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There are currently 78 Dennis surname participants, and 9 participants with variant surnames, including Tennis, Tennison, Tennyson, Dene, and Denye. Participants are grouped based on relevant genetic matches. Since some genetically related lines do not yet have a known genealogical connection, several groups have multiple earliest known ancestors. Participants with no genetic matches in the project are part of the Unassigned Group, and there are currently 27 Dennis surname participants in this category. We still have a very small sample size and these participants are likely the only ones tested from their respective lineages. Many of these participants will find relevant genetic matches as the sample size increases.

Earliest known ancestor information and Relationship Charts for each group are listed below. All genealogical information is presented exactly as it was provided by the project participants, and should be considered only a starting point for further research until verified. Documentation can sometimes be obtained by contacting the participant from the lineage in question. For genetic marker information and allele values for each participant, please see "Y-DNA Results" on the main menu at the top of the page.

Dennis Group 1
Andrew Dennis Sr. - Born about 1738 and died about 1832 in Montgomery County, North Carolina.
James Dennis - Born about 1780 and died about 1843 in Texas.

Dennis Group 2
Joseph Dennis - Born about 1775 in South Carolina and died about 1851 in Tennessee.
Owen C. Dennis - Born about 1859 in Tennessee.
Jacob Dennis - Born about 1775 in South Carolina and died about 1856 in Alabama.
Joseph Dennis - Born about 1827 in Mississippi or Alabama and died 1914 in Texas.
Joseph Dennis - Born about 1765 in South Carolina and died 1815 in Georgia.
Joseph Dennis - Born about 1772 in New Jersey and died about 1815 in Canada.
John Dennis - Born about 1755 in Virginia and died about 1827 in Tennessee.

Dennis Group 3
John Tennison - Born about 1750 in Maryland and died about 1808 in North Carolina.
Jesse Dennis - Born about 1803 in Kentucky and died 1869 in Kentucky.
Joshua Tennis - Born about 1735 and died about 1808 in Virginia.
Joseph Tennis - Born about 1785 in Maryland and died about 1877 in Virginia.
George W. Tennison - Born about 1803 in Tennessee (possibly) and died about 1883 in Indiana.
Josiah Dennis - Born about 1787 in Maryland and died about 1850 in Kentucky.

Dennis Group 4
Robert Dennis - Born about 1605 and died about 1697.

Dennis Group 5
William Dennis - Born about 1797.

Dennis Group 6
Donnock Dennis - Born about 1645 and died about 1717 in Maryland.
Miles Dennis - Born about 1820 in Georgia and died before 1860 in Florida.
John W. Dennis - Born about 1825 in Pennsylvania and died after 1895 probably in Nebraska.
John Dennis - Born about 1804 in North Carolina and died about 1881 in Texas.
John Dennis - Born about 1790 in South Carolina and died about 1880 in Alabama.

Dennis Group 7
William Dennis - Born 16 September 1816 in Ohio and died 15 May 1894 in Iowa.
Isaac Dennis - Born 21 August 1817 in Ohio and died 31 December 1893 in Iowa.