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Group ONE [1] We have four members, residing on either side of the Atlantic Ocean, who have a genetic match. One member resides in Scotland. The others are located throughout the the USA [CA, MD, NC]. This gives us our first common genetic group. Group TWO [2] This group is a match between family members. Group THREE [3] These guys are 2nd cousins and descendants of James Forbes (c.1635-1692) of East Hartford, Connecticut. Group FOUR [4] These men are descendants of James Forbes (1657-1726) of Riddle, North Carolina. Irish Connections One member is extremely close to the core defining signature of a Colla Uais descendant. Colla was High King of Ireland who seized Ulster and then took his followers to Scotland around 325AD. IMPORTANT DALRIADIC ANCESTRAL GENETIC SIGNATURE IDENTIFIED Colla Uais, the great grandson of Cormac Mac Airt, was High King for only a short period. He was defeated in battle by Muireadhach who then became High King and banished him to Scotland. However Colla Uais' descendents are the Clann Domhnaill (the Mac Donalds) who were Lords of the Isles in Scotland and according to the Mac Donald website: "most of the kings and queens of Scotland and England claim their descent from Colla Uais." High Kings of Ireland (58AD - 1175AD) A majority of the FORBES participants show a genetic connection to the Western Europe Haplogroup R1b. It may be that they all represent some segment of the Irish Scotti who inhabited the western shores of Scotland, but their descent may have been through different Irish Lairds. Free Web Counter