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About us

This project was launched in December, 2013, for members within the CTS342 subgroup of Haplogroup G to find others and to compare Y-DNA test results and paternal origins for relatedness. More importantly, the major goal is to find new subgroups (or branches) which, in turn, explain our ancestors' migrations based on who comprises each branch.  The project includes men with the CTS342 mutation or reliably “predicted” to be CTS342+.  The primary goal of the project is to identify new subgroups of haplogroup G-CTS342 which will provide better focus to the migration history of our haplogroup G-CTS342 ancestors.

We welcome representatives of CTS342 males who are deceased, unavailable or otherwise unable to join, including females as their representatives and custodians of their Y-DNA.

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G-CTS342 is a sub-branch of the overall Upper-Palaeolithic (48500 years ago): “Y paternal Haplogroup G”,
which is in the only Major EURASIAN group found in the INTERIOR OF West AFRICA (aside from R1b1b-V88). G was in many places BEFORE  R1b1a2, R1a1a or J1 even "existed". There are Gs in isolated highlands of South West & North CAMEROON with no sign of any recent European Admixture.

Then, ours: G2a2b2a1a1c = G-CTS342 formed 10600 years ago between the Middle East and Anatolia and includes Jewish, Romany (Gipsies), Brahui tribe men from Pakistan, Han Chinese from Beijing and Uighurs from Xinjiang, Europeans, North & West Africans but also "closely related" US southern slave-owners because, for such an antique haplogroup, 3700 years is "close", so owners and slaves were paternal Cousins.

CTS342 was found 8500 years ago among the Neolithic people of Northwest Turkey (Barcin Hoyuk), who were in the process of migrating to Europe as the: 1st FARMERS (the was no G men in continental Europe before about 8000 year ago).

G-CTS342 men are found in MOST of the world's religious groups who are ALL welcome members of the project.

We also welcome representatives of CTS342 males who are deceased, unavailable or otherwise unable to join, including females as their representatives and custodians of their Y-DNA.

The primary goal of the project is to identify new subgroups of haplogroup G-CTS342 which will provide better focus to the migration history of our haplogroup G-CTS342 ancestors.


The 4 sub-branches of G-CTS342 are  Z724 (G2a2b2a1a1c1) and FGC12126 (G2a2b2a1a1c2) and PF4202 (G2a2b2a1a1c3)  and finally: FGC65058 (G2a2b2a1a1c4) :

1st branch:  Z724 G2a2b2a1a1c1 includes the Major CTS5990/Z1903 from Late NEOLITHIC BULGARIA & HUNGARIAN Baden Culture.  It is found in AFRICA SIERRA LEONE & among BERBERS. In the Levant G2a2b2a1a1c1a1b (G-Z3428) it is present in ZENATA BERBERS (converted to Judaism in PRE-ISLAMIC period). LRRK2-G2019S mutation, a Parkinson's risk factor, is found among Ashkenazi Jews & Moroccan Arabs and there are Alleles from N.AFRICA among Ashkenazi. 

The major subgroups of CTS342 are based on men sharing one of the Z724, Z1903, L640, Z3428 mutations. Men in these latter CTS342 subgroups all so far have the unusual value of 9 at marker DYS568. 
Within Z3428 there is also a group of Ashkenazi Jewish men who share marker value oddities of 16 or 17 at marker DYS385b together with 13 at DYS393. 

CTS342 men negative for Z724 and L660 are overwhelmingly from the Middle East. 

2d branch: G2a2b2a1a1c2 (FGC12126) are Z724- men who are  L660+ are often POLISH,
but in the subclade mostly men are from MIDDLE EAST G-Z31206 including  E. Arabia Bani Khalid (early Islamic general Khalid ibn al-Walid & Hamed ibn al-Ghorair & Barak ibn al-Ghorayr of the Al-Humaid clan & the Bani Huthil who were the neighbours of Quraysh's tribe, near Mecca). Some names in this line are clans of the Huthil tribe in the G-Z31206 branch of G-Z16670.  All these Pre-Islamic tribes were ALREADY in ARABIA (connected for example to Carly followers sent to Abyssinia).  G-CTS342 have been in Arabia long before 1600 BP when J1-FGC2 (later Saudi & Qatari branches) even existed.  The (non-tribal) town dwellers G-CTS342 were part of ALL the later tribes.

3d branch: G2a2b2a1a1c3 (PF4202) is still under investigation so, please: do a BigY/YElite test & upload to YFull if you are positive or predicted. We do have tested Brahui tribe men (Pakistan) who are G-PF4202 and also people from China and one man PF4202+ original from India. In addition, many PF4202+ are from Armenia, Italy, then Norway and Ireland. The Italians, again, often connect with South Asia clans’ immigrations into Europe after 1400 CE and some of the North European samples seems to be remotely linked to that ancient 1400 CE immigration into Europe. The subgroups it is still under investigation so we can just notice the actual geographical distribution.

4th branch:  G2a2b2a1a1c4 (FGC65058) is still under investigation so, please: do a BigY/YElite test & upload to YFull if you are positive or predicted.

G-CTS342 is antique & includes ALL FAITH: Christians, Muslims, Jews, Chinese Buddhist, Taoist etc & Caucasus Neo-Pagans:  ALL are WELCOME in this Group.

Goal of the project is to identify subgroups to investigate the migration history of our ancestors

WE NEED ALL MEMBERS TO TEST with a (full genome) NGS/FGS/WGS min. @ "30x median-read depth & alignment quality 150 bp paired-end reads") or with the Less Expensive "Y only tests" products to get accurate tMRCAs.


