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Participation by one of our project members in the large BeatyByrneMcLaughlin/Leinster cluster has led to the discovery of a SNP mutation which divides the cluster! This SNP mutation, L159.2, has been found in most of the cluster members in our project that have tested for it, but some cluster members have tested negative. Men who have tested negative tend to share certain similarities with some other men who have tested negative, and we have been able to group the L159- ccgg men whose results are similar to the Leinster modal haplotype into three different groups based on these similarities. Two of these subgroups include men of several different surnames, but their results on standard Y chromosome STR tests including the 37 and 67 marker results show distinctive similarities that make it possible to group them. The other group seems to include one family, the McHale Family. More testing within this family and more testing of men with similar haplotypes would be helpful.

L159.2 testing of other men in our project to learn how the L159.2 SNP divides the cluster's family tree is an important part of our research at this time. If you are interested in DYS464X or L159.2 testing, but would like to know more about the probability that your line would test 2c2g or L159+, or you would like assistance placing orders for these tests, please contact Kirsten Saxe or Earl Beaty, whose e-mail addresses are listed at the top of the main page of this website. If you have decided to order the tests and would like immediate assistance placing your order during FTDNA's business hours, you may want to contact FTDNA directly instead.

Most men joining our project have already done 12, 25, 37, or 67 marker testing, but it is possible to order initial testing and benefit from any group discounts which might be available for tests ordered through DNA projects using this link: