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Angelica Trevizo Angelica Trevizo
January 9 @ 10:50pm
Hello group members! Are there any members here who are descendants of this particular Vigil ancestor this is on my daughter's paternal grandfather's side-> her 8thggp's Domingo Montes Vigil born 1696 Chama, ALB, NM and his two wives Pasqula Salazar and Maria Candelaria Medina. After two years I've finally figured out the identity of her unknown paternal grandfather and unfortunately he was deceased however Southwest genealogy is something that is new to me and I'm looking for resources to verify all of what I've documented is correct thus far and to possibly go back even further. I've become familiar with Ancestry pertaining to her Chihuahua. Guanajuato, Coahuilla, Zacatecas, Spanish and Texas Trevizo family members but her Vigil line is unchartered territory for me. Thank you all in advance!
Irene Miranda - C/O Judy Jauregui
January 13 @ 9:41pm
Hi Angelica, my 7th ggp was Francisco Montes Vijil, he was brother to Domingo Montes Vijil. Their parents were Francisco Montes Vijil II and Maria Juana Ancisco y Jimenez both born in Zacatecas, Mexico. My name is Judy Rodriguez de Jauregui, I am administer for my mother Irene Miranda Cuevas account.
Jesse Alvarez Jesse Alvarez
September 10 @ 12:27am
I had my DNA test years ago to confirm whether or not the oral family story passed on for generations now is true. Accordingly, my paternal line is descended from a Spanish friar who was assigned in the Philippines during colonial times. He was said to have sired many children from different local women in his places of assignment. The supposed friar-ancestor was with his brothers that included a soldier when they were in the country. My y-haplo is O-M175 (O1a2 predicted), which is southeast Asian (Filipino). My paternal grandfather was born in 1890, and I suspect that his paternal grandfather was the grandson of our supposed friar-ancestor because he came from central part of the country where Spanish settlements were well established. Since I am O-M175 then our male-to-male line is not European at all; however, these probabilities can be considered: 1. The friar-ancestor was a descendant of the union of Asian male and European female where the latter chose to let her children carry her maiden surname. 2. The friar-ancestor was a European who had a daughter (from a local woman) that married a local guy, but chose to let her children carry her maiden surname. This practice is not totally new to us because the sister of my paternal great grandfather opted to let her male children of second marriage carry her maiden surname. There are also other Alvarez families in the country that we know who just carried their female Alvarez surname. Are there Alvarez families in Mexico with roots from Spain that share our story or whose ancestors have connection to said friar and his brothers?
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Jesse Alvarez
September 11 @ 10:08am
I will try that. Yes, there are many Morales in the Philippines.
James Guerrero
September 14 @ 2:49am
The Alvarez sir name is a very common Spanish name. There are Alvarez in all ex Spanish colonies. The name derives from the Spanish first of Alvaro and Alvarez means son of Alvaro. Your best bet is to follow your y-haplo.
Jesse Alvarez
October 19 @ 7:28pm
@James Guerrero. we cannot totally rely on y-haplo because offspring of some female Alvarez lines have carried on their maternal surname.
Angelica Trevizo
January 9 @ 10:58pm
@Jesse Alvarez I can tell you that what you are speaking of is possible. My maternal line is from Guam and in my direct line of ancestors we have the surname Tenorio. Knowing this surname isn't indigenous to Guam I've been able to trace my direct ancestors so from Guam to Yucatan,MX to Spain. It's a lot of work.
Angelica Trevizo Angelica Trevizo
October 19 @ 3:17am
Are there any group members who have the Trevizo surname from Chihuahua and are a direct descendant? I've been working my tail off to figure out the origin or ancestor of that surname in Chihuahua. Unfortunately I'm still stuck reading through records that are in extremely poor condition from Cusihuiriachi,Chihuahua. I've been stuck on 7th ggf for about 6 months now😔
Sylvia Robles
December 23 @ 5:41pm
My cousin is a Treviso from Durango. Their surname is from a grandfather from Italy, who was a rancher in Durango.
Cesar Diaz
December 28 @ 8:48pm
Angelica Trevizo, Where are you getting those records from?