G-CTS342 Haplogroup Tree & SNPs 

All G-CTS342 SNPs (13 Gen.2020) : 

A10243.2, A12187, A14661.2, A1598, A18352, A18353, A20424, A20424.2, A21433.2, A23966, A23970, A23973, A23978, A23979, A23980, A2594, A2636, A2638, A2662, A2663, A2669, A2674, A2709, A2742, A2743, A2744, A2757, A2758, A2779, A2788, A2852, A2855, A2859, A2866, A2870, A2873, A2883, A2906, A2909, A2934, A2943, A2944, A2949, A2950, A3047, A3048, A3071, A3072, A3074, A3081, A4738, A4748, A4763, A4776, A5013, A5107, A5111, ALK539.2, BY100595, BY103827, BY106192, BY108952, BY112413, BY112491, BY1142, BY11707, BY11750, BY11752, BY118105, BY124342, BY124596, BY12480, BY124850, BY1256, BY12806, BY1287, BY130914, BY131759, BY13214, BY134284, BY1357, BY136, BY1379, BY140662, BY1425, BY144476, BY144866, BY149267, BY14943, BY152057, BY153677, BY156683, BY156830, BY157255, BY157857, BY1585, BY160497, BY160499, BY160575, BY160644, BY160650, BY1607, BY161277, BY162744, BY162759, BY162764, BY179507, BY179597, BY18729, BY18730, BY188798, BY188822, BY188836, BY188857, BY188883, BY189073, BY190168, BY190756, BY191160, BY192582, BY194667, BY196797, BY198077, BY198078, BY198472, BY198799, BY198902, BY199033, BY199508, BY199596, BY20, BY200149, BY200337, BY200716, BY2011, BY201109, BY201392, BY203772, BY203810, BY2046, BY204656, BY204657, BY205607, BY205667, BY205767, BY206002, BY206147, BY206167, BY206210, BY206250, BY206278, BY206646, BY206802, BY206804, BY207335, BY207806, BY207817, BY207881, BY207968, BY208040, BY208783, BY208784, BY209023, BY209093, BY209189, BY209190, BY211927, BY212006, BY21276, BY21277, BY21353, BY214570, BY215425, BY21799, BY21800, BY21801, BY21803, BY21804, BY21806, BY21807, BY21808, BY21810, BY21811, BY21812, BY21813, BY21815, BY21824, BY222646, BY22302, BY227136, BY227900, BY227901, BY227902, BY227903, BY227904, BY227905, BY227906, BY227907, BY227908, BY227909, BY227910, BY227911, BY227912, BY227914, BY227916, BY228329, BY228330, BY228331, BY228332, BY228333, BY228334, BY228335, BY228336, BY228337, BY228338, BY228339, BY228340, BY228341, BY228342, BY228343, BY228344, BY228345, BY228346, BY228347, BY228364, BY228565, BY228566, BY228567, BY228568, BY228569, BY2299, BY2378, BY2447, BY2494, BY2510, BY27761, BY27875, BY27889, BY3070, BY31457, BY36524, BY37053, BY37054, BY37055, BY37056, BY37057, BY37059, BY38007, BY39999, BY40003, BY4123, BY45691, BY45738, BY45853, BY45970, BY46018, BY46073, BY46208, BY46300, BY46655, BY46767, BY46780, BY46950, BY47032, BY47205, BY47211, BY47266, BY47418, BY47551, BY47628, BY47726, BY48044, BY48128, BY48320, BY48440, BY48683, BY48962, BY49012, BY49045, BY49287, BY49366, BY49395, BY49421, BY49506, BY49566, BY55573, BY56147, BY57570, BY60205, BY65, BY65530, BY68363, BY72113, BY763, BY79219, BY80271, BY84176, BY84327, BY84396, BY86526, BY8663, BY876, BY88024, BY89459, BY90056, BY90365, BY93774, BY93836, BY94831, BY97284, BZ1440, BZ1440.2, BZ1546, CTS10006, CTS10026, CTS10031, CTS10089, CTS1010, CTS1013, CTS10147, CTS10168, CTS10188, CTS10229, CTS10280, CTS1029, CTS103, CTS10300, CTS10353, CTS10362, CTS10366, CTS10393, CTS10428, CTS10433, CTS10448, CTS10449, CTS10481, CTS10552, CTS10572, CTS10615, CTS10648, CTS1066, CTS10706, CTS10721, CTS10723, CTS10725, CTS10745, CTS10761, CTS10821, CTS10824, CTS10847, CTS109, CTS1093, CTS10945, CTS11012, CTS11016, CTS11041, CTS11071, CTS11088, CTS11126, CTS11148, CTS11185, CTS11190, CTS11194, CTS11196, CTS11228, CTS11249, CTS11261, CTS11294, CTS11324, CTS11331, CTS11352, CTS11354, CTS11358, CTS1137, CTS11388, CTS1139, CTS114, CTS11400, CTS1141, CTS11463, CTS1148, CTS11503, CTS11529, CTS11530, CTS11575, CTS11627, CTS1164, CTS11651, CTS11670, CTS11726, CTS11731, CTS11759, CTS1180, CTS11816, CTS11907, CTS11911, CTS11922, CTS11949, CTS120, CTS12040, CTS12069, CTS1216, CTS12240, CTS12309, CTS12325, CTS125, CTS12570, CTS12578, CTS1259, CTS12600, CTS12632, CTS12654, CTS1270, CTS12731, CTS12810, CTS1283, CTS12856, CTS12891, CTS12895, CTS12933, CTS12934, CTS12948, CTS12949, CTS12950, CTS13035, CTS1340, CTS1353, CTS1413, CTS1437, CTS1475, CTS1574, CTS1577, CTS1612, CTS1613, CTS1624, CTS1705, CTS1726, CTS175, CTS1750, CTS1758, CTS1806, CTS1868, CTS1879, CTS189, CTS1900, CTS1934, CTS1949, CTS1996, CTS1997, CTS2015, CTS2016.1, CTS202, CTS2041, CTS2067, CTS2073, CTS2080, CTS210, CTS211, CTS2120, CTS2125, CTS2126, CTS2136, CTS2174, CTS2215, CTS2251, CTS2251.1, CTS2271, CTS2275, CTS2284, CTS2289, CTS2357, CTS2406, CTS2488, CTS2506, CTS2517, CTS2593, CTS2624, CTS2670, CTS271, CTS2762, CTS2800, CTS282, CTS2821, CTS2886, CTS2951, CTS305, CTS310, CTS3101, CTS316, CTS32, CTS3202, CTS3268, CTS3331, CTS3357, CTS3366, CTS34, CTS3403, CTS342