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June 21 @ 7:06pm
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Ian Dennis Bert Dennis
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June 9 @ 10:40am
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Lonnie Dennis Robert Dennis
Foster Dennis Foster Dennis
June 6 @ 7:01pm
I am looking for relative of William B. Dennis, Iowa or Ohio.
Robert Dennis
June 9 @ 8:34am
Can you give more info? Dates or any other family members would be great. William Dennis was a VERY common name. My Dennis line is Ohio, Iowa, Dakotas and I have William(s) in my line. Robert is actually my father who has passed away since his DNA was done....Karen
Rickey Dennis Rickey Dennis
May 18 @ 6:28pm
Steve, I believe your sister came up in my DNA matches (transferred from Ancestry).. but you do not. I am thinking when my dad's results come in, you will be in his matches. I was hoping to confirm your sister by messaging you privately.. If she is your sister, then we should be cousins. Thank you!! Jennifer Dennis Orender
Steve Dennis
May 18 @ 9:54pm
Rickey, My Sister is LIsa Dennis Mahler. She is the expert on our side of the family including the Austins, DeLongs, Webbs, Rowlands, Mays, etc.
Rickey Dennis
May 19 @ 1:51pm
Excellent. Well, somewhere down the line, we are related.. we'll hopefully know more when my dad's test comes through.. expected at the end of June.
Steve Dennis Steve Dennis
May 10 @ 9:02pm
Steve Austin Dennis in the back seat and my father, Wylie Bert Dennis, is the pilot. 1945 on the Flying D Ranch, Borden County, Texas.
Rickey Dennis
May 10 @ 9:50pm
This may be a coincidence, but William's second son Robert was born in Anson Texas in 1916. We theorized that either William briefly moved his family to Texas, or Robert was born while family was visiting in Texas. All of William's other children were born in Tennessee.
Steve Dennis
May 18 @ 9:55pm
To my know we have not had any relatives in Anson.
Steve Dennis Steve Dennis
May 10 @ 9:10pm
After sheep sharing, May 1945, on the Flying D Ranch, Borden County, Texas. We are standing in front of the truck with about 115 bags of wool going to the warehouse near San Angelo, Texas. From L to R: Joel Sutton Dennis being held by our Uncle, Jack Dennis and Steve Austin Dennis being held by our Father, Wylie Bert Dennis.
Rickey Dennis Rickey Dennis
May 9 @ 8:48pm
Hello! I am Jennifer Dennis Orender. I am working with my dad, Rick, and should have his DNA results added to the group soon. Meanwhile, This is a picture of my earliest Dennis relative, William Robert Dennis, and his wife Dollie Griggs. William was born 13 Sept 1885 (or 1883 depending on the record) in Tennessee. Rumor has it, he was abandoned at a Nashville hotel. Eventually he made it to Milan, TN, where he met Dollie. He died 11 May 1972 in Evansville, IN. Thanks!!
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May 9 @ 7:18pm
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Rickey Dennis
Ron Dennis Ron Dennis
December 27, 2015 @ 12:44pm
Hello, I am Sue Dennis Greem from dennis/ Tennision group #3. I have just joined the St. Mary and Charles counties MD project. I am hoping that the other members of group # 3 Dennis group join also so we can expand our knowledge of our early ancestors. Just go to our profile page to join additional groups. Thank you.
Thomas Ely Dennis Thomas Ely Dennis
December 13, 2015 @ 5:24pm
This is a picture of my father, Thomas Ely Dennis, Sr and his brother Walter Monroe Dennis. L-R Walk and, Tom. This photo was taken in Diamond Hill, a suburb of Fort Worth, Texas about 1921. I am hopeful to make some connections that will head me toward finding others who are related to me. I have tried unsuccessfully to convince other distant relatives to complete a test and help me make a DNA connection to Edward Dennis (1726-1774) [my grandfather] to his brother, Thomas Dennis III (1724-1803). I would love to receive a connection to others who are held back by folks who only believe in a paper trail as real research and that DNA is of little importance. Please share your thoughts with me...
Fred Dennis
February 2, 2016 @ 1:06am
Did Tom play semi-pro baseball, my dad did back in the late 20's.
Thomas Ely Dennis
February 9, 2016 @ 10:47am
Dad was offer a contract to play for what is now the Astros, but my grandmother, Grace Hill, forbade him to sign on. She was very religious, and did not allow my dad to play baseball on Sunday. And, that was the end of one of my dad's dreams for his life...but, I guess, if he'd have signed, he might not have met my mom, thus I wouldn't be here. Sort of like a catch 22...
Steve Dennis
May 6 @ 5:44pm
My Great Grandfather, Andrew Jackson (AJ) Dennis, moved to Farmers Branch in 1854 from Overton County, TN and married Sarah Almira Webb. AJ was the Confederate County Assessor from 1861 to 1864. My Grandfather, Jack Sutton Dennis, moved his family to San Angelo, Texas in 1918.