTDNA use the chromosome browser and look at the the X section because this section is female only. This will help find who your mother might be.
David Reta
July 26 @ 6:22pm
The X section is not female only. Men have an X chromosome as well, that they happen to inherit from their mother. For example, that would mean a man will have some X chromosome DNA from their maternal grandfather.
Joe Gonzalez Joe Gonzalez has a question!
May 15 @ 11:40am
I've been away for quite a long time, in checking the surname classic chart (Y-DNA), I see confirmed and predicted lineage 1 as a reference....can you remind (if I ever knew) what the lineage numbers represent? I have a zero distance match, and I'm trying to understand what this means. I am most grateful for any help, thank you.
Raymond Cuevas
May 17 @ 10:24am
Joe, I am not familiar with the term lineage one. The term zero genetic distance I am very familiar with. I had a match on the Y line a few years ago. Zero genetic distance is the closet relatedness that there is. I understand that from there it goes down in number and relatedness. I was sure when we were at zero distance that there was a mistake. So we went to the next level at 67 markers and we remained at zero genetic distance. I am contemplating our next move. He is either an uncle or a brother and one of us is not who we think we are. I think we both understand this. There may be other possibilities but I believe these are the most likely. I hope this helps. Ray
Joe Gonzalez
June 24 @ 2:51pm
Thank you for responding, but I don't think lineage one is the same, I am familiar with the genetic distance application. This seems to be something else...but maybe any case I'm still working on it.
David Reta
July 26 @ 6:20pm
Where are you seeing "lineage 1"? It isn't in this project that is for sure.
bobby Torres bobby Torres
July 19 @ 12:01am
Hello, I am now Represented on the The Big Tree Wooooo ha I am DF63 a subclade of L21. Anyone have information on L21 in The Americas? Thanks
Enos Louis Flores Enos Louis Flores
May 22 @ 8:58pm
RE: (247891 Diego Pérez de la Torre, b. 1480, Spain G-M278) Is there any documentation on this ancestor's YDNA? He is my 15XGGfather. He had one son Melchor that I am aware of. I do not know if Melchor had any sons in his three marriages. Did he? I was wondering how his Y-DNA was determined? Can kit # 247891 let me know. Thank you.
Enos Louis Flores
June 5 @ 11:01pm
Hernán Flores is the son of Pedro de Fuentes and Catalina Isabel Flores. This would not give me Diego Perez de la Torre YDNA nor would it give me Hernán Flores YDNA. However, the mt DNA would change over the family generations depending on the marriages that are on the family tree for Catalina Isabel Flores. Should I presume you have Catalina Isabel Flores mtDNA on your tree? [ "My mom's brother will have the flores Y and so will his (son/s) kids, they have not tested for Y.] I see. That would be an interesting finding for me. I am interested in that YDNA too. I am not in Ancestry or Family Hertiage. I have tested my DNA in Ancestry bit I am not a member. My mtDNA is native American (A2t) and my YDNA is in Haplogroup G. Thank you Gil.
Fernando Flores (de la Torre)
June 16 @ 10:46pm
Hernan Flores YDNA=E-PF2431
Joel Harris
July 11 @ 8:26pm
Hola Enos Louis Flores: Richard Flores is my 3/4 cousin from Mexico. I am a member of the Echota Cherokee Tribe of Alabama. Jerome Bonaparte Beard, from Mexico City, is one of my great, great, grandfathers. Do you recognize any of these names? Vaya Con Dios Joel
Enos Louis Flores
July 14 @ 3:15am
Joel Harris, I don't recognize the names. My Flores family line comes from San Luis Potosi, Mexico.