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About us

The "GagnefSwedenOrigins" project is a gathering place for both current residents of Gagnef kommune and descendants of early immigrants to the US (and other locations) from Gagnef parish (kommune), in Dalarna, Sweden, who share an interest in the genetics and genealogy unique to this area of Sweden. Historically, the Dalarna region is home to the tradition of Dala folk-art painting (dalamalning), and to the whimsical Dala horses that have become symbols of Swedish culture today. Even today, the folk arts and traditions such as "Midsommers Day" celebrations continue to be popular! Those interested in becoming members of the GagnefSwedenOrigins project may be completely new to the world of DNA testing, OR current FamilyTreeDNA customers, as long as their roots (male or female) trace directly back to an ancestor in Gagnef, Dalarna, Sweden. CURRENT FT-DNA customers whose ancestry traces back to Gagnef, Dalarna, Sweden, should click on the Group Administrator's email link above (you are not required to do any additional re-testing in order to sign up for this group project.) Those who have never had their DNA tested, but whose roots trace back to Gagnef parish, must click on the link (on the left) to order a DNA test kit and request membership in this project group. Note: Group discount prices are available to GagnefSwedenOrigins members, for both new DNA test customers and existing FTDNA members who want to expand their genetic testing.
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