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The project includes men with the CTS342 mutation or reliably predicted to be CTS342+. The administrator there can help transfer you to the correct G project if your correct category is determined. * * * If you received a Join request TO JOIN THE PROJECT JUST CLICK THE [JOIN] BUTTON ON THE PAGE : * * * The major subgroups of CTS342 are included in the project and are based on men sharing one of the Z724, Z1903, L640, Z3428 mutations. Men in these latter CTS342 subgroups all so far have the unusual value of 9 at marker DYS568. Additionally included are mostly Polish men who have L660. Within Z3428 is a group of Ashkenazi Jewish men who share marker value oddities of 16 or 17 at marker DYS385b together with 13 at DYS393. While the latter are distinctive features of the Jewish subgroup, CTS342 men are found in most of the world's religious groups who are all welcome members of the project. CTS342 men negative for Z724 and L660 are overwhelmingly from the Middle East. If your 37 or 67 or more marker values are different from men already in the project only by 5 or less values, you are reliably within CTS342. Twelve markers are not reliable for this unless you are an exact match at the 12 to an existing project member. We also welcome representatives of CTS342 males who are deceased, unavailable or otherwise unable to join, including females as their representatives and custodians of their Y-DNA. The primary goal of the project is to identify new subgroups of haplogroup G-CTS342 which will provide better focus to the migration history of our haplogroup G-CTS342 ancestors. SNPs: CTS2015, CTS271, CTS342, CTS722, FGC12126, FGC12131, FGC23432, FGC23437, FGC249, FGC263, FGC28552, FGC31715, FGC348, FGC350, FGC37628, FGC38591, L640, L660, PF4202, PF790, S7816, Y88, Z16670, Z16713, Z17314, Z1903, Z22644, Z26414, Z31200, Z31207, Z31210, Z31212, Z31280, Z31300, Z3428, Z3571, Z36162, Z39539, Z40433, Z6032, Z6033, Z6034, Z6163, Z6165, Z6434, Z6435, Z6523, Z724