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Pauline Foote Pauline Foote has a question!
June 3 @ 9:23pm
I've been a member for a while but I don't think I gave my kit number hopefully it's not to late. Kit#335991. Thank you.
Gary Felix
June 22 @ 12:37am
Hello Linda and Pauline, our Co admin. is Robert Tarin, he will be getting to posting your results from the ungrouped section to your haplogroup section. Please give him some time as he is particularly busy now.
Juan Ortiz Juan Ortiz
June 10 @ 6:54pm
Hi, I am new to the group, I only have my Dad's ancestry results uploaded to FTDNA so I hope that's ok for this. I would love to have him do a Y test but unfortunately we can't afford it. My Dad was born in Coahuila Mexico. Thank you (I joined under his name but this is my account)
Gary Felix
June 22 @ 12:26am
Welcome Juan, what surnames are in your family and where in Coahuila?
Jaime Avila Jaime Avila has a question!
June 12 @ 12:45am
Hola Gary, in one of the posts you mentioned a book on Morenci, Az. My father was born in Metcalf (a town that no longer exists). Would you send me info on the book as it may contain relevant info? Kit N16995, Haplogroup R-CTS4065. I recently joined this project and had DNA through NG Geno in about year 2000. Thanks
Steven Sluder Steven Sluder
June 15 @ 7:34am
I recently joined this project because my autosomal ethnicity results from multiple DNA tests suggested that I was 1/4 Mexican. I finally had a breakthrough yesterday and have pretty much confirmed that my paternal grandfather was Genaro Santamaria, born In 1901 in Comonfort, Guanajuato, Mexico. Not sure where I am going to take this from here, but it is good to FINALLY learn something about my Mexican heritage.
Raymond Cuevas
June 20 @ 8:03pm
Steven, kudos to you for embracing you heritage. While my DNA indicates that I am a mixture of various ethnicities, both my male and females lines started European. I am still waiting for my daughters to embrace their heritage. We all need to know where we came from. My grandson is ¼ Mexican and I hope that he embraces his heritage.
David Lopez, #B200842 David Lopez, #B200842
May 14 @ 5:31pm
Big Y results came back as R-PH2761. I am Kit #B200842. And I think I correctly uploaded to the YFull Tree. Or maybe it was some other tree...
David Lopez, #B200842
May 21 @ 12:15pm
My YFull ID is YF63403. I still haven’t been asked to pay, so I think it’s not done processing yet.
David Lopez, #B200842
May 21 @ 12:18pm
I also uploaded to The Big Tree at
David Lopez, #B200842
May 21 @ 12:18pm
David Lopez, #B200842
June 12 @ 11:02am
My YFull results are also in.
Angelica Trevizo Angelica Trevizo
October 19 @ 3:17am
Are there any group members who have the Trevizo surname from Chihuahua and are a direct descendant? I've been working my tail off to figure out the origin or ancestor of that surname in Chihuahua. Unfortunately I'm still stuck reading through records that are in extremely poor condition from Cusihuiriachi,Chihuahua. I've been stuck on 7th ggf for about 6 months now😔
Leonard Luján
May 12 @ 1:43pm
Check out the Chihuahua facebook group. One of our members has digitized the Cusi files. My cousin, Lysa is also stuck in Cusi with her Anchondo/Delgado/Deoses names.
Enrique Silva Del Val
May 15 @ 2:01pm
I'm manager of Facebook group about Chihuahua genealogy
Linda Gray
June 8 @ 6:05pm
Angelica...Diego Trevizo b.1827 and Basilia Gonzalez b.1830 daughter Maria del Refugio Trevizo b.1879 and Roman Regalado b. 1874 son Victor Regalado Trevizo 1870-1980 married to my great aunt Josefa Terrazas Valverde 1901-1970. I hope this helps in your search. They had 3 children.
George Aguilar
June 9 @ 1:29am
There is Treviso, Italy which saw massive immigration to the Americas between 1800/1900.
William Sanchez William Sanchez
June 6 @ 5:36pm
Hello everyone, I just joined the group and my Kit No. is B508801 and I have a Halpogroup of R-M269. Trying to learn more about my fathers side of the family. Farthest we know is of my GGG Grandfather Florentino Sanchez born around 1856 and immigrated from Somewhere in Mexico (we don't know where) to Webb County Texas around 1885.
Fernando Flores (de la Torre)
June 8 @ 7:57pm
Your best bet is to use family finder or better yet to see where your Sanchez matches originate.
Linda Gray Linda Gray
June 8 @ 6:09pm
My kit # 181119 surnames Terrazas, Valverde Cusihuriachi, Chihuahua, Mexico
Edward Alvarado Edward Alvarado has a question!
May 11 @ 7:57pm
Hello Gary, Please add Kit #662355 to the project. There were two matches one of which was Fernando Flores (de la Torre) who contacted me and shared information about ancestor Hernan Flores - conquistador and encomendero of Juchipilla, Zacatecas.
Gary Felix
June 3 @ 3:24pm
Hello Edward, I added the de la torre match now.
Mary Cervantes Mary Cervantes
May 15 @ 10:54pm
I joined last year, kit No. 868456, please add my mtdna of C1b9 to the Results, thanks!
Gary Felix
June 3 @ 3:11pm
Hi Mary, I have asked Robert our Co Admin. to look into this.