, CTS3426, CTS3431, CTS3466, CTS347, CTS3519, CTS352, CTS3536, CTS3543, CTS3647, CTS3654, CTS3662, CTS3693, CTS3700, CTS373, CTS3752, CTS376, CTS3802, CTS3844, CTS3868, CTS3996, CTS4053, CTS4086, CTS4094, CTS4101, CTS4136, CTS4137, CTS4178, CTS4209, CTS4227, CTS4235, CTS4238, CTS424, CTS4242, CTS4264, CTS4304, CTS4326, CTS4364, CTS4367, CTS4368, CTS440, CTS4413, CTS4437, CTS4443, CTS4454, CTS4454^, CTS4463, CTS4472, CTS4479, CTS4523, CTS4608, CTS4613, CTS4634, CTS4643, CTS4703, CTS4715, CTS4740, CTS4749, CTS4761, CTS4803, CTS4853, CTS4887, CTS4918, CTS5011, CTS5052, CTS5082, CTS5152, CTS5156, CTS5251, CTS5304, CTS5317, CTS5318, CTS5334, CTS5359, CTS5370, CTS5414, CTS5416, CTS5457, CTS5463, CTS5498, CTS5504, CTS5532, CTS5640, CTS5658, CTS5666, CTS5699, CTS574, CTS5757, CTS5762, CTS5837, CTS585, CTS5860, CTS5884, CTS5933, CTS5939, CTS597, CTS5990, CTS5998, CTS6010, CTS6026, CTS6062, CTS6063, CTS6073, CTS6117, CTS6135, CTS6250, CTS6285, CTS6314, CTS6316, CTS6325, CTS635, CTS6352, CTS636, CTS6369, CTS6383, CTS6403, CTS6438, CTS6447, CTS6449, CTS6468, CTS6481, CTS6483, CTS6506, CTS656, CTS6620, CTS6630, CTS6692, CTS670, CTS6704, CTS6719, CTS6742, CTS6753, CTS6763, CTS6800, CTS6807, CTS6808.2, CTS6848, CTS687, CTS688, CTS6894, CTS6907, CTS6918, CTS692, CTS6936, CTS6957, CTS6967, CTS702, CTS7022, CTS7045, CTS7092, CTS7111, CTS7147, CTS7155, CTS7186, CTS722.2, CTS7227, CTS7266, CTS7269, CTS7275, CTS7295, CTS7299, CTS730, CTS7317, CTS7335, CTS7388, CTS7430, CTS7451, CTS7611, CTS7626, CTS7650, CTS7658, CTS7662, CTS7674, CTS7698, CTS77, CTS7810, CTS7904, CTS7922, CTS7929, CTS7933, CTS796, CTS7992, CTS8023, CTS8116, CTS8126, CTS8143, CTS8152, CTS8203, CTS8216, CTS8243, CTS827, CTS8300, CTS8321, CTS8440, CTS8450, CTS8476, CTS8506, CTS8521, CTS8531, CTS860, CTS8645, CTS8717, CTS8723, CTS8815, CTS8980, CTS90, CTS9011, CTS9056, CTS9107, CTS9154, CTS9190, CTS9318, CTS9325, CTS9329, CTS9387, CTS946, CTS9471, CTS9518, CTS9525, CTS9539, CTS9558, CTS9593, CTS9605, CTS9641, CTS97, CTS9707, CTS9710, CTS9731, CTS9737, CTS9763, CTS9828, CTS9885, CTS9894, CTS9894.1, CTS9900, CTS9925, CTS995, CTS9957, CTS9975, DF109, F1013, F1024, F1046, F1055, F1127, F1131, F1136, F1189, F1193, F1207, F1209, F1239, F1291, F1294, F1300, F1302, F1320, F1329, F1383, F1393, F1412, F1442, F1474, F14755, F1496, F1540, F1551, F1554, F1567, F1587, F1647, F1671, F1703, F1704, F1712, F1714, F1733, F1753, F1767, F1796, F1848, F1874, F188, F1899, F1924, F1946, F1956, F1975, F1980, F2018, F2048, F2058, F2075, F2076, F2121, F2142, F2155, F2165, F2184, F2224, F2236, F2274, F2301, F2302, F2304, F2319, F2370, F2402, F2516, F2529, F2535, F2558, F2572, F2587, F2654, F2686, F2688, F2710, F2724, F2742, F2753, F2767, F2837, F287, F2873, F2885, F2906, F2908, F2947, F2961, F2985, F2990, F2993, F3048, F3056, F3070, F3088, F3111, F313, F3136, F3139, F3170, F3195, F3198, F3220, F3226, F3335, F3344, F3359, F3368, F3402, F3422, F3444, F3484, F3491, F3496, F3500, F3536, F3556, F3561, F3582, F3595, F3625, F3632, F3692, F3697, F371, F3734, F3735, F3806, F3869, F3892, F3907, F3949, F3956, F3994, F4003, F4042, F4086, F4111, F4176, F4188, F4244, F4257, F4282, F4338, F492, F526, F557, F565, F646, F716, F719, F736, F741, F744, F773, F788, F836, F837, F862, F896, F995, FG61555^^, FGC1058, FGC11445, FGC11678, FGC11702, FGC11897, FGC12120, FGC12121, FGC12122, FGC12123, FGC12124, FGC12125, FGC12126, FGC12127, FGC12128, FGC12129, FGC12130, FGC12131, FGC12132, FGC12133, FGC12134, FGC12135, FGC12136, FGC12137, FGC12138, FGC12139, FGC12140, FGC12141, FGC12142, FGC12143, FGC12144, FGC12145, FGC12146, FGC12147, FGC12148, FGC12149, FGC12150, FGC12151, FGC12152, FGC12153, FGC12154, FGC12155, FGC12156, FGC12158, FGC12159, FGC12160, FGC12162, FGC12163, FGC12164, FGC12165, FGC12167, FGC12168, FGC12169, FGC12170, FGC12171, FGC12173, FGC12174, FGC12177, FGC13005, FGC14522, FGC16362, FGC16683, FGC17059, FGC1721, FGC194, FGC198, FGC19909, FGC20450, FGC2050, FGC2055, FGC20837, FGC20866, FGC20874, FGC222, FGC225, FGC226, FGC227, FGC228, FGC2332, FGC23432, FGC23433, FGC23436, FGC23437, FGC23438, FGC23439, FGC23440, FGC23441, FGC23442, FGC23443, FGC23444, FGC23448, FGC241, FGC242, FGC243, FGC244, FGC247, FGC24753, FGC24761, FGC24764, FGC24772, FGC24775, FGC24777, FGC24784, FGC24792, FGC24794, FGC24795, FGC248, FGC24800, FGC24809, FGC24833, FGC249, FGC250, FGC25066, FGC251, FGC25307, FGC25361, FGC25366, FGC25379, FGC254, 