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Robert Williams Robert Williams has a question!
March 16 @ 7:05am
Hi, my name is Maureen and I manage the YDNA here for my husband Robert (Bob) Williams. His YDNA67 turned up just one Williams but a whole slew of Tennis and Dennis surnames so, I'm here hoping to find how and when the surname change happened. On the YDNA67 he has a genetic distance of 2 from William Wall Tennis, whom google tells me passed last April. He is also a genetic distance of 2 from Richard Robert Tennis whose email is no longer in service. At Genetic distance 3 he has matches to Donald Anson Dennis, Chester Dennis, Mr. Ryan Michael Smith, Paul C Lewis Jr., Carl C. Dennis. If you are connected to any of these men or have a match to Gary Thomas Williams, I would love to connect with you via email. Just let me know here and I'll ask the admin to forward my email address to you. I've already connected with Carl Dennis in the Williams surname project and am pretty excited to hear from him. Thanks in advance to helping me solve this mystery :) Maureen
Susan Rogers Susan Rogers
March 15 @ 8:38am
Hello, My name is Susan Chancellor Rogers. My GGGGrandfather was Silas J. Dennis, born in Georgia in 1839. He married Susan C. Moncrief on October 18, 1860 in Harris County, Georgia. They had four children: Silas Jackson Dennis, Jr., Sarah Electra Dennis, Robert E. Dennis and Emma L. Dennis. He lived in Harris County, Georgia and Lee County, Alabama. Although other family trees have his death in 1893, I have not been able to document his death. I am trying to find further information on his parents. Thank you!
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March 15 @ 6:53am
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Douglas Dennis Susan Rogers Robert Williams
Carl Dennis Carl Dennis
March 8, 2016 @ 6:36am
Howdy all, Photo of my Gr-Grandparents, William Isaac and Mahulda "Kenton" Dennis. William is the son of Joseph H. Dennis, b: 1827, d:1899. Mahulda's father was Simon Kenton, b:1817, d:1891. William and Mahulda were married in April 1873, so suppose picture was taken around or after that date. As a side note for those who did not know, Ann Tennis Fraser passed in Feb 2013. She was an ardent researcher of our family. At times I could not keep up with the stream of E-Mails she would fire at me. I will certainly miss those conversations. By now I am sure she has met all those elusive ancestors. RIP Ann. NOTE: http://www.carlcdennis.com/dennisdna/opfiles/dennisdna-main.html Carl C Dennis
Jack Tennison
July 19, 2016 @ 11:21am
Carl, I spoke to Ann once, she was so nice and knowledgeable! I saw she passed some time ago, was sad to see. My distant grandfather is Joseph Stokes Tennison, born 1818 in Missouri and posted earlier on this page. I opened up your link above and did not see him on there. Do you happen to know where he might fit on that tree?
Jack Tennison
July 19, 2016 @ 11:22am
By the way, I am Pam Tennison-Rindt, my dad is Jack Tennison. I used his DNA for analysis.
Carl Dennis
February 14 @ 5:46am
Howdy, Link I referenced above is no more. Look here for DENNIS/TENNISON DNA info. http://www.dennis-tennisondna.org/index.php
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January 2 @ 2:59pm
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Roger Robison Kevin St. Denis R Dennis
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November 11 @ 11:27am
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Keith McDonald
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September 8 @ 8:49pm
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Joseph Dennis
Michael Dennis Michael Dennis
August 23 @ 10:37am
I am managing my husbands dna testing. I have a one step Ydna match at YDNA12 with someone surnamed Dennis. Can anyone tell me what this means? The person concerned is being managed by a relative. She has tested to 37 but I don't get the feeling she will be wanting to go any further with this . Jenny Dennis
Thomas Ely Dennis
August 23 @ 4:29pm
I manage my brother's DNA and he's tested to 37 marker. We are in the process of testing all 4 siblings with Ancestry.com. I have an extremely large get file on my Dennis line. Not sure if our kit is what you are looking for, 19636. Melody Dennis-Sherrod
Michael Dennis
August 23 @ 4:52pm
No - it wasn't your kit I mentioned. If you have your tree put on ancestry I would be interested in seeing it. Let me know your user name. My husband's Dennis family were in Cornwall England from at least 1700s.
Thomas Ely Dennis
August 27 @ 6:06am
My user name is mgsherrod, let me know if you see anything of interest. My 3 siblings and me just mailed our DNA for the Ancestry. I am hoping to make more connections with this DNA attempt than what FTDNA has given. Melody
Michael Dennis
August 29 @ 3:23am
I have had a quick look at your Ancestry tree and I can't find anything that links with. The Dennis line my husband is descended from comes from Cornwall.
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August 8 @ 7:00am
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Michael Dennis
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June 21, 2017 @ 7:06pm
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Ian Dennis Bert Dennis