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Carl Dennis Carl Dennis
March 8, 2016 @ 6:36am
Howdy all, Photo of my Gr-Grandparents, William Isaac and Mahulda "Kenton" Dennis. William is the son of Joseph H. Dennis, b: 1827, d:1899. Mahulda's father was Simon Kenton, b:1817, d:1891. William and Mahulda were married in April 1873, so suppose picture was taken around or after that date. As a side note for those who did not know, Ann Tennis Fraser passed in Feb 2013. She was an ardent researcher of our family. At times I could not keep up with the stream of E-Mails she would fire at me. I will certainly miss those conversations. By now I am sure she has met all those elusive ancestors. RIP Ann. NOTE: Carl C Dennis
Jack Tennison
July 19, 2016 @ 11:21am
Carl, I spoke to Ann once, she was so nice and knowledgeable! I saw she passed some time ago, was sad to see. My distant grandfather is Joseph Stokes Tennison, born 1818 in Missouri and posted earlier on this page. I opened up your link above and did not see him on there. Do you happen to know where he might fit on that tree?
Jack Tennison
July 19, 2016 @ 11:22am
By the way, I am Pam Tennison-Rindt, my dad is Jack Tennison. I used his DNA for analysis.
Carl Dennis
February 14 @ 5:46am
Howdy, Link I referenced above is no more. Look here for DENNIS/TENNISON DNA info.
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January 2 @ 2:59pm
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Roger Robison Kevin St. Denis R Dennis
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November 11 @ 11:27am
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Keith McDonald
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September 8 @ 8:49pm
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Joseph Dennis
Michael Dennis Michael Dennis
August 23 @ 10:37am
I am managing my husbands dna testing. I have a one step Ydna match at YDNA12 with someone surnamed Dennis. Can anyone tell me what this means? The person concerned is being managed by a relative. She has tested to 37 but I don't get the feeling she will be wanting to go any further with this . Jenny Dennis
Thomas Ely Dennis
August 23 @ 4:29pm
I manage my brother's DNA and he's tested to 37 marker. We are in the process of testing all 4 siblings with I have an extremely large get file on my Dennis line. Not sure if our kit is what you are looking for, 19636. Melody Dennis-Sherrod
Michael Dennis
August 23 @ 4:52pm
No - it wasn't your kit I mentioned. If you have your tree put on ancestry I would be interested in seeing it. Let me know your user name. My husband's Dennis family were in Cornwall England from at least 1700s.
Thomas Ely Dennis
August 27 @ 6:06am
My user name is mgsherrod, let me know if you see anything of interest. My 3 siblings and me just mailed our DNA for the Ancestry. I am hoping to make more connections with this DNA attempt than what FTDNA has given. Melody
Michael Dennis
August 29 @ 3:23am
I have had a quick look at your Ancestry tree and I can't find anything that links with. The Dennis line my husband is descended from comes from Cornwall.
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August 8 @ 7:00am
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Michael Dennis
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June 21 @ 7:06pm
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Ian Dennis Bert Dennis
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June 9 @ 10:40am
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Lonnie Dennis Robert Dennis
Foster Dennis Foster Dennis
June 6 @ 7:01pm
I am looking for relative of William B. Dennis, Iowa or Ohio.
Robert Dennis
June 9 @ 8:34am
Can you give more info? Dates or any other family members would be great. William Dennis was a VERY common name. My Dennis line is Ohio, Iowa, Dakotas and I have William(s) in my line. Robert is actually my father who has passed away since his DNA was done....Karen
Rickey Dennis Rickey Dennis
May 18 @ 6:28pm
Steve, I believe your sister came up in my DNA matches (transferred from Ancestry).. but you do not. I am thinking when my dad's results come in, you will be in his matches. I was hoping to confirm your sister by messaging you privately.. If she is your sister, then we should be cousins. Thank you!! Jennifer Dennis Orender
Steve Dennis
May 18 @ 9:54pm
Rickey, My Sister is LIsa Dennis Mahler. She is the expert on our side of the family including the Austins, DeLongs, Webbs, Rowlands, Mays, etc.
Rickey Dennis
May 19 @ 1:51pm
Excellent. Well, somewhere down the line, we are related.. we'll hopefully know more when my dad's test comes through.. expected at the end of June.