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FGC26455, FGC26462, FGC26470, FGC26478, FGC26480, FGC26485, FGC26493, FGC265, FGC26514, FGC26528, FGC26530, FGC26531, FGC26591, FGC26606, FGC26619, FGC26629, FGC26688, FGC26832, FGC26852, FGC26939, FGC27007, FGC27110, FGC27115, FGC27118, FGC27141, FGC27145, FGC27146, FGC27153, FGC27182, FGC27185, FGC27186, FGC27198, FGC27200, FGC27201, FGC27203, FGC27206, FGC27214, FGC27215, FGC27217, FGC27218, FGC27233, FGC27234, FGC27236, FGC27244, FGC27249, FGC27250, FGC27254, FGC27257, FGC27261, FGC27262, FGC27281, FGC27290, FGC27293, FGC27337, FGC27344, FGC27345, FGC27348, FGC27349, FGC27355, FGC27360, FGC27371, FGC27372, FGC27408, FGC27410, FGC27412, FGC27431, FGC27476, FGC27477, FGC27481, FGC27482, FGC27485, FGC27486, FGC27489, FGC27493, FGC27496, FGC27497, FGC27501, FGC27502, FGC27506, FGC27542, FGC27555, FGC27578, FGC27579, FGC27583, FGC27593, FGC27596, FGC27695, FGC27698, FGC27706, FGC27710, FGC27728, FGC27730, FGC27733, FGC27736, FGC27738, FGC27752, FGC27764, FGC27769, FGC27771, FGC27774, FGC27782, FGC27785, FGC27791, FGC27795, FGC27820, FGC27826, FGC27884, FGC27886, FGC280, FGC28546, FGC28548, FGC28549, FGC28550, FGC28552, FGC28607, FGC28639, FGC287, FGC294, FGC295, FGC29548, FGC29572, FGC300, FGC31708, FGC31711, FGC31715, FGC31719, FGC31721, FGC31722, FGC332, FGC335, FGC338, FGC339, FGC33957, FGC33958, FGC33959, FGC33960, FGC33961, FGC33962, FGC33963, FGC33964^^, FGC340, FGC345, FGC346, FGC348, FGC349, FGC34961, FGC350, FGC3559, FGC36368, FGC36369, FGC36370, FGC36370^^, FGC36371, FGC36373, FGC36374, FGC36375, FGC36376, FGC36378, FGC36379, FGC36380, FGC36381, FGC36382, FGC36383, FGC3718, FGC37628, FGC37629, FGC37630, FGC37633, FGC37637, FGC37639, FGC37641, FGC37642, FGC37643, FGC37646, FGC37648, FGC37649, FGC37651, FGC37654, FGC37656, FGC37658, FGC37660, FGC37661, FGC37662, FGC37664, FGC37667, FGC37668, FGC37669, FGC37670, FGC37671, FGC37674, FGC37678, FGC37679, FGC37680, FGC37683, FGC37688, FGC37689, FGC37690, FGC37691, FGC37692, FGC37693, FGC37694, FGC37695, FGC37695^^, FGC37696, FGC37697, FGC37698, FGC37700, FGC37701, FGC37703, FGC37704, FGC37705, FGC37709, FGC37711, FGC37712, FGC37714, FGC37716, FGC37717, FGC37719, FGC37720, FGC37721, FGC37722, FGC37723, FGC37724, FGC37726, FGC37729, FGC37735, FGC37736, FGC37738, FGC37741, FGC37742, FGC37743, FGC37744, FGC37745, FGC37746, FGC37747, FGC37748, FGC37751, FGC37752, FGC37753, FGC37754, FGC37757, FGC37758, FGC37760, FGC37761, FGC37762, FGC37763, FGC37764, FGC37774, FGC38591, FGC38598, FGC38599, FGC38600, FGC38601, FGC40, FGC4101, FGC41293, FGC41908, FGC42908, FGC42910, FGC42911, FGC42912^^, FGC46567, FGC46568, FGC46570, FGC46572, FGC46573, FGC46576, FGC46577, FGC46579, FGC46581, FGC46584, FGC46585, FGC46588, FGC46591, FGC46592, FGC46593, FGC46594, FGC46595, FGC46596, FGC46597, FGC46598, FGC46599, FGC46600, FGC46601, FGC46602, FGC46603, FGC46773, FGC46774, FGC46775, FGC46776, FGC46777, FGC46779, FGC46780, FGC46781, FGC46784, FGC46785, FGC50437, FGC5081, FGC56390, FGC56403, FGC5672, FGC5795, FGC58, FGC58716, FGC58718, FGC58720, FGC58724, FGC58725, FGC60476, FGC60479^^, FGC60480, FGC60485, FGC60487, FGC60489, FGC60920, FGC61138, FGC61556, FGC61557, FGC61560, FGC61561, FGC61562, FGC62367, FGC62369, FGC62371, FGC63509, FGC63510, FGC63511, FGC63512, FGC63513, FGC63514, FGC63515, FGC63516, FGC63519, FGC63520, FGC63521, FGC63522, FGC63523, FGC63524, FGC63525, FGC63526, FGC63527, FGC63528, FGC63529, FGC63530, FGC63531, FGC63533, FGC63534, FGC63535, FGC63536, FGC63537, FGC63538, FGC63539, FGC63540, FGC63541, FGC63542, FGC64911, FGC64912, FGC64913, FGC64914, FGC64915, FGC64916, FGC64917, FGC64918, FGC64919, FGC64920, FGC64921, FGC64922, FGC64923, FGC64924, FGC64926, FGC64927, FGC64928, FGC64954, FGC64957, FGC64958, FGC65058, FGC65059, FGC65060, FGC65061, FGC65062, FGC65063, FGC65065, FGC65066, FGC65067, FGC65068, FGC65069, FGC65070, FGC65071, FGC65072, FGC65073, FGC65075, FGC65076, FGC65077, FGC65078, FGC65079, FGC65080, FGC65081, FGC65082, FGC65084, FGC65085, FGC65086, FGC65088, 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FGC81433, FGC81737, FGC81739, FGC82651, FGC843, FGC87171, FGC87607, FGC87806, FGC88256, FGC88328, FGC88329, FGC88330, FGC89032, FGC89069, FGC90061, FGC90065, FGCLR46, FT10063, FT100685^^, FT100917^^, FT100963, FT101018, FT101128, FT10121, FT101406^^, FT102043, FT102469^^, FT10254, FT102666, FT102709, FT102825, FT103300, FT10354, FT10448, FT10673, FT10734, FT10782, FT10837, FT108564, FT108565, FT108565^^, FT108566, FT10875, FT110398, FT112487, FT113288, FT113979, FT114038, FT114351, FT114356, FT11443, FT114885, FT117571, FT118273, FT118312, FT118716, FT119670, FT119932, FT120153, FT125425, FT12555, FT12576, FT12637, FT126441, FT126526, FT126676, FT12669, FT12679, FT126914, FT12724, FT12732, FT127342, FT12751, FT127672^^, FT127673^^, FT127713, FT127714, FT12776, FT12780, FT12970, FT12994, FT13005, FT13059, FT131167, FT13196, FT13214, FT13236, FT13237, FT13308, FT13336, FT13354, FT13390, FT13426, FT13428, FT13447, FT13484, FT13508, FT13517, FT13582, FT13764, FT13780, FT13784, FT13816, 