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Of the FORBES participants (170 as of September 2019), a majority (66.7%) show a genetic connection to the Western Europe Haplogroup R1b1a1a2 or R-M269. This is now the most common Y-DNA lineage in European males and is carried by an estimated 110 million males in Europe. Far smaller percentages of FORBES group participants indicate Haplogroups I-M253 (6.67%) and I-M223 (4.76%.)

For those members that indicate a Paternal Ancestor Name, the most recurring names and Halpogroups include:
  • John Forbes/Fobes (1610-1661) Bridgewater MA: I-M253 (3), J-M172 (1), R-M269 (1)
  • James Forbes (c.1635-1692) Hartford, CT: R-M269 (3)
  • James Forbes  (1657-1726) Riddle, NC: R-M269 (2)
Of course, these results depend on the number and diversity of the males who take the Y-DNA test, join the FORBES group, and enter the most complete information. Please help refine and update these results by encouraging more men to submit their results and joining the group. Even if they have taken their Y-DNA tests from other companies, they can transfer their results to FamilyTreeDNA. Thanks for your assistance!

If you would like more information about DNA testing, check out the FamilyTreeDNA Learning Center or the Clan Forbes Society Genealogy Section. If you are interested in the heritage of the House of Forbes, please visit the Clan Forbes Society Heritage Section.