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Finding origins of surnames and DNA groups in Great Britain. In England, Scotland, Wales and indeed Ireland for many this origin will be Norman. However the reality is that we cannot look at Normans in isolation from Angles Celts Flemish Saxons and Vikings. We hope to answer a number of different questions about the settlement of the British Isles. This project will allow us to see all the British information in one concentrated place. We place members in subgroups and give geographic references of the most likely places you will find your surname. Please note, unless you allow Admin to see your results by having your settings at least to LIMITED ACCESS we will not be able to do this. Advanced access is better still. So if you are of English, Scottish, Welsh or Irish background you are welcome to join. Other minority groups such as R1a G and T you are also welcome. It is likely William the Conqueror's army was a mix of R1b, i1, R1a, E and J2. If you are R1b you are also welcome! Place name surnames such as those ending -ton, -ham, -ford, -ley, -bridge, -worth, -stone, -well, -bridge, -by, -bury, -caster, -ing, -thorpe, -thwaite, -ey, -stow, cliff,-hill, -wick etc are particularly welcome. You can only join if you have tested with FTDNA Familytreedna The project allocates most likely place name origins to minority groups and where tested to also to R1b where a SNP pack test has been taken. This is we believe further than other projects offer but this is usually the limit that the project can offer. . We have a very busy Activity Feed where you can learn lots of things so take a look. You can also ask questions on the Activity Feed. If you do give kit number and haplogroup if known. Please do not send one line questions with no detail to our individual email addresses. There are many pages in this project, try resetting your lines per page and searching your name or kit number to get to your information quickly. Important: If you are sending your test kit from outside USA it is important that you declare it to be cheek swabs which qualify as exempt human material. If you say DNA they may think it is a liquid which may leak and refuse it.