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PF3093, PF3094, PF3095, PF3097, PF3098, PF3099, PF3100, PF3101, PF3103, PF3104, PF3106, PF3107, PF3108, PF3110, PF3112, PF3113, PF3114, PF3115, PF3116, PF3117, PF3118, PF3119, PF3120, PF3121, PF3122, PF3123, PF3125, PF3127, PF3129, PF3133, PF3134, PF3135, PF3136, PF3137, PF3138, PF3139, PF3140, PF3141, PF3142, PF3143, PF3146, PF316, PF3177, PF3220, PF3222, PF3239, PF3245, PF325, PF3250, PF3252, PF3254, PF3255, PF3258, PF3259, PF3261, PF3265, PF3266, PF3267, PF3268, PF3269, PF3270, PF3271, PF3272, PF3273, PF3274, PF3276, PF3277, PF3278, PF3279, PF328, PF3280, PF3281, PF3284, PF3296, PF3298, PF3299, PF3316, PF3320, PF3323, PF3324, PF3325, PF3328, PF3329, PF3330, PF3331, PF3332, PF3334, PF3335^, PF3336, PF3337, PF3338, PF3339, PF3340, PF3342, PF3343, PF3344, PF3345, PF3346, PF3347, PF342, PF3518, PF3539, PF3561, PF3566, PF3567, PF38, PF3823, PF3890, PF3964, PF3986, PF4105, PF4202, PF4246, PF4533, PF4573, PF4576, PF4589, PF4592, PF4647, PF4720, PF4879, PF4957, PF500, PF5014, PF5122, PF535, PF5381, PF5721, PF5735, PF5787, PF5792, PF5997, PF6006, PF601, PF6063, PF625, PF6275, PF6286, PF6300, PF6314, PF6369, PF644, PF667, PF6673, PF668, PF67, PF671, PF6718, PF6720, PF679, PF6858, PF6863, PF6864, PF6865, PF6866, PF6867, PF698, PF700, PF7067, PF719, PF725, PF7328, PF7341, PF7374, PF74, PF7527, PF7557, PF779, PF790, PF794, PF796, PF803, PF806, PF815, PF821, PF829, PF840, PF844, PF888, PF892, PF90, PF907, PF93, PF937, PF946, PF951, PF954, PF966, PF968, PF970, PF971, PF997, PH488, PK1, PR805, RS935211167, RS981852935, S10458, S10654, S126, S1266, S135, S13661, S13716, S13969, S1435, S14351, S14438, S148, S149, S16502, S17270, S1728, S18163, S22684, S23438, S24091, S2617, S2808, S284, S314, S316, S4843, S660, S6687, S7123, S7530, S8351, S8393, S8782, S8863, S9033, S9561, SK1247, SK1410, U12, U17, U2, U20, U21, U23, U3, U33, U5, U6, U7, U8, V161, V168, V174, V186, V187, V189, V1943, V205, V21, V216, V221, V227, V241, V250, V29, V3946, V52, V59, V79, V8.2, V9, V90, V94, Y100177, Y100671, Y101685.2, Y103017, Y103158.2, Y1038, Y103803, Y104668, Y1049, Y105876, Y106890, Y1083, Y108317, Y109270, Y110140, Y1113, Y111677, Y111940, Y1122, Y125206, Y125207, Y125382, Y125427, Y126040, Y126041, Y128827, Y128827.2, Y135301.2, Y140225, Y140228, Y140546, Y1438, Y1441, Y1442, Y1443, Y1444, Y1445, Y1446, Y1449, Y1450, Y1451, Y1452, Y145390.2, Y1454, Y1455, Y1456, Y1457, Y1460, Y1461, Y1462, Y1464, Y1467, Y1469, Y1470, Y1471, Y1474, Y1475, Y1476, Y1480, Y1482, Y1483, Y1485, Y1487, Y1489, Y1490, Y14903, Y1491, Y14912, Y1492, Y1493, Y1494, Y1495, Y1497, Y1498, Y1499, Y151876, Y1522, Y1523, Y1525, Y15257, Y152576, Y152577, Y15258, Y152584, Y152588, Y152595, Y1526, Y1528, Y1571, Y1580, Y15855, Y15858, Y1599, Y16373, Y165180, Y165181, Y165250, Y165252, Y165280, Y165280^^, Y165328, Y165363, Y165417, Y165455, Y1758, Y1759, Y176058, Y176063, Y176068, Y176069, Y176070, Y176074, Y176089, Y176093, Y176097, Y176098, Y176108, Y176115, Y176122, Y176133, Y176139, Y176148, Y176152, Y176161, Y176164, Y176165, Y176168, Y176171, Y176177, Y176185, Y176191, Y176198, Y176202, Y176205, Y176206, Y176215, Y176221, Y176225, Y176227, Y176230, Y176233^^, Y176236, Y1799, Y1801, Y1803, Y1804, Y1806, Y1808, Y1809, Y1811, Y1813, Y1822, Y18495, Y222, Y225, Y226, Y229, Y231, Y23192, Y233, Y234, Y236, Y237, Y238, Y239, Y244, Y246, Y248, Y251, Y253, Y255, Y265, Y270, Y2703, Y271, Y274, Y275, Y277, Y2845, Y286, Y287, Y288, Y2888, Y290, Y298, Y301, Y302, Y303, Y306, Y307, Y308, Y30886, Y309, Y310, Y312, Y313, Y314, Y316, Y32, Y321, Y324, Y328, Y329, Y330, Y332, Y334, Y335, Y342, Y343, Y345, Y346, Y347, Y354, Y358, Y359, Y360, Y36006, Y36605, Y36606, Y36608, Y367, Y368, Y378, Y380, Y382, Y383, Y38451, Y441, Y45477, Y456, Y458, Y4864, Y4915, Y4922, Y513, Y5272, Y5305, Y5322, Y5528, Y5619, Y5759, Y5763, Y5764, Y58405.2, Y6181, Y6369, Y71, Y7124, Y7125, Y7126, Y7127, Y7128, Y7129, Y7130, Y7131, Y7132, Y7133, Y7135, Y7136, Y7137, Y7139, Y72, Y73, Y74, Y75, Y7585, Y7585.1, Y763, Y78, Y7806, Y7807, Y7808, Y7809, Y7811, Y7813, Y79, Y80, Y82, Y82033, Y83, Y83696, Y84, Y84784, Y87, Y88, Y89353, Y93695, Y94407, Y95556, Y95650, Y95768.2, Y95937.2, Y96, Y96479, Y966, Y97400, Y98670, Y98795.2, YP1221, YP1735, YP1775, YP1802, YP1807, YP1812, YP1814, YP1820, YP1827, YP1829, YP1830, YP1831, YP1839, YP1854, YP1873, YP1915, YP1958, YP1964, YP1965, YP1967, YP1969, YP1970, YP