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About us

This project is open to any male with the surname Dorsey, Dawsey, Darsey, Dossey, D'Arcy or other variant spellings.


1) To determine whether the surname Dorsey has one or several origins and whether families with the surnames D’Arcy, Darsey, Dossey, Dorse, and Dawsey and other variant spellings share a common origin with any or all Dorsey family lines.

2) To determine whether and how the various undocumented Dorseys of the South are connected to each other and/or to descendants of Edward Darcy of Virginia and Maryland.

3) To look for possible minor variations among individuals that might group Dorsey descendants into patrilineal lines thus helping 'stray Dorseys'to find their lines.

4.) To recruit Dorsey/Darsey/D'Arcy (etc) males from Ireland and England in an attempt to pinpoint origins of American Dorsey lines. (Australians too!)