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DUVALL, or any reasonable spelling variation is welcome to join the project. Only males have Y-chromosomes, so only male members of the project will be displayed on the Y Chart results. If you are a male whose Duvall ancestor is not on your direct paternal path and have taken a YDNA test, you will be grouped in one of the autosomal Duvall categories. If you are female with a Duvall ancestor, you can have a male DUVALL relative take a YDNA test for your line. All participants are encouraged to take a Family Finder test or transfer their autosomal test from another company. If you have tested already at AncestryDNA, 23&Me, or MyHeritage, you can transfer that test for free to see your matches at FTDNA and their trees. When you pay the unlock fee of $19 you get your MyOrigins results. Here are Instructions for transferring autosomal DNA from another company.

To participate, you will need to share your ancestry by populating your family tree back to your earliest known DUVALL in the myFamilyTree section of your account. Here is a link to Instructions for uploading a GEDCOM of your tree. Also, please complete the Genealogy section of your profile identifying your surnames and earliest paternal and maternal ancestors. Here are Instructions for the Genealogy section.

Once you are a member of the Duvall Project, you can find out who else you match in the project by using the Advanced Matches Page. Instructions for the Advanced Matches Page.

You will also get a better experience at FTDNA if you link your DNA matches to your tree, which is a unique feature of FTDNA that other DNA testing companies don't have. Here is a link to Instructions for linking your matches to your tree. Once you've linked a parent or 1st cousin who matches you at Family Finder or on the Y, FTDNA will identify other matches who share identical DNA with them and add a blue male or red female symbol, depending on whether your linked match is on your mother or father's side of your tree.