1974, YP1975, YP1976, YP1977, YP1979, YP1980, YP1981, YP1982, YP1983, YP1984, YP1985, YP1989, YP1990, YP1991, YP1992, YP1993, YP1995, YP1998, YP1999, YP2002, YP2003, YP2005, YP2006, YP2007, YP2008, YP2009, YP2011, YP2012, YP2015, YP2016, YP2017, YP2018, YP2020, YP2022, YP2023, YP2024, YP2025, YP2026, YP2028, YP2031, YP2032, YP2035, YP2037, YP2041, YP2044, YP2045, YP2046, YP2047, YP2051, YP2053, YP2058, YP2060, YP2062, YP2067, YP2068, YP2069, YP2070, YP2071, YP2072, YP2073, YP2076, YP2079, YP2080, YP2130, YP2152, YP2153, YP2180, YP2190, YP2191, YP2192, YP2193, YP2205, YP2235, YP2237, YP2238, YP2239, YP2240, YP2241, YP2242, YP2243, YP2244, YP2245, YP2251, YP2252, YP2255, YP2257, YP2258, YP2259, YP2261, YP321, YP327, YP3865, YP3894, YP3895, YP5085, YP556, YSC0000081, YSC0000150, YSC0000216, YSC0000227, YSC0000292, YSC0001071, Z10956, Z11180, Z1149, Z1456, Z1476, Z1483, Z1504, Z1518, Z1589, Z1593, Z1616, Z16241, Z16420, Z16422, Z16500, Z16669, Z16670, Z16671, Z16672, Z16673, Z16674, Z16675, Z16676, Z16677, Z16678, Z16680, Z16681, Z16682, Z16683, Z16684, Z16685, Z16686, Z16687, Z16688, Z16689, Z16690, Z16691, Z16692, Z16693, Z16694, Z16695, Z16696, Z16698, Z16699, Z16700, Z16701, Z16702, Z16703, Z16704, Z16705, Z16707, Z16708, Z16709, Z16710, Z16711, Z16712, Z16713, Z16714, Z16715, Z16716, Z16717, Z16718, Z16719, Z16770, Z16775, Z17153, Z17314, Z17315, Z17703, Z17705, Z17708, Z17709, Z17711, Z17712, Z17774, Z17780, Z17852, Z17874, Z17886, Z17903, Z17904, Z17905, Z17914, Z17915, Z17921, Z18012, Z18133, Z18140, Z18162, Z1817, Z18181, Z1820, Z18229, Z1835, Z1903, Z1975, Z20024, Z2003, Z20169, Z2047, Z2065, Z22641, Z22642, Z22643, Z22644, Z22645, Z22646, Z23518, Z2358, Z24322, Z26414, Z27232, Z27234, Z3029, Z3033, Z3038, Z3039, Z3042, Z3049, Z3051, Z3055, Z3056, Z3057, Z3060, Z3063, Z3064, Z3065, Z3067, Z3069, Z3073, Z3074, Z3078, Z3080, Z3081, Z3082, Z3086, Z3097, Z3103, Z3104, Z3107, Z3112, Z3114, Z31199, Z31200, Z31201, Z31202, Z31203, Z31205, Z31206, Z31207, Z31208, Z31209, Z31210, Z31211, Z31212, Z31213, Z31214, Z31280, Z31298, Z31300, Z31301, Z31302, Z31343, Z3135, Z3136, Z3139, Z3144, Z3145, Z315, Z3155, Z3179, Z3182, Z3192, Z3193, Z3201, Z3205, Z3215, Z3218, Z3219, Z3220, Z3226, Z3232, Z3234, Z3236, Z3238, Z3239, Z3240, Z3242, Z3243, Z3247, Z3248, Z3250, Z3258, Z3260, Z3262, Z3263, Z3265, Z3284, Z32879.2, Z3292, Z3294, Z3307, Z3312, Z3315, Z3332, Z3349, Z3373, Z3380, Z3381, Z3388, Z3396, Z3400, Z3408, Z3410, Z3423, Z3428, Z3434, Z3435, Z3439, Z3440, Z3445, Z3465, Z3477, Z3481, Z3482, Z3485, Z3487, Z3488, Z3489, Z3490, Z3491, Z3492, Z3493, Z3494, Z3499, Z3501, Z3506, Z3511, Z3512, Z3517, Z3520, Z3551, Z3561, Z3564, Z3565, Z3567, Z3568, Z3569, Z3570, Z3571, Z3572, Z3575, Z3576, Z3577, Z3579, Z3580, Z3581, Z36162, Z36163, Z36164, Z36165, Z36166, Z36520, Z3723, Z38875, Z39, Z39539, Z39540, Z39541, Z39542, Z39543, Z39544, Z39568, Z39569, Z39570, Z39571, Z39673, Z40433, Z40434, Z40435, Z40436, Z40437, Z40498, Z40499, Z40500, Z40501, Z40798, Z41276, Z41723, Z41724, Z41725, Z43085, Z43086, Z43087, Z43088.1, Z43089, Z43090, Z43091, Z43092, Z43093, Z43094, Z43157, Z43158, Z43159, Z43160, Z43161, Z43174, Z43175, Z43176, Z43177, Z43203, Z43204, Z43205, Z43206, Z43207, Z43208, Z43209, Z43210, Z43844, Z43845, Z43846, Z43847, Z43848, Z44104, Z44105, Z44106, Z44107, Z44108, Z44596, Z44693, Z44694, Z44695, Z44709, Z44710, Z44711, Z44712, Z44713, Z44814, Z44815, Z45073, Z45074, Z45075, Z45076, Z45077, Z45078, Z45079, Z45080, Z45081, Z45082, Z45084, Z46060, Z46061, Z46062, Z46063, Z46064, Z46190, Z46191, Z46192, Z46193, Z46194, Z46200, Z46201, Z46202, Z46203, Z46204, Z46205, Z46206, Z46207, Z46208, Z46209, Z46210, Z46211, Z46212, Z46213, Z46214, Z46215, Z477, Z479, Z5809.2, Z5853, Z5854, Z5855, Z5856, Z5985.2, Z6027, Z6028, Z6030, Z6032, Z6033, Z6034, Z6040, Z6041, Z6044, Z6045, Z6096, Z6097, Z6098, Z6102, Z6103, Z6105, Z6106, Z6107, Z6110, Z6111, Z6112, Z6113, Z6115, Z6116, Z6125, Z6136, Z6138, Z6147, Z6162, Z6163, Z6164, Z6166, Z6168, Z6169, Z6170, Z6223, Z625, Z6292, Z6296, Z6297, Z6319, Z6320, Z6324, Z6325, Z6369, Z6389, Z6401, Z6403, Z6415, Z6416, Z6417, Z6422, Z6423, Z6424, Z6425, Z6426, Z6429, Z6431, Z6434, Z6436, Z6437, Z6439, Z6472, Z6474, Z6521, Z6522, Z6523, Z6524, Z6673, Z6748, Z6753, Z6885, Z6939, Z6940, Z6941, Z6942, Z6943, Z6944, Z6945, Z6946, Z6947, Z6948, Z6966, Z6967, Z6968, Z6969, Z6970, Z6971, Z6972, Z6973, Z6974, Z6976, Z6977, Z6978, Z6989, Z6990, Z6992, Z6993, Z6994, Z6996, Z6998, Z7000, Z7001, Z7002, Z7003, Z7004, Z7006, Z7007, Z7008, Z723, Z724, Z726, Z727, Z763, Z764, Z765, Z766, Z767, Z966, ZP91, ZS1727, ZS2363, ZS2566, ZS2572, ZS4486, ZS4487


