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About us

Minority groups J E & I largely arrived in Britain with the Norman conquest. This project aims to create a home for these rare groups where we can see all the results together and hopefully work out how we arrived here and possibly how we got our names. If you are Scottish, Irish, Welsh or English with DNA from a minority group E, G, i1, i2, J1, J2, R1a or even C or T you are welcome to join. 

        The dominant haplogroup in the British Isles is R1b England 67% Scotland 72.5% Wales 74% and All Ireland 81%. Its neighbour R1a which is often viking is England 4.5, Scotland 8.5, Wales 1, Ireland 2.5. i1 can also be viking but in many cases this will be via Normandy i1 figures are England 14, Scotland 9, Wales 12, Ireland 6. 
i2 is found early in Western Europe and may represent an early population or arrival with the Normans, determining which is difficult England 7, Scotland 5, Wales 4, Ireland 6. Another early in Europe group is G England 1'5, Scotland 0.5, Wales 2.5, Ireland 1.
Groups from the Middle East arriving as Normans are J2, England 3.5, Scotland 2, Wales 0.5 and Ireland 1 and E1b England 2, Scotland 1,5, Wales 4 and Ireland 2. Smaller groups are T and Q