Angelica Trevizo
January 9 @ 6:37pm
Sorry everybody but I wasn't aware anyone was commenting on my post. I do apologize, this is her mother as I do manage her DNA account as she is a minor. All of the documentation I have I've retrieved from the familysearch website. This has been a project I've been extensively working on for over two years. To this day I am still stuck on the same direct ancestor and I am still mulling over the same catholic church records on family search. In the interim I have been building out all of the branches on her paternal Trevizo line discovering that she does relate to other Trevizo lines in San Lorenzo Doctor Belisario, Bachinivia, Santa Rosalia and I quite can't remember the others. But her direct ancestor line so far originates in Cusihuiriachi, then to Santa Ysabel General Trias and Cuidad Juarez with surnames connecting to Nieto, Neyra, Gardea, Martes, Gomes, Duarte, Esparza, Arroyos, Nevarez, Garcia, Duran, Velador, Gonzalez, Rojo, Dominguez.
Angelica Trevizo
January 9 @ 6:40pm
Sylvia Robles the old folklore is that 3 men w/Treviso surname who were from Italy came to Chihuahua in late to early 1600's. They were all tall w/light hair and&or green, blue eyes which describes 70% of my daughter's Trevizo family including herself w/an olive complexion to match.
Annette Ramirez Annette Ramirez
August 5 @ 4:34am
This is my grandmother, Aurelia (Santiago) Stenmo with my mother Nina (Stenmo) Ramirez who have both recently passed away never knowing any history of their native american heritage. My grandfather, not pictured, was an imigrant from Norway and passed away when my mother was only 15 years old, having the youngest sibling of 6 children only 2 years old. Determined to discover some history, I became the genealogist of the family, it gave me so much joy finding my ancestors in Norway before they passed and it is now a dream of mine to discover as much as I can from my grandmother's ancestors from previous post.....Carlos and Margarita (Olmedo) Santiago, both from Jalisco, Mexico?
Yolanda Ochoa
January 5 @ 9:35pm
Hi - lovely photo. Have you looked at social security cards, death records, census records for your family? They sometimes hold the key to additional surnames and places where loved ones lived in the past. Census records might also record the ethnicity of family members.
Autumn Perez de Ortiz - Palumbo - Homer Autumn Perez de Ortiz - Palumbo - Homer
August 7 @ 6:43pm
This picture was found in my maternal grandmother's belongings. I'm not sure if this picture was taken in Castille, Spain or Mexico. Nothing is written on the back. This matriarchal ancestor in in a group photo of female family photo.
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carlos suarez
August 7 @ 9:46pm
no one ever smiles. Must cost a fortune for pics in those days. Beautiful thank you for sharing...
Roseanne Aceves
August 9 @ 3:45pm
~or crooked teeth~!!!
Yolanda Ochoa
January 5 @ 9:25pm
They're lucky to have teeth back then even if they were crooked - lol
Yolanda Ochoa
January 5 @ 9:30pm
What a beautiful photo. She looks very proud, very grand. It was a big deal to be able to have photos such as these taken. Time period might have been late 1800's when photography was first developed. Her dress appears to be of satin and lace, also she seems to be wearing a cameo. Do you know anything about her? I have tin types of family members from the early 1900's. They always tried to look their best and no one ever smiled because back then they took these photographic moments very serious.
James Guerrero James Guerrero has a question!
December 29 @ 3:44pm
HI Gary, I've been a member of this project for about 2 years and I have not received any matches. I'm presumed in the M269. I have been stuck at my 3x great-grandfather, who according to family tales migrated from Mexico (area unknown) to Piura, Peru mid 1800's. Would purchasing an upgrade help find possible matches, and which do you recommend.
Daniel Hernandez
December 30 @ 5:56pm
James, M269 is a HUGE haplogroup category! In order to narrow it down to more specifics, you could upgrade your STR's, but....the approach I took with my brother's M269 was to do a SNP (mutations) pack test. Once that came back, I joined my brother's results into the proper subclade project, to narrow down possible matches & also to access particular information from that project's newsfeed. From there, I finally ended up ordering the Big Y, a YFull analysis, and uploaded his VCF into Alex Williamson's R1b Big Tree (now you have to submit the raw data to YDNA Warehouse, which then makes it available to Alex for inclusion in the appropriate Big Tree chart for your specific subclade). I know it might seem overwhelming, but starting with a SNP pak will give you some sense of direction. In the meantime, have you joined any FTDNA Y-Projects? If you join the (very large) R1b & all Subclades (Gateway) Project, you will be grouped with others who might more closely match you. Any of the admin's will also be available to provide advice on what direction you might want to pursue for additional testing or upgrades, but you may have to contact them directly, once in the project (their names & contact information are provided). And be sure to give them as least "limited" access, once you're in their project, so they can access your account info & assist you! OK, just my two cents worth...Consuelo Udave (admin. for all of my brother's YDNA testing & results)!