Tree: (01 Sept 2017) :
















 Z724, CTS6325, CTS8476/PF6867, Y367/Z3511, Y368/Z3512











G2a2b2a1a1c1~ (still ~ in Isogg)


CTS2015, CTS11922, Z723, Z3232, Z3334, Z3408













  CTS5990/Z1903, CTS77, CTS2073, CTS4472, CTS7155, CTS7658, CTS11388, FGC7475/S22684/Y347/Z6522, PF6863, Y277/Z3179, Z2047, Z3033, Z3038, Z3177, Z3193, Z3263, Z3265, Z3312, Z3332, Z3380, Z3388, Z3410, Z3423, Z3435, Z3445, Z6162, Z6297










G2a2b2a1a1c1a~ (still ~ in Isogg)


 CTS6763, Z3039, Z3234, Z3236, Z3396, Z3440, Z3532, Z6296, Z6521























   L640, CTS1934, CTS2762, CTS3426, CTS3844/Z3575, CTS6010, CTS9329, FGC335, FGC338/Y74, FGC340, FGC7499, Z3029, Z3294, Z3307, Z3315, Z3373, Z3434, Z3576, Z3577, Z3579, Z3580, Z5853, Z5854, Z5855, Z6044, Z6045, Z6096, Z6097, Z6098, Z6102, Z6112



















  FGC348, FGC349






G2a2b2a1a1c1a1a1a~ (still ~ in Isogg)










 CTS271, CTS10481, M8509, Z5985.2








 Z17314, Z17315









 Z3428, Z3292

























G2a2b2a1a1c1a1b1a~ (still ~ in Isogg)










