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About us

 The 20th of March, 2017 (0 bp - before present ;-)

The Project "CODE OF CONDUCT" has been published: please read it clicking in Menu on the left.

Our goal is to revamp the Project to make members really "active" and to communicative more in order to improve our rare haplogroup research and information.

Our https://www.familytreedna.com/groups/g-cts342/about/background   
was updated with the most recent CTS342 tree (the old one was left on the bottom page).

Massimiliano (Max) D.P. is now helping as a Volunteer and an humble co-administrator, so Contact him (better on our project website or our FB) or the others Co-Adms for simple General questions (also Max for more specific G-PF4202 subgroup info) or tests, basic coordination, etc.

Try NOT to email questions directed to the "Main Hap. G Administrators" (Leon or Ray) because they are very busy with Isogg & their researches: instead write to Co-administrators like Max and the others, they are now here to help and they will "try" :-) to reply or even "to ask around" for you.. If Leon or Ray will notice any imprecision or they wish to help or add some more technical info they will intervene in their very little spare time.

If Co-administrators will not be really helpful, before to aggravate Main Administrators Ray or Leon with Direct emails, consider to write your "general" questions in
Our FaceBook Haplogroup CTS342 Project page: www.facebook.com/groups/759419010784640/  

or in the main G.201 FB page: www.facebook.com/groups/G.M201/ 
that has hundreds of members and many experts..

The activity feed here provides a mean for project members to Collaborate & Share their research findings, and to get to know each other. Do that!

Members are encouraged to ask and to collaborate ANSWERING questions related to our Project.

Our rare Haplogroup is really WORLDWIDE, so please write in plain & possibly International  English using Roman characters only 
avoiding American figures of speech, witticism or Aussies puns or your local slangs, cockney and national expressions.

If you are NOT able to write in plain English, just use Google translator:  http://translate.google.com  and always use MS Word grammar corrector.

*Respectfully: messages written in (any kind) of Ideograms or Abjad, Alefbet Ivri, Coptic, Greek, Devanagari, Asomtavruli, Cirillic, etc will be DELETED*
Please write in International English with Roman script only, thanks.

Please check the results table to see if ADDITIONAL TESTING is required for your sample and, when possible & Economically possible for you, please DO the hap. terminal SNP tests and SHARE your results with the Project.

Members with a "PREDICTED" Haplogroup could just do some little and economics SNP tests to verify their sub-branch or terminal SNP: if you shop around, single SNPs tests can now be purchased for $15, so please test!

In addition Ftdna has an economic Y "G-SNPs Pack" to update your terminal haplogroup. Please do it if you are still in G.M201 :-) main-branch.. Later a single SNP test will indicate your terminal haplogroup.

More news to come..

Max DP (Co-adm)