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About us

The Forbes DNA project was launched October 19, 2004. We are still very young and represent the start of a very exciting journey that will broaden the knowledge of our unique and ancient Scottish heritage. The greater the participation in this project, the more we can learn. Please consider joining this effort. There are benefits for all.

This is your opportunity to find your genetic association in the Clan Forbes. The land of Scotland was a melting pot of various peoples who relocated from other lands. Presently, we are discovering the Forbeses are connected with four distinct groups: Western Europe (R1b), Nordic (I), Semitic (J2), and the Asia-Americas link (Q). Seventy-five percent of those tested have shown they're the Western Europe variety and the remaining 25% of the participants are equally distributed among the other three groups.

We encourage you to have the 25 marker test as the minimum. We'll accept you at the lower threshold of 12 markers. Most people find that they need to upgrade to a more accurate test. You can always upgrade at a later date, although, the cost is lower if you go for the greater number of markers tested first. You need at least 25 markers to show a relationship. The 12 marker tests only confirm that two people are NOT related.

The genetic test can confirm a link to other individuals who have a paper trail to the person you guessed was your ancient ancestor. It can also give direction to your genealogical research, which is showing promise to several likely people who could be your ancestor.

The project is ongoing and you can join at any time. The sooner the better. Click on the "Join This Group" link in the blue section for the group rates.