  Z6028, FGC264^, Z27232







  FGC249, FGC226, FGC242, FGC243, FGC244, FGC250, FGC251, FGC258, FGC260, FGC262, Z3568, Z3581, Z17852






  FGC263, FGC248, FGC261, FGC265











 FGC31721, FGC31708, FGC31719, FGC31722  






 Z44693, Z44694, Z44695



Z43157, Z43158, Z43159, Z43160, Z43161




G2a2b2a1a1c1a1b1a1b1 (not in Isogg)








Z31280, Z39568, Z39569, Z39570, Z39571















  Z22644, Z22642, Z22645, Z22646







 FGC23432, FGC23438, FGC23439, FGC23443, Z31298





Z36162, Z36163, Z36164, Z36165, Z36166






Y23368, Z43174, Z43175, Z43176, Z43177







FGC38591, FGC35898, FGC38599, FGC38600, FGC38601
















   Z6434, Z6990








  Z3571, Z3572





G2a2b2a1a1c1a1b2a1a (not in isogg Z6034 is G2a2b2a1a1c1a1b2a2a )






G2a2b2a1a1c1a1b2a1~ (still ~ in Isogg)

FGC295, FGC300, Z3569, Z3570






 Z6436, Z6989, Z6992, Z6993, Z6994, Z6996, Z6998, Z7000







Z6034, Z6169, Z6437, Z7001, Z7002, Z7003, Z7004, Z7006, Z7007, Z7008





 Z6439, Z6170













 PF235, Z6166, Z6168, Z6422, Z6423, Z6424, Z6425, Z6966, Z6967, Z6968, Z6969, Z6970, Z6971, Z6972, Z6973, Z6974







 Z6426, Z6429, Z6431, Z6976, Z6977, Z6978 







 Z43090, Z43091, Z43092, Z43093, Z43094







Z43085, V3946, Z43203, Z43204, Z43205









Z43086, Z43087, Z43088, Z43089








 Z43206, Z43207, Z43208, Z43209, Z43210








Z6163, Z6164, Z6223, Z6369, Z6389, Z6401, Z6403, Z6939, Z6940, Z6941, Z6942, Z6943, Z6944, Z6945, Z6946










Z6415, Z6416, Z6417, Z6947, Z6948









Z44104, Z44105, Z44106, Z44107, Z44108









FGC46572, FGC46567/Z40433, FGC46573, FGC465786, FGC46577, FGC46579, FGC46581, FGC46581, FGC46584, FGC46585, FGC46588, FGC46591, FGC46592, FGC46593, FGC46594, FGC46595, FGC46596, FGC46597, FGC46598, FGC46601, FGC46602, FGC46603, Z40434, Z40436











Z40435, Z40437










 Z44709, Z44710, Z44711, Z44712, Z44713









 CTS722, CTS1475, CTS4634, CTS5251











FGC28546, FGC28548, FGC28549, FGC28550, FGC28552












  FGC12126, FGC12121/Y7124, FGC12129, FGC12130, FGC12135, FGC12138, FGC12145, FGC12152, FGC12156, FGC12159, Z16696













  L660, L662, FGC12127/Y7125, FGC12139, FGC12140, FGC12141, FGC12142, FGC12144/Y7128, FGC12147/Y7129, FGC12148/Y7806, FGC12149/Y7808, FGC12150/Y7130, FGC12158/Y7135, FGC12160/Y7807, FGC12164/Y7136, FGC12165/Y7137, FGC12168/Y7811, FGC12173/Y7813












 Z31199, Z31200, Z31201, Z31202, Z31203











 FGC12131, FGC12134, FGC12136, FGC12143











   Z16670, M12111/Z16684, S4843/Z16690, Z16241, Z16671, Z16672, Z16673, Z16674, Z16675, Z16676, Z16677, Z16678, Z16681, Z16682, Z16683, Z16685, Z16686, Z16687, Z16688, Z16689, Z16691, Z16692, Z16693, Z16694, Z16695, Z16698, Z16699, Z16700, Z16701, Z16702, Z16703, Z16704, Z16705, Z16709, Z16710, Z16711, Z16712, Z16714, Z16716, Z16717, Z16719, Z17904






















G2a2b2a1a1c2b1~ (isogg still ~)
















Z31208, Z31209, Z31210, Z31211












Z31214, Z44596












 Z31212, Z31213











CTS11452.2, Z44814, Z44815











 Z31206, FGC41908, Z40498, Z40499













Z31207, Z31205












Z40500, Z40501











Z41723, Z41724, Z41275, Z41276











PF4202, FGC37662, FGC37667, FGC37668, FGC37670, FGC37671, FGC37678, FGC37689, FGC37690, FGC37691, FGC37694, FGC37696, FGC37697, FGC37698, FGC37700, FGC37701, FGC37709, FGC37719, FGC37720, FGC37723, FGC37736, FGC37738, FGC37741, FGC37742, FGC37744, FGC37745, FGC37746, FGC37747, FGC37752, FGC37753, FGC37758, FGC37660, FGC37761, K523.2, Y30886, Z39544













 FGC37628, FGC37656, FGC37703, FGC37704, FGC37716, FGC37717, FGC37722, FGC37724, FGC37729, FGC37735, FGC37762, FGC37763












FGC37658, FGC37760, FGC37661, FGC37663











 Z43844, Z43845, Z43846, Z43847, Z43848











 Z39539, Z39540, Z39541, Z39542, Z39543












 PF790, V8.2












FGC65058, FGC65060, FGC65062, FGC65063, FGC65065, FGC65068, FGC65070. FGC65072, FGC65073, FGC65075, FGC65076, FGC65078. FGC65079, FGC65081, FGC65082, FGC65084, FGC65085, FGC65090, FGC65092, FGC65094, FGC65096, FGC65103, FGC65104, FGC65108, FGC65109, FGC65110, FGC65112, FGC65113, FGC65117, FGC65126, FGC65127, FGC65129, Z32879.2, Z45084














Z45078, Z45079, Z45080, Z45081, Z45082













FGC65061, FGC65066, FGC65067, FGC65069, FGC65071