Daniel Hernandez
December 30 @ 5:59pm
Oh yes, at least one more project to consider: R P312 & Subclades! Good luck! C. Udave
Rachel Vargas Rachel Vargas
December 29 @ 12:56am
Hi everyone, I'm searching for information on my grandfather Emilio Juarez. According to the 1930 Mexican Census he was born in Yuriria, Guanajuato in 1886. He was 84 when I was born, for those wondering. I didn't grow up with my father's family. I only had my grandmother's name to go by. There are no Emilio Juarez' born in Guanajuato in the 1880s that I can find. My grandmother Dolores Lopez, my father and his numerous siblings were all born in Yuriria. I likely have first cousins there. I did find two Emilio Juarezes born in the state of Mexico 5 miles apart both were born to Aparicio and Camila... one to Aparicio Juarez and Camila Ventura and one to Aparicio Juarez and Camila Negrete both couples have different ages. The first Emilio was bpatised in June of 1887 and the second was born in August of 1887, My problem is, I don't think Emilio was born in the state of Mexico. The above photo is something I found online last night which further complicates my search. Any and all help is appreciated.
Cecilia Alvarez
December 30 @ 12:38am
In Ancestry I found one of his son's marriage document (Jose Luis Juarez) married Feb.12.1940 District Federal, Mexico. On the document they have his father, Emilio Juarez origen: Yuriria, Guanajuato Mexico.
Martha Santos Martha Santos has a question!
May 3, 2017 @ 4:59am
Help, time is running out. My mother never knew her parents just stories from non-relatives, the person who raised her. She is 95 years old and I did her dna to try to find at least one person that is truly related to her. I have been searching through geneology for three years now with very little luck. If I have her grandson do a Y-dna test will it give us a clue to my mom's father? If I have her grandson do a MtDNA will that give us any new info? My mom had her MtDNA done and she is D haplogroup, which is native American. She is almost 50% European and 50% Native American. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Claudia Garcia
November 11 @ 7:58pm
Martha, I'm researching also with the last name Rodriguez. Can you share your mom's first name? From what country?
Joel Harris
November 17 @ 7:52pm
Martha Santos I recommend you upload the DNA with and Genesis. I use it. It is free.
Enrique Bustamante
December 6 @ 1:32am
I always have problems uploading to I download raw from FTDNA and it tells me it finished however I can never see any dad supposedly it’s never completed?
Anne (Reyes) Boyd Lyman
December 19 @ 12:45am
What is her Gedmatch number?
Enrique Bustamante Enrique Bustamante
December 6 @ 9:47am
How do I contact directly people from a post? I I needed to get a hold of Gil Cortes and Enrique Silva del Val. I had additional questions on my father. Also I always have issues uploading raw data to gedmatch. Thank you in advance. Oh and I also just did his full sequence on maternal side but nothing came up. Thanks again
Enrique Silva Del Val
December 6 @ 9:10pm
You can contact me at
Gil Cortes
December 12 @ 5:48pm
Hello Enrique and all members I am reachable at Cheers!
Enrique Bustamante Enrique Bustamante
December 5 @ 2:35pm
So I finally had the opportunity to do my dad's 111 DNA. It has always been rumored that his father was not who they say he was that it was someone else with the last name of Jacques from Sonora, Mexico. Those names do pop up however how can I confirm whether or not it really is? My father is 85 years old and well we are interested in knowing. How else can I confirm a match as I don't really understand this DNA stuff. Thank you.
Enrique Bustamante
December 6 @ 1:21am
what my supposed grandfathers name is, lol. I believe I sent Gary and email but have. It heard back. I’ll try the snp pack but if someone can just tell me which SNP I should test I would appreciate it.
Enrique Bustamante
December 6 @ 1:29am
Oh goodness yes, Gary did reply and said most likely my dad is a Jaquez from the Hiram Jaquez line. I guess I’m just excited but wanted to get as much correct info to my dad since he is getting up there in age. I do know he remembers either the Jaquez male name being Hijinio or Eugenio from what I recall. Sorry for all theses posts.
Gil Cortes
December 6 @ 3:36pm
Enrique in the haplotree section, are you getting an SNP purchase suggestion? Usually down your confirmed subclades you will get a suggestion of the next SNP pack that is right for you to test. With the purchase button right next to it.
Enrique Bustamante
December 6 @ 6:16pm
Yes, I ordered what popped up and hopefully I will get a closer match. I also just submitted ancestrydna I’ll see whT comes out of that.