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Dymond - Hudson River

Edward Dymen Lineage of Beekman Patent, New York Province
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About us

Dymond of Hudson’s River Project is a focused study of the direct Edward Dymen Lineage of Beekman Patent, Dutchess County, New York Province. Edward Dymen, his children and grandchildren inhabited lands directly east of the Hudson River in the 1700s, from Phillipstown and Fishkill in the south, north to Claverack and Kinderhook, to the Manors of Livingston and Rensselaerswyck, and to Stepehentown. Two branches were members of the Loyalist exodus to Canada in 1783 following the American Revolution others remained in NY and several branches migrated to NE Pennsylvania. Today lineage members are found across North America. Edward Dymen 1700 Johannes Dimond 1723 > Matthew Dymond 1740 > Henry Dimond 1755 Marcus Dymond 1726 > Isaac Diamond 1750 > Jacob Diamond 1756 > John Diamond 1759 Jacob Diamond 1744 > John Diamond 1760 Project Administrators and their areas of focus: Steve Dimond; Edward Dymen (Dimond) lineage in total. New York and Pennsylvania branches focus Genetics and genetic genealogy Administrator: Dymond of Hudson River Study Project: Algonquian East-West Project: Diamond Surname Project Jack Diamond; Edward Dymen lineage Loyalist branches of New York and Ontario Marilyn Pilkington; Administrator: Dimond of Newfoundland-New England-Devon Project (I-Z140 Lineage): Dymond of Hudson's River Study Project