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About us

This project seeks to explore the relationships between men whose DYS464 markers show a 2c2g pattern when their DYS464 allele types are determined using the DYS464x test. Many 2c2g men are members of a cluster with similar haplotypes called the Beatty-Byrnes cluster (BBC). The BBC is sometimes also called the Leinster Modal or Irish Sea Modal cluster based on the locations where the lines of large numbers of men in the cluster lived. Other men who are 2c2g do not have haplotypes that are very similar to those of the known BBC men. We are learning that some of these men are members of very different clusters that almost certainly have not inherited their 2c2g configuration from a common ancestor, and we hope to figure out true clade assignments for all of the 2c2g men in our project. How can we combine DNA information with historical clues to better understand the history of all of these families?