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General Objectives The initial objective of this study was to determine whether any or all of the Dorsey (and variant spellings) families of the American South share a common ancestor within a genealogically significant timeframe. Of particular interest to some is whether they are descendants of the Immigrant Edward Darcy/Dorsey whose ancestors had wandered away and lost track of their roots. Consequently, one early and continuing focus has been on recruiting proven descendants of each of Edward Darcy/Dorsey’s three sons in order to establish a core DNA signature that represents his line. We are still hoping to recruit more well documented descendants of Edward Darcy/Dorsey particularly those from the line of his son Joshua Dorsey. Based on some associations in the public record and similar naming patterns, a group of Dorseys with roots in Western North Carolina believed they were connected to each other and that their common ancestor was Andrew Dorsey who moved from Baltimore County, MD to Rowan County, NC where he died in 1777. They had wrung as much as they could from the scant records that detailed the events of the late 1700’s in that area but could not decipher the relationships they implied. Nor could they determine whether their Maryland roots indicated descent from Edward Darcy/Dorsey. A third group was bound by early roots in the Mid-Atlantic colonies and a common tendency to use the variant spelling Dossey. Other Dorsey/Darsey/Darcy/Dawsey/Dossey/D'Arcy’s from the US, Ireland and Australia had hit an impasse in the search for their ancestors and hoped for fortuitous matches that could point their research in the right direction.