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Some of the interesting markers are the 6th maker, named 385b where the testers have an 11. Only 2% of men in this particular haplogroup have an 11 there. Another interesting marker is the 26th maker, named 460. Many of the Dam(e)ron testers have a 12 there, which is only 6% of this particular haplogroup. A third interesting marker is the 34th marker, named CDYa. The testers have either a 34 (4%), 35 (14%) or a 36 (30%).

Right now, it appears that kit 104194 and 118628 have the genetic signature of Lawrence Dameron himself (that means there has been no mutations).

Interested in participating? You need to be a male and your surname needs to be Damron or Dameron (or a variant) or Jarrell (or variant) or Johnson. If you are not a male or don't carry the surname Dam(e)ron or one of the others, you can have a male cousin, uncle, nephew, brother, or father who carries the surname Dam(e)ron take the test. Feel free to contact the administrator, Cheri, above, with any questions you may have.