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East Anglia DNA Project

The East Anglia DNA Project
welcomes those whose paternal (YDNA) or maternal (mtDNA) ancestry trace directly back to a parish in or near the East Anglia region of England.
The area covered by the project includes the counties of : Suffolk (SFK), Norfolk (NFK) and parts of Essex (ESS) [level with Chelmsford & north] and the shires of: Lincoln (LIN) [from Boston & south] & Cambridge (CAM) [east of Huntingdon].
This would represent the fullest extent of the kingdom of the East Angles, with the addition of the 2 main local British tribes were, prior to the Roman Invasion.

Most data for the project comes from the members who have agreed for their DNA results to be publicly displayed for collective analysis. 
In gathering these results with their ancestry, it is hoped that any underlying connections may be revealed between different families,
about movement & settlement patterns of the various ethnic groups recorded to have settled in the region.
DNA often allows analysis long before the reach of any documented family trees.

The project was created and managed by David Weston between 2006 – 11.
It has since been managed by Dr John Pelan and Stephen Arbon since 2013.

Stephen Arbon, co-administrator East Anglia Geographic DNA Project,
I can be contacted on stephenarbon@gmail.com.