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FORBES DNA Project Goals

  1. Establish or estimate the number of different ancestral lines found among FORBES families worldwide.

  2. Trace currently known and unknown FORBES lineages to common ancestors in the United Kingdom, Ireland, and English colonies, past and present.

  3. Assist genealogy researchers in identifying and validating their immigrant FORBES ancestor and/or remotest FORBES ancestor through the various Y-DNA tests.

  4. Ancillary goals involve collaboration with other DNA Projects:

a. investigate genetic connections to clan septs such as Bannerman, Berrie, Berry, Boyce, Boyes, Lumsden, Macouat, Macowatt, MacQuattie, MacWatt, Mechie, Mekie, Meldrum, Michie, Middleton, Walter, Walters, Watson, Watt, Watters, Wattie, Watts

b. investigate genetic connections to historically connected families such as the URQUHART and MACKAY projects to see if there are genetic matches.