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Edward Dymen Lineage of Beekman Patent, New York Province
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About us

The study began in 2003 with the goal of finding descendants of D*mon(D) surnamed families in colonial American. It was begun as a broad D*mon(D) Surname project. That project continues today with over 25 distinct D*mon(d) lineages yDNA defined.

2007 the original goals met the Dymond of Hudson's River project was spun off into it's own project

2009 it was found that there were two distinct lineages living side by side on the Hudson Valley in the Albany vicinity since the mid 1700s. One lineage was Pre-Columbian Native American and the other Western European in origin

2011 it was found discovered that the Western European lineage was also linked to a mariner family with deep roots in Newfoundland and Devonshire, England

2013-2015 The lineage has began NextGen Sequencing research into Dymen and their connection to the greater Algonquian population and between lineage branches and individuals. This is especially important in an era were there were few records. Five lineage branches have participated to date in this important next step.

2015 activity feed was added

2015 the Newfoundland-NY-Boston-Devonshire lineage was spun off into it's own project called Dimond-Newfoundland

2015 The Dymond of Hudson's Study Project is now exclusively devoted to the Pre-Columbian lineage of Edward Dymen (Dimond) of Marblehead, Massachusetts Colony and Beekman Patent, Dutchess County, New York Province

The Edward Dymen lineage is well defined by yDNA and traditional sources

It is hoped there will be continued participation by *direct* line cousins. Please consider STR and or SNP testing. 
Family relations are welcome and encouraged to share family history.