East Anglia

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About us

The primary project goals are to aid traditional genealogy research by:

1. Establishing family relationships through genetic matches where surnames differ but have common geographic origin (i.e. maternal lines for mtDNA matches; false paternities, out of wedlock births, for YDNA matches);

2. Determining origins of geographic surnames based on East Anglian place names.

The secondary goals of the project are to further research into East Anglian deep ancestry by:

1. Mapping the geographic distribution of haplogroups; and

2. Looking for possible correlations between haplotype/haplogroup distributions with known or presumed Angle, Saxon, Viking, Roman and British centres.

Y DNA Project members interested, are encouraged to have Y-SNP testing done to determine their Haplogroup subclade and
to include the place & year of baptism of their earliest known ancestor in East Anglia .