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About us

The goals of the "GagnefSwedenOrigins" project are multi-faceted:
First: to connect the millions of descendants whose origins trace back to immigrants from Gagnef parish (kommune) in the Dalarna Region of Sweden, to current Swedish residents of Gagnef kommune, who share an interest in their genetic and genealogic history.
Second: To provide members with a means of comparing and matching their deeper genetic ancestry with others whose ancestral roots lie in Gagnef, Dalarna, Sweden.
Third: Thousands of descendants of Gagnef, Sweden, have found their family tree traces back to the first Vicar (pastor) of Gagnef parish church, Olaus Laurentii {Laurentius} (b.1543 in Borlänge, Dalarna, Sweden.) If you believe you are a member of this noteworthy family tree, we can verify and connect you with thousands of your relatives who are part of the Olaus Laurentii Family Association's database (first organized in 1955!) If you are not sure, we can review your family tree or gedcom file with you, to determine whether or not you are related to the Vicar Olaus! Contact the group administrator via the email link (above) with your family history information!
Fourth: Legend has it that the parents of Olaus Laurentii were religious refugees who fled from another part of Europe during the early years of the Reformation, perhaps Hugeunots from France who sailed from Flanders to Sweden. Unfortunately, documenting or disproving the legend seems impossible, as public records of Gagnef parish residency do not exist going that far back. Most of us whose ancestry traces back to Olaus Laurentii have found that our descendancy meanders down branch to branch, male line to female line and vise versa, down to today. Somewhere out there may exist our "missing link" whose female or male ancestry traces directly back to the children of Olaus Laurentii and his first wife! If you believe you are that missing link, your genetic markers may not only connect others whose Gagnef ancestry matches yours, but may also answer the question of where Olaus Laurentii's deeper genetic roots lie. Contact the group administrator (above) with your family tree information or gedcom file, so we can verify your descendency from Olaus and his wife!