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If you are looking to log into your personal FTDNA page, go to FamilyTree DNA and log in from there with your kit number and password. It is a widely held belief that the descendants of the Dameron/Damron name descend from Lawrence Dameron. According to the Dameron-Damron Family Association, "Lawrence Dameron, received a land grant in Northumberland County, Virginia, in 1652. Lawrence and his wife, Dorothy, along with their children, were the first documented Damerons to come from Suffolk County, England to settle in Virginia. Lawrence (1615-1657) married Dorothy (?) (????-c1691) and they married before 1644. There children were Bartholomew, George, Thomas, Lawrence, and Dorothy." Is this theory correct? Or will we find other lines through DNA testing? What about certain Jarrell lines that are genetically Dam(e)rons? Also, there are Johnsons that are genetically Dam(e)rons. The 1990 Federal Census lists Damron as the 3635th most popular surname and Dameron as the 7419th most popular. Jarrell is the 2276th most popular. Are these all descendants of Lawrence or will we find others? (Source: U.S. Census Bureau https://www.census.gov/topics/population/genealogy.html.) The alternate spellings (still in use today) of Damrell, Damerell, as well as certain Jarrel and Jarrell lines will also be accepted into this project. Also accepted will be the Johnsons who genetically match the Dam(e)rons. The Damron DNA Project was established Oct. 3, 2007. Project Goals:1) To determine if all the Damerons/Damrons and certain Jarrell, and Johnson lines in America descend from Lawrence. 2) To find other Dameron/Damron lines that come from other European countries (Germany, Scotland, or ???) 3) To overcome brick walls for some Dam(e)ron researchers who don't have a paper trail to connect themselves back to Lawrence. 4) To find new cousins in Europe. Hit Counter
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